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Updated April 16th, 2006 6:00 pm

Welcome to the Spike/Angel zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild

Wow, it's been a good long while since the site had a major update. *pout* This certainly isn't due to the Spike/Angel ship waning, it's stronger than ever. Real life has been having it's way with me, but I'm hoping things are calming down enough now that I can give my boys some love.

For those lucky enough to have the Angel Season Five DVDs there has been much justification of the Spike/Angel pairing. Joss Whedon himself called Spike the greatest paramour he ever found for Angel, and while some of this was playing to the masses and part of it was just ret-conning, but long time shippers know the truth. It may not be love, but it is forever.

As always those in agreement will find a host of writing resources here including Beta Readers and Essays,a plethora of fanfiction, and general slashy goodness. Enjoy your stay and be sure to sign the guestbook and keep bringing the love. You can also join the companion fic rec community on Live Journal: Bloody Ambrosia or visit The Reference Key, the Angel/Spike database.

Tania the Webgirl

A note on submissions: I rarely accept submissions anymore because frankly I am sent a lot of out of character, unbeta'd fiction. If you would like to be considered for the archive you MUST use a beta reader (or readers) and spell check your work. I will not even read past your second spelling error so be sure to double and triple check your story. Also, your piece must be sent as either a text (.txt) file or as a word .doc file. I just can't accept anything else. If you are unsure how to save in these formats send me a URL for the story if it is hosted at another site. My theory when it comes to fanfiction is that if you don't care enough about your work to give it a thorough read through and edit you cannot expect your readers to.

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