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(The Archive now holds 94 stories by 49 authors)

Disclaimer: Some of the stories housed within the archive feature slash (male/male sexual acts), some contain het (male/female sexual acts), many have violence and offensive language, all are beautifully written and will move you if you let them. Please read the summaries and ratings and choose accordingly. Deep In is not responsible if you are offended by anything you read herein as you have been warned.

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Even More Fic housed at Slashing the Angel

A quick note about the archive...Deep In is a non-submission archive, although we do accept recommendations through the Deep In Live Journal Community. This is partly to control web-space but mainly to control quality. I have tried very hard to bring you only the best in Angel fiction, showcasing fiction that is true to the character and story that we all fell in love with during his eight year reign as the savior of prime-time television.

The archive is searchable by Author, Era, Pairing, Rating, and Title, so whether you know what you're looking for or are simply interested in finding something new, I hope Deep In will help remind you just why we fell so hard for this vampire with a soul.

All fiction is housed here with the author's consent and is not to be reproduced elsewhere without their written permission. Deep In cannot (and will not) give permission for the works of others.