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Angel Bio

by Nemi

Angel, the guilt-ridden vampire with a soul, formerly known as Angelus, the Scourge of Europe. He's played by David Boreanaz.

Flashbacks from several episodes has shown us Angel's past. Born in Ireland in 1727, the human Angel (Liam), was not much of a man. He was more interested in women and drinking than actually working, and his strict father thought him a disgrace to their family. He was turned by Darla and then proceeded to kill his entire family. In 1898, however, he killed the wrong girl; a gypsy. Her family cursed him with a soul, and he'll be tormented and haunted by all the people he's killed for the rest of his life. At first, it seemed Angelus refused to accept his destiny, and he returned to Darla, Spike and Drusilla, to prove that he could still be evil. He failed, however, and left them for good.

For nearly a century, he roamed around, doing nothing and surviving on rats, until he was approached by Whistler, a demon sent to maintain the balance between good and evil. He led Angel to Buffy, and Angel immediately fell in love. It was in the very first episode of Buffy, Welcome To The Hellmouth, that Angel made his first appearance as a mysterious man lurking in the shadows and helping Buffy out, and the Slayer soon fell for him. In the episode Angel, however, Angel was revealed for what he is - a vampire. Buffy soon learned that he had a soul, and he remained in the shadows, helping her whenever he could.

In season two, the two went from a semi-relationship to something that resembled a real relationship, and it quickly escalated from there, until they slept with each other in Surprise and Angel experienced a moment of true happiness. Unfortunately, that moment also caused him to lose his soul and turn evil again, and by the end of the season Buffy had to send him to hell - only a minute after Willow managed to restore his soul again, using the old gypsy spell.

In season three, it seemed Buffy was finally getting over Angel, when he returned, mysteriously, from hell. After hiding him for several episodes, her secret was found out, and it took quite a few episodes for the gang to start trusting Angel again. Then Angel started thinking about his future with Buffy, if any, and reached the conclusion that he couldn't be with her - tortured soul that he is, and in the season finale, Graduation Day part 2, he left Sunnydale.

He ended up in LA and his own series, Angel, where he continued to battle the forces of evil. He was on a pretty self-destructive road, when a young half-demon named Doyle looked him up. Doyle got visions from The Powers That Be, and they told him to work with Angel. Coincidentally, Angel's path crossed with Cordelia's, who had gone to LA to pursue an acting career. Which didn't go well. So she ended up working for Angel. In the episode Hero, Doyle sacrificed his life to save several other half-demons from The Scourge, but not before he found the time to pass his visions over to Cordelia. In the very next episode, Angel and Cordelia were joined by Wesley, after being fired from The Watcher's Council.

Now, Angel, Wesley and Cordelia are fighting the forces of darkness together, along with Gunn who was introduced in the episode War Zone, where he had to kill his sister after she was vamped.

- Vital Stats -

NAME: Liam (last name unknown).

NICKNAMES: Angelus (the one with the angelic face), Angel, Deadboy...

BORN: In Ireland, 1727.

AGE: Ca 247, not including his human years.

EYE color: Brown.

HAIR color: Brown.

HEIGHT: 6'1"

WEIGHT: Unknown.

OTHER NOTES: He was turned by Darla in 1753, when he was 26 years. He killed his family. He's got a soul. If he ever achieves true happiness, it will disappear and he'll become Angelus again. It was gypsies of the Kalderash clan who cursed him. We know he can speak Gaelic, Latin, Romani, some Russian, Spanish and French. His little sister's name was Kathy.

He's seen 14 wars (not including Vietnam...), he wears a 44 long coat. He is a member of the vampire clan The Order Of Aurelius, as is everybody in his bloodline. Grandchilde to The Master. He spent many hundred years in Hell (since time moves faster there) and he broods a lot. He seeks redemption and forgiveness for the things he did when he didn't have his soul. He likes to read.

A few years after he retrieved his soul and left Darla, he returned to Darla, Spike & Dru and tried to prove that he could still be 'evil,' but failed and left them for good.

***This essay was originally posted at Our Armageddon and is used with permission, reposting without the author's written permission is forbidden***

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