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Warning: The majority of FanFiction housed on this site is NC-17, that means it's graphic, it's sexual, it's mainly evil, that's E-V-I-L! If you don't like slash, rape, bloodplay, soapy bath scenes and the general feeling of blood rushing to your loins go somewhere else.

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(All other pairings happen within Spike/Angel centric stories)

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To submit a story just  E-mail me. I welcome all stories by new authors and old alike. Beta readers are readily available to help proofread your story before submission. I do not accept unbeta'd submissions. This site's goal has always been to promote plot-driven fiction, the smut is great but Angel and Spike have a lot going on above the waist too. My hope is that when writing this pairing authors will look beyond the 'oh pretty' factor and bring some of the life the characters have on the show into their work. If you think you have done this I welcome your submission, if you're not sure your story is ready there are many groups on Yahoo! and Live Journal that will help you workshop the kinks out (or in if that's your preference :)

***All stories archived at this site are done so with the author's permission, if you wish to archive any of the stories housed here you must ask the original author for permission, not the webmistress. I cannot give permission to house any stories other than my own so please contact the author directly. If there is no email address listed for contact or feedback that means the address I have is no longer working. Please check the MIA page before emailing me for working addresses, if they are listed as MIA that means they are missing and have no known email address.

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