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Beta Readers

Here you will find other lovers of fanfiction willing to help make your work the best it can be. They are all eager to read Spike/Angel and have been listed for this pairing specifically.

There is really no excuse for not taking the time to get a beta on a short fic (I mean anything under 30 pages). We all understand it can be hard to find a beta for a series, I will use Ensouled as an example, which is over 200 pages in 10 pt font and forced me to be my own worst enemy.

It can be hard, but look at all these lovely people who are just dying to let you know what they think...In return you can let me know what you think of their services when they're done by sending me an e-mail.

If you are yourself dying to be a beta reader and see all the newest fiction before it hits the shelves email me your name, address, strengths, wills, wont's, and wannas, just remember if you send me an email with horrible spelling you won't be listed until you correct it :)

Reads: Anything going, except songfic, and overly fluffy stuff, any pairing except Riley/-, dark stuff and NC-17 welcome...
Looks for/Strengths: Spikespeak (I have the same accent anyway),
Technical slash stuff (surrounded by gay friends, so have learnt such things!), grammar, spelling (allegedly my best academic strength), canon stuff.
Dislikes: Songfic, wrongly fluffified characters and Riley!
Turn around time: Depends on my work load/internet access but often I can turn stuff over in a day, the longest would be a week - generally though, I'm fairly fast.
Notes: Just say how you want it beta-d - just grammar etc, or just plot, just character - if you want something particularly well-considered just say, and if you are a little fragile about comments and that, say that as well (I can be blunt!) :)

Allison Grace:

Reads: Anything and everything. Prefers Dark Fic, NC-17, character death, Bloodplay, incest, anything sick and wrong
Looks for/Strengths: Will help with canon, slang, grammar, spelling and plot.

Am-Chau Yarkona:

Favorite characters: Spike, Angel, Wesley, Giles
Favorite pairings: Spike/Giles, Spike/Angel, Spike/Wesley, etc.
Will you read slash: yes. m/m and f/f. and het, too.
Anything you won't read: incest, mpreg.
Expected Turn around: three days to a week.
Strengths: grammar, British voices.


Turn around Time: Give plenty of time

Baruch Konayn:

Favorite characters: Spike, Dawn, and Willow
Favorite pairings: Spike/Angel, Spike & Dawn
Will you read slash: Gladly.
Anything you won't read: No.
Expected Turn around: depends on the length of the story and my workload for classes. A week or two at the most.
Strengths: I'm good with catching grammar and spelling mistakes, noticing plot weaknesses and repetitive phrases and/or words. However, I have not watched much of the show--WB comes in very badly, and we don't get UPN at all. So I'll be useless as far as fitting things into the show's timeline. However, I've been reading fan-fiction in this verse for several years, and have read way too many episode summaries.


Favorite characters: Spike, Anya, Tara, Giles
Favorite pairings: Spuffy, Spander, Spangel, anything involving Spike
Will you read slash: Happily
Anything you won't read: I'll read it all, although I don't particularly enjoy whiny! Dawn or Riley Sucks fic.
Expected Turn around: About a week
Strengths: I'm good with the history of the show (determining what is and isn't canon) and with making stylistic suggestions


Reads: Anything there is, but A/S is my favorite.
Looks for/Strengths: Grammar, the fic as a whole.
Weakness: If I get bored it takes longer to read, ideas not my strongest side.
Turn around time: From one day to two weeks, depending on length, longer if I get bored.
Personal Site: LTEB, http://el-gilliath.tripod.com/index.html


Reads: Anything really.
Looks for/Strengths: Anything and everything. Plot flow, characterization, grammar, spelling,you name it I do it.
Turn around time: Usually within a day or two, depending on what's going on.

Jill (Miss Binks):

Favorite characters: Willow, Spike, Faith, Gunn, Connor
Favorite pairings: Spike/Faith, Angel/Wesley, Angel/Spike, Cordy/Angel
Will you read slash: Hell yes!
Anything you won't read: Filks
Expected Turn around: About a week. I can make it shorter on request depending on length.
Strengths: Plot/ Characters/ Sentence flow


Reads: Any rating, Any pairing
Dislikes: Anything terribly depressing.
Looks for/Strengths: Grammar, punctuation, characterization, plot.


Email: kimberlyFDR@yahoo.com
Favorite characters: SPIKE...he's gotta be in the story in some prevelant manner
Favorite pairings: Spike/Buffy....perhaps Spike/Angel
Will you read slash: Umm, yeah...write it, read it:)
Anything you won't read: I don't like Angel-specific stories or HumanWilliam stories
Expected Turn around: Depends on the length of the story and how much work it needs
Strengths: I've been a beta and fanfic writer since 1998, won awards for my beta work as well as my writing, and am also a freelance writer and editor

Louise Sweeney

Email: emerald_dragon0@hotmail.com
Reads: Most anything but mainly Spike/Angel. Humour's good too. I won't read an Mpreg because it bores me. I will do series, as long as you can give me a rough estimate of how long it's going to be (e.g. How many chapters ).
Looks for/Strengths: Spelling, grammar, plot and canon references.
Turn around time: Will depend on the degree of madness in my life, but usually less than a week for a chapter.
Will you read slash: Slash is oxygen.
Notes: I usually beta stories set in the Angelverse rather than in Buffy. I will be honest , so if you're only interested in having someone tell you that your story's great and not make any changes then don't send it to me. Please put 'beta' in the subject line or your email will probably be deleted. I also have msn messenger if you want to bounce off ideas.


Reads: Any length
Dislikes: Anything with Riley pairings
Looks for/Strengths: Ambiguous plot gaps, changing view mid-sentence, grammar, spelling.
Turn around time: 1 to 4 days
Notes: I tend to be rather blunt so don't take it the wrong way if I am rather harsh. I will never flat out flame a person, That's about it.
Personal Site: http://www.geocities.com/Merwyn_Night_wolf


Reads: Preferred pairing is S/A or S/X  but as long as it's Spike and someone I'll read it, slash only though.  I love Angst, violence, drama sex etc. so all NC17 is more than welcome.
Dislikes: I'm not keen on fluff and silliness but I'll read if there's also some smut.
Looks for/Strengths: Spike-Speak accuracy, from the same part of England as Spike.
Turn around time: Any length is fine with me and it shouldn't take more than 2-3 days, though if the fic is extremely long it may take longer.
Notes: Please mark all emails Beta in the subject line, so they don't accidentally get deleted.

Renae AKA Jadana:

Favorite characters: Willow, Spike, Angel(us)
Favorite pairings: Anything practically but I favor Willow/Spike, Willow/Angel(us), Spike/Angel(us), and Spike/Willow/Angel(us)/Cordelia
Will you read slash: Yup
Anything you won't read: Not really
Expected Turn around: Between a week and two weeks depending on work and the length of the fic
Strengths: Spelling and plots


Reads: You write it I read it... but slash, and violent slash make me very...very... happy.
Turn around time: Any length but my turnaround isn't as fast as I would like.
Looks for/Strengths: I consider myself useful with spelling and historical details...


Reads: Anything with a plot, preferably slash or fanged four.
Dislikes: Songfic, if you send it to me, I'll send it back without the lyrics. If it can't stand alone without them you need to rewrite it. I will not read any Male-preg either, I mean who thinks of this stuff?
Looks for/Strengths: I'll get your pop culture and obscure references, I'm in love with my spell checker, and I have every episode of Buffy and Angel on tape or DVD so I will check your canon.
Turn around time: Usually within a week, depends on my homework schedule. Much faster in Summer when I have no classes.
Notes: Don't expect to be coddled, I will give you changes, always, be ready and grateful.


Reads: Any Rating
Dislikes: Not overly into Angel having total and complete bondage over Spike w/out a ray of hope on the horizon
Looks for/Strengths: grammer mistakes, description, sentance/paragraph structure
Notes: Wants smutty goodness, though I do like a little plot thrown in. I'm kinda interested in a wholesome 3-some w/ Xander

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