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This is me & Gina *Don't call me Jasmine* Torres, taken a couple years ago at a Xena convention, yes my lameness knows no bounds.
Note: You can now find me at Live Journal, yes I'm a lemming.

This site was created using Trellix Web which has now become CuteSite Builder 4.0. The program was originally free but cost $70 or so to register when I upgraded. I now update in HTML on Dreamweaver 4 and Webmaster 3. I used a Snappy 4.0 that I got on ebay for around $25 to take all of the screencaptures. I have also used Random Frame to take some images from AVI files I've downloaded. I create and edit all of my graphics in Ulead Photo Impact 8.0. I have my site hosted at Fortune City because it is around $250 a year, plus domain fees. I tell you all of this because many people think that having a website is out of their reach financially or skill-wise. I tought myself to use all of these programs, plus many other free programs that I have downloaded to make everything from animated gifs to full-on videos, and all for what I think are relatively little costs. If you have more questions about the inception or upkeep of this site please email me. I try to answer all emails as promptly as possible.

The above is not to say I have an abhoration of HTML I use it now because the site has outgrown Cutesite's capabilities, I do still use that program for most of my other sites because they are small and don't take hours to upload. I've done plenty of sites in the past using HTML, but much like a foreign language if you don't use it often you lose it, so I am now muddling through a refresher course. I now choose to focus my energies on writing, not coding for hours, so I go the simple route and use a web program. I've also never wanted people to come to my sites for the 'oh shiny factor' I think people come here for the writing and access to writing resources, so please don't email me to say the graphics are lame, etc. If I only cared about the graphics this would be a shipper site and not the Spike/Angel Zone.

I also recommend Gator and Pop-Up Killer for all people who spend a lot of time surfing the net, I find then very valuable, and they are free to download, although with the gator there are some wicked annoying pop-up ads that the pop-up killer can't kill, or even maim. All of the above mentioned software programs can usually be found by searching at Google. If you have trouble finding them let me know and I'll try to help.

I came a bit late to the Buffyverse, by some standards that is, I popped in about the same time Dawn did, but I was hooked pretty quick. I consider myself an Angel fan first and foremost, but I did enjoy BtVS the majority of the time. In fact I would now consider myself a fanatic. I've got all the DVD's, books, magazines, general crap that comes out of the Whedonworld, from Valentines to Valentine. Safe to say I've become an aficionado in a few short years. I love it here!

Let me know what you think! Get in touch via email at tania@fangedfour.com.

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