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written by Steven S. DeKnight & Drew Goddard.
Transcribed by Tania

Scene opens in a hospital, nurses sitting at a desk. One walks through a door.

Voice through pager: "Any Psychiatric Nurse, please pick up extension 432. Any Psychiatric Nurse, please pick up extension 432."

We see a doctor come through a door, he unlocks it with a key. There are muffled screams coming from somewhere.

Nurse 1: "Hey Doc? Running low on Diazepam again."

Doctor: "Call Jacobson over at County and see if they can spare any." He pauses and points at the nurse. "Give me one."

Nurse 1: "Okay, um, in a mellifluous manner, seven letters, ends in a Y."

Doctor: "Give me another one."

Off screen Nurse: "Dr. Ravenaugh." We see her run up to the locked grated door. "It's Phillip."

We see a young man lying on the floor, a pool of vomit by his head.

Doctor: "What happened?"

Nurse 2: "I, I don't know. He started convulsing right after he took his meds."

Doctor: "How much Lithium did you give him?"

Nurse 2: "Lith, no he gets Thorazine."

Doctor: "Thorazine? He's manic depressive he doesn't need a sedative."

Nurse 2: "I'm sorry, I must have gotten them mixed up."

Doctor: "Who didn't get their Thorazine?" He looks at her chart. "Oh god!"

There is a loud banging coming from down the hall, the doctor runs down the hall and starts to unlock the grated door.

Doctor: "Peterson!"

A male nurse joins him in the hall and they walk towards the door that is being banged on. As they get closer the banging stops and the doctor sighs, then the door bursts off its hinges and we see a girl in a hospital gown standing there. He long brown hair is hanging over her face.

Doctor: "It's all right Dana. It's me. Dr. Ravenaugh, remember? Just take it easy. I want you to listen to me. You're very sick and we just..." He backs up and goes through the grated door, "wanna make you better, okay?"

The doctor pulls a hypodermic needle from his pocket. The girl attacks the male nurse and then grabs a bone saw from a cart. One of the male nurses hits her over the head with a bar but she isn't phased. She instantly turns around and slices the bone saw through the nurse's neck.

Doctor: "Oh no. Oh!" He runs off.  

Dana turns her attention back to the nearly dead nurse and cuts his head completely off. She then runs her fingers through the blood and then over her face leaving vertical lines down her nose and cheeks.

Cut to Wolfram and Hart, Gunn is in the phone, walking down the hall.

Gunn: "I know, but he wouldn't have plead No Lo Contendre if he'd known about the exculpatory evidence being withheld by the prosecutor. Look, look, set up a meeting with Judge Braden, closed chambers. Well screw the D.A. He's the one trying to pull a fast one. Let him read about it in the paper."

Fred: "You sure that's a good idea? Playing chicken with the District Attorney of a major metropolitan city?"

Gunn: "Just a little professional rivalry. You want ugly? See us go at it on the golf course."

Fred: "You play golf? Since...What?"

Gunn: "All part of the mojo the big boys installed. Half the cases that cross our desk are settled out on the links before they ever make it to trial."

Fred: "Nine holes instead of a jury of your peers. Just what the founding fathers had in mind."

Gunn: "Well, sometimes you gotta work the system before it works you."

Fred: "Is that our new motto?"

Gunn: "Look, I know our move to Wolfram and Hart hasn't been all flowers and candy, but we've been able to do some serious good while we're here. Lives saved, disasters averted with all our fingers and souls still attached. End of the day...I'm thinking we made the right choice."

They walk into Angel's office.

Angel: "Maybe we made a mistake coming here."

Gunn: "What's going on?"

Lorne: "Oh, Parasite Eve, right on out the door."

Gunn: "You're firing her?"

Angel: "Well, that's one option."

Wesley: "A generous one, considering she tried to kill you."

Gunn: "Okay, first the parasite she allegedly sicked on you wasn't meant to be fatal."

Fred: "No, just send you into a permanent hallucinatory coma."

Angel: "And what's with the alleged? You don't believe I know it was her?"

Gunn: "It's not about what I believe. It's about the evidence."

Wesley: "This isn't a courtroom Gunn. Things work with a little more immediacy in the real world."

Gunn: "She's liaison to the Senior Partners. You don't get to be that without serious juice. Move against her without solid proof and it could end in a long bloody fight."

Angel: "Okay, fine. I think I liked you better when you just wanted to hit people."

Gunn: "Rational thought. It's an acquired taste."

Lorne: "Wait a minute, so we're not gonna snap Twiggy into little sticks?"

Angel: "Gunn's right. We can't risk it, yet."

Gunn: "We'll restrict her access. Keep a closer eye on what she's up to, play her like she's been playing us."

Harmony (entering room): "Boss, we just got a tip some loony's hatched from the bin."

Angel: "A who did a what?"

Harmony: "A girl over in the nut house went all cuckoo's nest. Hacked up a couple a guards and went over the wall."

Angel: "Really not our department Harmony."

Wesley: "Notify the authorities, make sure they're on it."

Harmony: "Okay, but they better bring a priest, looks like this chick's gone all kinds of exorcist."

Angel: "Wait a minute, she's possessed?"

Harmony: "Duh. Didn't I say that?"

Wesley: "I'll get a team together."

Angel: "No wait. I don't wanna go storming in with troops until we know what got here. I've seen a few of these possession cases, they have to be handled very carefully. Real finesse job."

Cut to hospital, two elevator doors open, Spike walks out of one, Angel the other.

Spike: "Oh, well, fancy this. Bitty slug I saved you from scramble your brains after all? Come to check yourself in?"

Angel: "What are you doing here Spike?"

Spike: "Didn't get the memo? Hero of the people now."

Angel: "Oh, then go and annoy them."

Spike: "When I'm done. Heard one of the simples went for a stroll."

Angel: "And I'll get her back, without your help."

Spike: "Goody for you, 'cause, uh, not offering it."

Angel: "Ah, look, shouldn't you be out on the streets, you know, protecting the city from people like you?"

Spike: "Go where I'm needed."

Angel: "Well, which isn't here."

Nurse 1: "Gentlemen, may I help you?"

Doctor: "Can I help you?"

Spike: "Other way around Doc. I'm..."

Angel: "Here to get your patient back." He hands the doctor his card. "Angel, Wolfram and Hart."

Doctor: "A lawyer? I already told the police everything I know."

Angel: "Well, let's go over it again, just in case you left out any details."

Spike: "What he said, but with a bit more of a threat at the end."

Cut to Dana's room, Angel is holding a bunch of primitive drawings of fire and dancing women.

Doctor: "She was a special case. Her family was murdered in the home when she was ten. Whoever did it took Dana and tortured her for months. She was found one day naked and bleeding wandering the streets. Barely functional, nearly catatonic ever since."

Spike: "Looks like she snapped out of it."

Doctor: "Several months ago her condition changed. Increasing levels of agitation accompanied by explosive outbursts of inhuman strength."

Spike: "Right, demon possession."

Doctor: "That's ridiculous."

Spike: "That's..."

Angel: "Not helping Spike."

Spike: "No, I'm doing. You can hang out for the show and tell me nothing. I've got a demon needs repossessing. Ta." He grabs a picture off the wall and leaves.

Angel: "Sorry, he's...is pathological idiot an actual condition?"

Doctor: "May I suggest you stop your friend. If he finds Dana he's gonna wind up dead like the others."

Angel: "Yeah, but he'll just end up coming back."

Angel stares at the pictures. The doctor leaves.

Angel: "What isn't he telling me?" Angel turns to face the nurse, who is now standing at the door to Dana's room.

Nurse 1: "Ravenaugh videoed all his sessions with her."

Angel: "Show me."

Cut to a grocery store. Dana is standing in an aisle, eating food.

Clerk: "Uh, hey, you gonna pay for those? Excuse me, miss. You can't just eat those like that, you gotta take em up to the register and pay for em first. Hey, um, come on, knock it off, would..." He reaches out and touches her, in one swift movement she breaks his arm, sending him to the ground screaming. She then grabs the bone saw off the shelf and walks to the clothing aisle and starts putting on clothes. She picks up a t-shirt and stares at it, seeing a flashback to a man in a t-shirt, he picks up a bone saw from a table of torture implements, young Dana is chained to a pipe.

Security Guard (holding gun out): "Alright now, you just stay right like that. I don't wanna have to hurt ya."

Cut to Dana walking out of the store fully dressed, carrying the bone saw which is now dripping blood.

Cut to video tape of Dana in a straight-jacket thrashing about, speaking in a guttural voice.

Nurse 1: "And that's with the Thorazine."

Angel: "These tapes are all of her?"

Nurse 1: "Most of em yeah. Ravenaugh's planning on writing a book on her. That's why he doesn't want anybody to know about these. Putz."

Angel: "You're the one who called Wolfram and Hart?"

Nurse 1: "My cousin's a paralegal there, told me about the big shake up. Lots of positions opening."

Angel: "uh huh." He is focusing on the tape.

Nurse 1: "So I thought, hey, maybe if I tipped you on this I could get my foot in the door."

Angel: "Oh, wait." He rewinds the tape.

Nurse 1: "They're pretty much all like that, buncha monkey gibberish."

Angel: "It's Rumanian."

Nurse 1: "Oh, You understand what she's saying?"

Angel: "Yeah. I do."

Cut to a police car pulling up to the grocery store, Spike is walking by as bodies are being carried out on stretchers.

Paramedic 1: "You got it?"

Paramedic 2: "Go ahead."

Spike rubs the ground and then smells his hand.

Cut to Wesley's office. The phone rings.

Wesley: "Wyndham-Pryce."

Angel: "Wes, it's me." Cut to Angel driving. "Check with our police informants, get her last known sighting. I need a tactical assault team on the ground in five minutes, non-lethal ordinance."

Wesley: "You think that's wise? I've been brushing up on demonic possessions."

Angel: "That's not what's happening."

Cut to Dana walking.

Angel: "Look, there were drawings of demons in her room. Hundreds of them, some with a little girl in them, I thought it was Dana, but they're all different. It's not her."

Wesley: "Are you sure? Multiple personality manifestations are often associated with cases of possession."

Angel: "It's not just the drawings. I saw a tape of her, she was speaking in a half dozen languages, one of them was Rumanian."

Cut to Dana.

Spike: "Liking the view are we?" He walks towards her. "Whatdya say we have a nice quiet chat about mistreating little girls. Demon to Demon." He goes game face.

Cut to Angel:

Angel: "She was yelling about being chosen, she's not a demon Wes. She's a vampire slayer."

Cut to Dana smiling at Spike.

Spike: "What are you grinning at." She lunges at him. "Oh yeah, look at the big bad demon hiding inside the helpless little girl." He throws her across the room. "Why don't you come on out of there, let's have a proper go, eh mate?" Dana picks up a shard of wood. "Or you could do that." She swings at him, then pins him to the wall, nearly pressing the stake to his chest.

Dana: "Qui so muna da uabotchi."

Spike: "Sorry love, I don't speak Chinese." They fight some more. She throws him out a window, he falls six floors to the ground just as Angel pulls up.

Angel: "What happened?"

Spike: "Just thought I'd see what it was like to bounce off the pavement. Pretty much what I expected."

Angel: "Stay out of it, tactical's on it's way."

Spike: "Oh right, sure she'll hang around till they show up."

Angel: "You should have waited."

Spike: "Hey, keep your knickers on. At least now I know what we're dealing with. It's a Chinese demon, maybe a water dragon, or one of those elemental thingies." Angel takes a deep sigh and walks away. "What?"

Cut to Angel and Spike walking out of the elevator at Wolfram and Hart.

Spike: "A psychotic vampire slayer."

Angel: "How many times you gonna keep saying that?"

Spike: "Just trying to wrap my lobes around it. A psycho slayer."

Angel: "And you let her get away."

Spike: "At least I was trying to stop her."

Angel: "Ah, how'd that work out?"

Spike: "At least I know the game now. Don't I? I killed two slayers with my own hands. Think I can handle one that's gone daft in the melon."

Angel: "You're not handling anything, Spike, okay? Wes contacted Rupert Giles he's sending his top guy to retrieve her."

They enter the board room, where everyone is sitting, except Wesley who is standing.

Wesley: "Angel. We were just about to..."

A chair turns around, Andrew is sitting there, smoking a pipe, looking like he just fell out of a Dr. Who movie.

Andrew: "Spike?"

Spike: "Oh for the love a..." Andrew jumps out of his chair and puts his hands on Spike's shoulders.

Andrew: "Spike." He feels Spike to see if he's real. "It's you. It's really you." He hugs Spike. "I at first thought I was holding onto false hope, but I knew you'd come back." He releases him from the hug but still holds his shoulders. "You're like Gandalf the White resurrected from the pit of the Bolrog. More beautiful than ever. "He runs his fingers over Spike's cheeks and then hugs him again. "Oh, He's alive Frodo. He's alive."

Angel: "You two know each other?"

Andrew backs up.

Andrew: "Uh yeah, uh we the saved the world together. I mean Buffy helped but it was mostly us.  So what happened? Last I heard you went all pillar of fire down in the Hellmouth."

Angel: "Can we save memory lane for after we contain the psychotic super powered killing machine?"

Wesley: "We were just about to bring everyone up to speed on slayer mythology."

Andrew: "I'll take it from here Pryce. Best they hear it from an expert."

Spike: "Oh right, let the top man have a go."

Wesley: "Please...enlighten us." He takes a seat.

Andrew: "Gather round and attend to a most unusual tale. A tale I like to call the Slayer of the Vampyres." He pauses. "Eons ago on the dark continent three wise elders decided to fight evil with a taste of its own sinistro. They took a young girl," he puts his hands on Fred's shoulders, "and they imbued her with the power of a demon." He uses his fingers to make demon horns above Fred's head. "Thusly the first Slayer of the Vampyres was born. But alas the existence of a slayer is often brutal and short lived, and the Primitive, as she was called, boasted no exception. But the elders had foreseen this inevitability and devised a way for her power to live on."

Fred: "In every generation one is chosen."

Andrew: "Yes attractive slender woman. There are many potentials, as we experts call them."

Wesley: "Hundreds, maybe thousands per generation."

Andrew: "Each of them experiencing vivid dreams, some say nightmares, of the heroics of past slayers. But only one can be chosen."

Angel: "That's uh really great, but we actually know all that."

Andrew: "You think you know my good man. You think you know." He pauses to light his pipe and chokes.

Lorne: "Uh, wait, so if there's only one slayer, what is little miss whack your head off doing scampering around?"

Spike: "Little Sunnydale surprise."

Andrew: "Six months ago, Buffy, a Vampyre Slayer extraordinaire, had her lesbian witch make with the beaucoup de magique, one light show later..."

Angel: "All the potentials become slayers."

Wesley: "An army of slayers. Brilliant strategem, but with the Watcher's Council destroyed how will these new slayers receive their necessary..."

Andrew: "Mr. Giles and a few key Sunnydale alum," he pulls a lunch bag with a British flag and his name on it from beside him, "have been tracking down the recently chosen, uh guiding them, training them, giving them the full X-men minus the crappy third act. But this Dana girl, she's an anomaly that no one could have foreseen. Tortured, traumatized, driven insane by Yoda knows who."

Angel: "And then the dreams of demons and super powers she's always had suddenly become real."

Wesley: "The dreams of slayers are usually just that, dreams, but Dana's mental instability may be making them seem more real."

Andrew: "My hypothesis exactly Pryce. I see Mr. Giles may have been wrong about you." He takes out a little pink notebook and scribbles something down.

Spike: "That explains why the skirt was yapping at me in Chinese. Must have thought she was the slayer I took out back in the Boxer Rebellion."

Angel: "Oh, you mean the slayer you murdered."

Spike: "Well, I didn't have a soul back then did I?"

Angel: "Right, cause having one now is making such a difference."

Spike: "You corporates go ahead with your talky talk. If anyone needs me, I'll be out doing his job."

Angel: "Spike?" He jumps up and follows Spike out of the room.  "Do you think this is a joke?"

Spike: "Only if you're the punch line."

Angel: "Look, we're the last two people that should be confronting her. She's a slayer. She has every reason to hate us, and she's unstable. In her mind there probably aren't any good vampyres." Spike raises his eyebrows.  "Vampires. She exists for one reason, to destroy creatures like us."

Spike: "Dance of death, eternal struggle. Right got it."

Angel: "You will. When she's staking you in the heart."

Spike: "What do you want me to do? Go all boo hoo because she got tortured and driven out of her gourd? Not like we haven't done worse back in the day."

Angel: "Yeah, and it's something I'm still paying for."

Spike: "And you should let it go mate. It's starting to make you look old." He leaves.

Cut to Dana walking on the docks, She has a flashback to a man opening a grate and pulling out a box. Young Dana screams. Back in the present she is huddled in a ball when a man walks up to her.

Man: "Hey you okay? Hurt. Miss? You need some help?" She looks up at him.

Cut to Boardroom.

Angel: "Maybe Spike was right, maybe we should just get out there and find her?"

Fred: "Then what? Kill her? What's happening isn't her fault."

Gunn: "She is non compos mentis. Not that it'll matter when she's staking you in the pump."

Angel: "Alright look, we know that she's been sighted at these locations, since her escape. Tactical's doing a non-engagement sweep, but they'll have to cover over at least sixty blocks."

Fred: "That'll take days, if we're lucky."

Angel: "Well, we have to narrow it down. I mean, witnesses said it was like she was looking for something. We have to figure out what."

Lorne: "Well why not start at the source?"

Wesley: "The Asylum?"

Lorne: "No, where this all started for her. She was abducted from home, right?"

Angel: "That was over fifteen years ago."

Lorne: "Houses have long memories Angelcakes. I mean, you just gotta know how to get 'em to talk."

Angel: "Alright, fine, set it up, but let's get Andrew in on this, see if he knows...anything."

Fred: "Um, I don't think he's here."

Angel: "What? Where'd he go?"

Cut to Spike walking on docks.

Spike: "Right, we could play cat and mouse all night," He grabs Andrew out of the shadows and holds him by the lapels, "or I could wedgie you unconscious and be done with it." Spike lets him go and starts walking away.

Andrew: "Bravo, I see your senses seem to be as well honed as your Viggo Mortensen pectorals."

Spike: "What are you doing out here Andrew?"

Andrew: "It's where the action is, bro, on the mean streets, can you dig it?"

Spike: "Go back to Wolfram and Hart, I don't have time for games."

Andrew: "That's good, cause Andy ain't playing." He opens up his jacket revealing several weapons and tranquilizer guns. "You're not the only one who's changed. Mr. Giles has been training me. I am fast, stronger, and 82% more manly than the last time we..." He then trips over the body of the man that tried to help Dana, falling to the ground and screaming like a little girl.

Cut to Dana's house, it is vacant. Angel, Lorne and a mystic are following a realtor.

Realtor: "Hardwood floors, central air, original wainscoting throughout. She's a real charmer from top to bottom."

Mystic: "The walls scream with the blood of the innocent."

Realtor: "I'll be in the car if you have any questions. And remember, it's a seller's market."

Angel: "You sure this guy's reliable?"

Lorne: "Oh yeah, Verne's top drawer, he does all of Tom Arnold's readings."

The mystic walks around touching the walls.

Angel: "What are you picking up?"

Verne: "Ahh, fear." Flash of mom cowering against a wall. "Anguish." Flash of dad falling to the ground. "Pain." Flash to a baby's crib with bloody sheets. "He needed them to suffer."

Angel: "Who?"

They walk into another room.

Verne: "She doesn't know him." Flash to Dana hiding under her bed. "She tries to be still, invisible, but he senses her." Flash to the mattress being yanked off the bed and Dana screaming. "She's gone."

Angel: "Where, where did he take her?"

Verne closes his eyes.

Verne: "Dark, the floor is cold, the air is thick with dust, and the smell, sickly sweet like molasses. A basement. That's where her pain lives."

Cut to Dana walking down some dark stairs. She looks around, sees the chains still on the pipes. Sees the grate, takes it off the hinges and pulls the box out. Flash to a table of bloody torture instruments.  She then opens the box revealing needles and medicine bottles.

Flash to young Dana, chained.

Spike: "Let's try the blue one this time." Spike is kneeling in front of her holding a syringe filled with dark blue liquid.

 Cut back to Spike and Andrew on the docks.

Andrew: "Well, mostly I talk to Rupert, but we all check in. Xander's in Africa. He sent me a Nguna fish and Willow and Kennedy are in Brazil. They're based out of San Paulo but, um,  every time I talk to them they're in Rio."

Spike sniffs the air.

Andrew: "What's it smell like? Blood I mean."

Spike: "Metallic sort of. You ever taste a penny?"

Andrew: "No, wait...No."

Spike: "Smells like that."

Andrew looks on the ground and finds a penny, and picks it up.

Spike: " So, you heard from Buffy lately?"

Andrew: "Yeah, of course. She's in Rome. Dawn's in school there, Italian school."

Spike: "Wow, drama mate, never pegged her for the expatriate show."

Andrew: "Yeah, she was rounding slayers up in Europe. Decided she liked it there I guess. I think that uh," He puts the penny on his tongue. "uh, uh, uh." He spits it out. "She needed a break from California. Wait a minute, she doesn't know you're alive does she?"

Spike: "I don't think so, I mean I don't know, does she?"

Andrew: "No, no, she can't. I would have heard about it. We would have had a conference call. Why haven't you told her?"

Spike: "Hello Buffy it's Spike. I didn't burn up like you thought. How are things?"

Andrew: "Do you want me to tell her? Cause I'm really good with those delicate personal..."

Spike: "No. Don't tell her. I'll take care of it."

Andrew: "Got it. Ya loner, play it cucumber as in cool as a..."

Spike: "Just keep your mouth shut."

Camera pans to Dana watching them from a rooftop.

Andrew: "No problem brother. You're a troubled hero, a creature of the night. El creature del noche."

Spike: "Please stop."

Andrew: "Playing by his own rules, not afraid of anything or anyone."

Cut to Angel coming out of the elevator at Wolfram and Hart.

Gunn: "Hey, how'd it go?"

Angel: "I wanna find the guy who killed Dana's family. His name, his past, his whereabouts, everything."

Gunn: "Police never caught him."

Angel: "Yeah, well we're not the police. Search our files, talk to our contacts, raise the dead if we have to, just find him. Lorne, I wanna know where he took her after he abducted her. The psychic narrowed it down to a basement that smells like molasses, look we can do better. Start cracking the whip."

Lorne: "You got it Chief. Jenny, we're gonna need a whip."

Cut to Spike and Andrew.

Andrew: "So I say, well the two of us disagree with you hombre, and and, he's all the two of you. And I say  yeah, me and my electric net. And then..." Spike stops. "What's wrong?"

Spike: "The blood it smells different, stronger."

Andrew: "Like nickels?

Spike runs off into an alley, sees blood on the wall.

Spike: "It's her blood."

Dana jumps out and punches Andrew. Her and Spike fight for a minute. Andrew gets up and fires a tranq at her but misses. She punches him again, Spike chases after her. She leads him down to the basement.

Spike: "Alright pet, no getting away. Got your scent locked in now, I could track you for miles."

Dana: "No escaping."

Spike: "That's right, no escaping. All the same I don't want to have to hurt you." He starts walking towards her.

Dana: "It doesn't hurt if you hold still."

Spike: "Right."

Dana: "Heart and head. have to get home. It doesn't hurt if you hold still."

Spike: "You're a real sack of hammers aren't you? Hey, don't worry, I used to date a girl who wasn't all there."

Dana: "Heart and head. Stab the heart, cut off the head. Only way to be sure."

Spike: "That's slayer talk isn't it."

Dana: "Keep cutting till you see dust."

Spike: "Right, let me explain. You got visions, right, vampire slayer memories kicking around in your head. Which is tough because it sounds like your past midnight on the crazy clock anyways."

Dana: "Please don't. I have to get home to my son, to my Robin."

Spike: "Robin? Oh, hey you're talking about Nikki, the slayer I offed back in, uh yeah you probably don't want to think about that pet."

Dana: "William the Bloody."

Spike: "No, no, no that's not gonna lead anywhere good. You wanna focus on what's real."

Dana: "Head and heart. Don't be scared."

Spike: "Now we're gonna..."

She flips him over and stabs a syringe into his neck pressing the plunger. Spike screams.

Spike: "Oh!" He pushes her off and stands up. "You little minx." He stumbles when he tries to stand. "What did you do to me?"

Dana: "Those make you weak, not weak any more." She punches him back to the floor.

Spike: "Alright, now you've made me mad."

Dana: "Don't cry. They can't hear you." She drags him to the chains. Flash to Spike carrying young Dana across the room and chaining her to the pipe as she screams 'stop'. She chains Spike to the pipes. "Daddy's gone. He can't hear you."

Spike: "What's down is up. You're my Yoda" (Transcriber's note, I have no idea what he's saying but this is what it sounds like, make of that what you will)

Dana: "Piece by piece yellow makes you weak. Brown makes you sleepy." She injects him again. "Can't hurt me anymore."

Spike: "You crazy little...I never..."

Dana: "Ssh. Hold still. Count backwards. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven." Spike's view of her fades and blurs.

Cut to Wolfram and Hart.

Gunn: "Tactical found the body here. Fourth and Camden."

Angel: "Great, she's staying in the area. Let's get aerial surveillance up, thermal imaging, have them go block to block five mile radius."

Wesley (on phone): "Give me spec ops."

Gunn: "What exactly are they looking for. I mean this is an industrial area. Most of the buildings have an industrial area of some sort."    

Angel: "Lorne, any luck with the psychics on this place?"

Lorne: "No, nothing new, still cold, creepy, and smells like molasses."

Wesley: "What about, I almost said the words molasses factory out loud."

Fred: "Whiskey!"

Lorne: "Oh god bless you kitten, I was just about to suggest the same thing."

Fred: "No I mean when you're cooking up whiskey it makes the room smell like molasses."

Angel: "Look for a distillery. Get maps from ten years ago, maybe it's out."

Fred: "Andrew!"

Andrew: "We were attacked. I think she got him. I think she got Spike."

Cut to a dazed Spike.

Dana: "Piece by piece."

Spike: "What did you do..."

Dana: "Ssh. Stay quiet I'll let you go."

Spike: "Hammer sack full, what did you do to me?"

Dana: "Losing all your pieces. Not weak." She walks towards him with the bone saw in her hand. "Can't touch me anymore."

Spike lifts his arms up, both hands have been cut off.

Spike: "Oh god, can't feel my..." She smacks him.

Dana: "No more daddy, no more mommy, no more hands. Can't touch me ever again."

Spike: "I never touched you." She hits him again. "Stop, stop. You've got it wrong. Your brains all jumbled, I never hurt you. It wasn't me. I've done my share of bad, but you're not one 'em. It's someone else." Flash to Spike carrying young Dana, then his face changes to that of another man. "You've got me confused with another man." Flash to Spike chaining her, turns into another man. "Visions are mixing with your real memories. I'm stuffed in your head. Other slayers, other places, New York, China."

Dana: "Wow so wue, mou mou."

Spike: "That's what your remembering other slayers."

Dana: "You killed her."

Spike: "Yes, but.."

Dana: "You killed them both."

Spike (whispered): "That and worse, but I was never here." She punches him several times

Dana: "Doesn't matter. Head and Heart. Keep cutting until you see dust." She picks up the saw.

Angel comes from behind her and throws her across the room.

Angel: "Dana, look I'm here to help you. The man who tried to hurt you? His name is Walter Kendall. He tried to rob a liquor store five years ago and the police shot him. He's dead Dana."

Dana: "Hold still."

Angel: "He can't hurt you any more."

Dana: "Can't hurt me. Not weak anymore."

Angel: "That's right."

Dana: "Strong. Slayer." She lunges at Angel. They exchange a few kicks and punches, toss each other around a few times then Angel pulls her around, holding her.

Angel: "Now." Wesley and the guards fire three tranqs into her, she passes out.

Guard: "We've got her, move in."

Angel turns to Spike, Wesley joins him.

Angel: "Get the med team down here. Now!"

Guard: "You heard him, let's go."

Spike's eyes roll in the back of his head.

Cut to outside the warehouse.

Fred: (on phone) "Get him prepped, put surgical on standby. We'll be there in ten minutes. Oh for god's sake. Tell the shaman no cadavers. We've got his hands." Fred takes a cooler into an ambulance with her.

Angel follows another stretcher out with Dana on it.

Angel: "Chain her into the van I want armed guards riding with her in the back."

Andrew: "That's alright boys, I'll take her from here."

Angel: "What?"

Andrew: "Totally appreciate your help on this one big guy, never could have found her without you, but you've got enough problems of your own to worry about."

Angel: "Get out of the way, Andrew." Andrew steps over with Angel blocking him.

Andrew: "She's a slayer, that means she's ours."

Angel: "Yeah, sorry, not how it works. Load her up, don't hesitate to tranq her if she so much as..."

Andrew: "No, I don't think you heard me, Angel." A group of slayers come and surround them. "Think we're just gonna let you take her back to your evil stronghold? Well, as they say in Mehico. No, we're not gonna let you."

Angel: "She's psychotic and I'm not turning her over to you."

Andrew: "You don't have a choice. Check the view screen Ohura. I've got twelve vampyre slayers behind me and not one of them has ever dated you. She's coming with us one way or another."

Angel: "You're way out of your league. I'll just clear this with Buffy."

Andrew: "Where do you think my orders came from? Newsflash! Nobody in our camp trusts you anymore. Nobody. You work for Wolfram and Hart. Don't fool yourself. We're not on the same side. Thank you for your help, but, uh, we got it." The slayers take Dana and they all walk away.

Wesley: "So that's it, you're just gonna let him take her."

Angel: "She's one of theirs, they can handle it. Besides, you heard the man, we've got enough problems of our own to worry about it."

Cut to Spike in a hospital bed. His hands have been reattached.

Spike: "Come to tap dance on the patient have we Doc? I'd give you the finger but apparently I won't have the motor skills till the drugs wear off."

Angel: "Lot of pain?"

Spike: "More 'an I'd like, but not as much as you would. It's what I deserve."

Angel: "I didn't say that."

Spike: "No, I did. Lass thought I killed her family, and I'm supposed to what, complain 'cause hers wasn't one of the hundreds of families I did kill? I'm not saying you're right because, uh, I'm physically incapable of saying that, but uh, for a demon I never did think that much about the nature of evil. Just through myself in. Thought it was a party, I liked the rush, I liked the crunch. Never did look back at the victims."

Angel: "I couldn't take my eyes off them. I was only in it for the evil. That was everything to me, it was art. The destruction of a human being, days I woulda considered Dana a masterpiece."

Spike: "What happens to her?"

Angel: "I don't know, uh Andrew and the slayers took her. Didn't trust us to help her."

Spike: "Andrew double-crossed us? That's a good move. Hope for the little ponce yet. Though the tingling in my forearms tells me she's too far gone to help. She's one of us now. She's a monster."

Angel: "She's an innocent victim."

Spike: "So were we, once upon a time."

Angel: "Once upon a time."

~End Episode~