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Angel 5x07
Written by Drew Goddard
Transcribed by Tania

Scene opens in a large warehouse. Wesley is seated opposite a man, he has two guys standing behind him.

Emil: "It comes down to trust, ours is a dangerous business. Friends, enemies, these lines they do not exist for men like us. There's no better business bureau for what we do. Customer complaints are dealt with through killing, torture, beating, sometimes fire. We call it word of mouth advertising."

Wesley: "If I'd of known this was going to be a seminar, I'd have worn my nametag."

Emil: "Just want to make sure we know where we stand."

Wesley: "Right now? you're standing on the brink of my patience. I agreed to meet your distributor Emil, not your muscle."

Emil: "What? Dante and Philippe? They're assistants, here to make us more comfortable. Don't think of them as muscle. Are you hungry? I could get Dante to fix you a fish sandwich of some sort."

Wesley: "This is a waste of time." Moves to stand up.

Emil: "Please, Please, my distributor is simply cautious. He'd like me to verify the merchandise before we move forward."

Wesley waves his arm, and Fred joins him at the table, she is carrying a case, she places it on the table.

Emil: "Now, who is this?"

Wesley: "My muscle."

Fred opens the case and pulls out several pieces of a large gun, she starts putting them together as she talks.

Fred: "What we've got here is a modification of the TS-113 sniper rifle. We've altered it's targeting and firing mechanisms to fit the parameters you gave us.  Scope works along amplified thermal wavelengths."

Emil: "Uhh, you are making me so hot right now."

Fred: "Well, turned on by a woman holding an enormous gun, what a surprise. We replaced the delivery system with a ballantine energy charge, eliminating the need for conventional ammunition."

Wesley: "Wolfram and Hart has two hundred units ready now. We'll begin making more once we receive payment."

Emil: "And your boss doesn't mind selling this exciting weaponry to someone like me."

Wesley: "As long as it doesn't show up in LA. We choose our battles, Emil and you sidestepped the issue of payment."

Emil: "You'll get your money."

Wesley: "You'll get nothing until I meet with your distributor, I'm not going through middlemen."

Emil: "Ah, Did you just refer to me as a middleman? You are lucky Wolfram and Hart has such good word of mouth advertising. Here," He takes a card from his pocket. "call this number, he'll arrange everything. To think I used to sell this guy collapsible swords."

Dante's neck is stabbed through behind them.

Emil: "You traitor! No one double crosses me." They all duck behind warehouse crates, pulling out their guns.

Fred: "What hit that guy?"

Wesley: "Not sure."

Emil: "Dammit." Wesley jumps out, a gun in each hand and starts shooting.

Fred: "Yes Wesley, thank you, I'd love a gun." She stays hidden behind a crate.

Emil: "I don't want any..." Emil stands up and a man in black whips a chain out around his neck, then yanks. Emil's neck snaps. Wesley aims at the man in black, but doesn't fire. He is kicked from the side.

Angel jumps into the warehouse through a window and is immediately attacked by the man in black. They fight for a moment, the man whips the chain around at Angel missing him. Angel grabs the chain the second time it is swung and pulls the man closer, twisting his neck and dropping him to the ground. When the body hits the floor it starts twitching and blue electric shocks flow over its body. Angel reaches down and pulls his mask off revealing a solid metal plate covering its face.

Fred moans.

Wesley: "Fred."

Angel: "Fred?" They both run to where she's hiding. Her shoulder is bleeding and she doesn't speak.

Opening credits.

Interior Angel's office. Angel is standing behind his chair, arms crossed over the top of it. Eve is next to him. Wesley is standing in front of the desk.

Angel: "She could have been killed."

Eve: "Medical is optimistic. She should be up and about soon enough."

Angel: "That's not the point. What the hell was Fred doing there in the first place?"

Wesley: "I needed someone who could explain the weapon convincingly."

Angel: "Nobody else here can explain a gun?"

Wesley: "I needed someone who wouldn't arouse Emil's suspicions, someone I could trust."

Angel: "And so conveniently the only person who could go with you was Fred."

Wesley: "What is that..."

Angel: "She shouldn't have been there. It was a reckless decision."

Wesley: "Fred has more than proven herself in the field, there was no reason to..."

Angel: "We found her bleeding to death on the ground! From now on you clear it with me before using any of my people."

Wesley: "Your people?"

Angel: "Got it?"

Wesley leaves.

Eve: "Kind of hard on him weren't you."

Angel: "Well, she could have..."

Eve: "Been killed? So you said. Think you're making too big a deal about this? From what I understand her wound wasn't all that severe."

Angel: "You weren't there. You didn't see her."

Eve: "But she's okay, and you're still beating him up."

Angel: "He can be careless."

Eve: "Focuses too much on the big picture? Overlooks the people involved?"

Angel: "Something like that."

Eve: "Willing to risk anything, or anyone for the greater good. But hey, I'm just asking. Could it be there's another reason you're getting so mad at him about this? Mmm, stealing your son for instance?"

Angel: "We don't talk about my son."

Eve: "You don't trust Wesley do you? I mean, I can see that. He did turn Connor over to your sworn enemy."

Angel: "He didn't mean for that to happen. He thought he was doing the right thing."

Eve: "Then I guess it all worked out. Connor's okay, you're happy. Maybe Wesley knew what he was doing after all. Even if he doesn't remember any of it."

Angel: "That's got nothing to with... I just want to be kept informed. That's all."

Eve: "Is it? Or are you worried about the next time Wesley betrays you, trying to do the right thing?"

Cut to Wesley staring into nothing.

Fred: "They gave me the all clear." She enters his office wearing her arm in a sling.

Wesley: " I was just coming down to find you."

Fred: "Though I do have to take a boatload of antibiotics. Apparently there's some concern about where that grappling hook's been. Oh, we're taking the cyborg apart in the lab right now. you should see how intricate it is. It's like an M.C. Escher picture but with wires and flesh instead of geese."

Wesley: "I'm sorry about what happened Fred."

Fred: "Are you kidding me? I feel bad because all I had to do was hide, and I couldn't even do that right."

Wesley: "I should have done a better job protecting you."

Fred: "What?"

Wesley: "That didn't come out..."

Fred: "Do you realize how patronizing that sounds? Protecting me?"

Wesley: "I just mean you shouldn't have been there in the first place."

Fred: "That's not for you to decide."

Wesley: "Yes it is actually. I made the call, I screwed up."

Fred: "Listen to you. You're blaming yourself because poor Fred got hurt. Stop trying to be all valiant. You're coming off like a self pitying child."

Wesley: "Hello Father."

Fred: "Oh, yeah, that's mature. Well, I wish I was your father. I'd tell you to grow up."

Roger Wyndham-Pryce enters the room behind her.

Roger: "It doesn't work. I've tried."

Wesley: Looking shocked. "What are you doing here?"

Fred: "You're Wesley's..."

Roger: " I see manners are still my son's strong point. Roger Wyndham-Pryce. How do you do." He reaches out to shake Fred's hand.

Fred: "Winifred Burkle, I, I didn't realize you were. We were just, I um, have an employee that I have to belittle and to show him I'm in charge. I. I should let you two catch up. It was really nice to meet you. I'm sure I'll see you again soon."

Roger: "The pleasure is mine." She leaves. "Self-pitying child. Imagine how humiliating that will be for her employee."

Wesley: "What are you...Is mom alright?"

Roger: "She's fine. Sturdy as ever. No, you and I have business to discuss."

Wesley: "Business, oh, oh. Of course. Please." He motions to a couch in his office, removing some books from the seat. "Sit down."

Roger: "As you know may well know the Watcher's Council was destroyed last year."

Wesley: "I heard." He reluctantly sits on the couch next to his father.

Roger: "The remaining former watchers, myself included, have decided to reform the council, and I have been sent to contact you."

Wesley: "Are you saying the council wants me to come back?"

Roger: "Not necessarily. You're name's prone to be a point of contention. There are some who believe that your tenure as watcher ranks as our most embarrassing failure.

Wesley: "Really, I beat out everybody dying in an explosion as most embarrassing failure?"

Roger: "Friends and colleagues lost their lives in that event, Wesley. A little respect."

Wesley: "Sorry."

Roger: "The council have agreed to take you back, pending my assessment. I'm here to evaluate you."

Wesley: "I see. Well, I'll save you the trouble. I'm not interested." He stands up.

Roger: "This is no time to be stubborn, boy. The Council are giving you a chance to clear your name. Our name."

Wesley: "Sorry you made the trip, but I'm perfectly happy where I am."

Roger: Laughing. "Wolfram and Hart? So, this is the haven of evil is it?" Exits Wesley's office.

Wesley: "Not any more. This isn't the Wolf..." He bumps into the door and then into a woman carrying files, kneels down to help her pick them up. "Sorry."

Woman: "It's okay. It's no problem."

Wesley: "Sorry. Sorry. You have the wrong idea about this place."

Roger: "Do I? The atrocities committed by Wolfram and Hart are quite well documented."

Wesley: "We're working to change that. Under our control this firm's becoming a powerful weapon. One that I think can make a difference. Believe me, we take our work here very seriously."

Elevator chimes and Lorne comes out, talking on his cell phone.

Lorne: "Oh, you're killing me. If Louis Gossett Jr. wants this phone party to happen he'll keep his mouth zipped tight. I've been working on this guest list all week. Yes, my entire week. Oh, I don't care about Iron Eagle II, Van, nobody did. Oh no, don't tell him that." Hangs up. "Well Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, you should be ashamed. I didn't know you had a younger brother."

Wesley: "Lorne, yes." Sighs. "This is my father, Roger Wyndham-Pryce."

Roger: "How do you do?"

Lorne: "Father? I don't believe it. Well okay, I do believe it, but only because I heard you were in the building. Well, look at you. It's like Winston Churchill and a young Richard Harris had a beautiful love child." Wesley is covering his mouth from his father saying `please' and shaking his head. "Which according to my sources, may not be as ridiculous as it sounds."

Wesley: "Lorne runs our Entertainment Division."

Roger: "Entertainment Division? Well I can see how that would be very useful in the fight against evil."

Gunn: Coming down the lobby stairs. "You'd be amazed at how many horrible movies we've stopped."

Wesley: "Gunn, this is my father."

Gunn: "It's an honor. This place is buzzing about you. Better watch out. If you're anything like your son here, we might put you to work."

Roger: "You might well be out of luck."

Gunn: "Hey, listen the lab called for you, they're working on Robo Cop upstairs, need your help."

Roger: "Robo Cop?"

Wesley: "We had an encounter with a cyborg last night while we were infiltrate a weapons ring. I should head up there. Would you like to come along."

Roger: "Yes, if I'm not in the way."

Wesley: "No, not at all."

Cut to Fred's lab, a body is laying on a table, Angel and Fred are looking over it.

Fred: "We found cybernetics throughout the body, in most cases replacing entire organic systems."

Angel: "Was it human?"

Fred: "We think so. The nervous system seems human at least, but the rest of the technology is so foreign to us that we can't be sure of anything right now. This thing really blurs the line between human and robot."

Spike: From the other side of the lab. "Uh, huh. So you're not ruling out that a human being could have boffed a robot? Sex with robots is more common that most people think." He is trying to touch a glass beaker on a shelf.

Eve, who is standing behind Angel and Fred give him an `uh huh' look.

Fred: "The cybernetics require central processing to function. Which means if we can crack its memory we may be find a record of everything it's done to this point."

Angel: "And maybe figure out who or what it wanted."

Glass shatters.

Spike: "Hey, did you? Sorry."

Fred: "So far we haven't had much luck decoding the encryption."

Knox: Seated at a computer behind them. "Seems to be a binary based system, so we'll get there eventually. We just have to find the right transform variable."

Angel: "Okay, I need you on this `til we get some answers."

Eve: "Let us know if you need more resources."

Wesley and Roger enter the lab as Angel and Eve are getting ready to leave.

Wesley: "Everyone, I'd like you to meet my father, Roger Wyndham-Pryce."

Roger: "Hello."

Spike: "Daddy eh? I always thought Wesley was grown in some sort of greenhouse for dandies."

Roger: "Spike."

Spike: "You've heard of me?"

Roger: "No. We've met. Nineteen Sixty-three, my colleagues and I fell upon you slaughtering an orphanage in Vienna. Killed two of my men before you escaped."

Spike: "Oh. How've you been?" Walks away.

Angel: "I didn't know your father was coming to visit, Wesley. I'm Angel, pleasure to meet you." He reaches out his hand.

Roger: "Do you really expect me to shake that?"

Angel: "Well, I'm not really comfortable with hugging. No, I realize this may be somewhat of a horror show to you, but I hope you can keep an open mind. We really are doing good work here."

Roger: "So I'm told, incessantly in fact."

Wesley: "I heard we could be of some use."

Fred: "Of course, we were just going over the autopsy." Roger follows Fred, Wesley shares a pained look with Angel before following.

Angel: "Fred keep me posted." He and Eve leave.

Fred: "Sure. We found a series of symbols we haven't been able to decipher."

Wesley: "Yes. Interesting."

Knox: "We're reading trace radiation signatures, so we've been hesitant to crack it open."

Fred: "Could be a bomb, some sort of self destruct  device."

Knox: "Oh, let me help you with that." Grabs a jumble of wires that Fred couldn't pick up with her injured arm. "You shouldn't..."

Fred: "Thanks. Anyway, we were wanting you to decipher it before we went digging around in there. Wesley handles this sort of stuff for us all the time. He's a genius when it comes to languages."

Roger: "Oh, the academy didn't make him Head Boy for nothing." Spike looks over at Wesley. "Mind you, as I recall the pickings were a bit slim that year."

Wesley: "The pattern indicates a Hellenic derivation.  I'd say Early Moracian in fact. It's a directive of some sort, a battle prayer, or a binding spell. The full text is obscured. I'll need to prepare some sort of effective counter spell." He touches a metal disc within the body and it starts beeping.

Roger: "What did you just do?"

Wesley: "Unless I'm very much mistaken I've just activated the bomb."

Knox: "Do you see a trip mechanism?"

Wesley: "Do you mean the one I just tripped? Get everyone out of here. We have to evacuate the entire building."

Spike: Starts to run, then stops. "Wait, what the hell am I worried about?"

Fred: "Look for an incident device, a switch or a circuit breaker of some sort."

Wesley: "There's nothing. Fred," He looks up and grabs her arm, pulling her away from the body. "You have to get out of here. Get away from this building, as far as possible. We have no idea how powerful the blast could be."

Fred: "What about you?"

Wesley: "I'll stay with the bomb. Try to diffuse it. It could be our only..." The beeping stops. Turns to his father. "What did you do?"

Roger: "These symbols were in fact, Dutrovic in origin, not Moracian as you surmised. When interpreted correctly these symbols spell out the proper procedure for handling the cyborg's power core, including this fail safe in case someone trips the self destruct device. It's quite simple really."

Cut to Angel's office. Angel is seated at his desk, Wesley and Fred are standing in front of it.

Angel: "What happened."

Spike: Jumping in front of Wesley. "I can explain. Apparently when Percy here was younger he used to be known as Head Boy."

Angel: "Yeah, I already knew that."

Spike: "Right. I have nothing else to report." Walks away.

Wesley: "I accidentally tripped the cyborg's self destruct mechanism."

Fred: "Anyone could have made the mistake. Wesley was just trying to interpret some symbols for us."

Wesley: "Luckily, my father was there to correct my error."

Angel: "Right, your father. Hey, where is he anyway?"

Fred: "Lorne's keeping him entertained."

Cut to Lorne standing and Roger sitting on a couch rolling his eyes.

Lorne: "So I am covered in cherries, the police are just pounding on the door, and Judy Dench starts screaming `Oh that's way too much to pay for a pair of pants." Laughs.

Cut back to Angel's office.

Fred: "Come to think of it, that's probably not the best idea. I'll go rescue him." She leaves.

Spike: Getting up from couch. "I'm finished here too. If you want I can have someone type up the report about Head Boy."

Angel: "Get out."

Spike: "Suit yourself." He leaves.

Wesley is covering his face with one hand.

Wesley: "It was a stupid mistake."

Angel: "Yeah well, your father's visit just rattled you."

Wesley: "I find it hard to think straight when he's around."

Angel: "Fathers and sons, you know that can be torture sometimes. Look, you should see this." Hands Wesley a file. "It came from your department reports of assassins that sound a lot like our cyborg."

Wesley: "A group of them took out a demon cabal in Jakarta. Another group destroyed the Tanmar Death chamber, sounds like they're doing our work for us."

Angel: "These are good guys?"

Wesley: "I don't know. I should reference this with the markings we found, find some clues to their origin."

Angel: "Well get on it. If these guys are on our side then someone should tell them before they start trying to kill us again."

Cut to Lobby.

Fred: "He was how old?"

Roger: "Oh six or seven. He must have taken the scroll from my library. Wesley, I was just telling Winifred about the time that I caught you with a resurrection spell."

Wesley: "Oh right."

Roger: "I couldn't remember, why were you doing that?"

Wesley: "A bird had flown into my window pane. I think I was trying to bring it back to life."

Fred: "I can't believe you could even read a resurrection spell at age seven."

Roger: "Oh his mother thought he was quite the prodigy. Well, luckily I caught him or we'd have had zombie birds pecking out his little eyeballs."

Wesley: "I was hoping ot enlist your expertise in some research."

Roger: "Oh, now, you're not going to try an' blow me up again are you?"

Wesley: "Probably not."

Roger: "Well then, my expertise is yours. Would you excuse us."

Cut to Wesley's office.

Wesley: "This way."

Roger: "Thank you."

Wesley: "The Dutrovic markings suggest an Eastern origin. There might be something in the journals of Satama."

Roger: "That, uh, Winifred she seemed to like you."

Wesley: "Yes, well she's a very special person."

Roger: "So, do you think a lot of her. Does she know how you feel about her?"

Wesley: "I'm really not going to discuss this with you."

Roger: "What? Oh, you have a girlfriend already? Well, Wesley, how am I supposed to know these things?"

Wesley: "For starters you could have asked."

Roger: "Alright, well, I'm asking now, and what a surprise, you're being defensive."

Wesley: "You want to talk about me? Alright. The last girl I was with I had to chop into little tiny pieces because a higher power saw fit to stab her in the neck."

Roger: "You don't want to discuss it, fine, but spare me the sarcasm. It's too embarrassing."

Wesley: "I have work to do father." He picks up a book.

Roger: "Look, all I am saying is, if you like this girl tell her, that's all. No need for a tantrum."

Wesley: To book. "The Satama codex."

Roger: "What did you just do?"

Wesley: "These are source books, uh, templates, I use them to call forth material in our archives."

Roger: "So you can simply call forth anything as powerful as the Satama Codex?"

Wesley: "Well, the archive is extensive, we have, well,  almost any text you can think of."

Roger: "Do you realize how dangerous these books are?"

Wesley: "Well, in the wrong hands, of course."

Roger: "Yes, yes, of course. So you have them displayed, open, on a table?"

Wesley: "The most powerful items in my department I keep secure in a vault. I know what I'm doing father."

Roger: "Well, I hope your vault is a little safer than this room. Do you even have a lock on that door over there?"

Wesley: "Gaining access to this building isn't easy. Believe me the books are safe where they are."

Cut to roof. Cyborgs are dropping onto the landing pad.

Cut to Eve getting into an elevator.

Spike: "Not to sound self absorbed, but you can't seem to keep your eyes off me."

Eve: "Now why would that make you sound self absorbed?"

Spike: "Don't think I haven't noticed. You've been very keen on what I've been doing lately."

Eve: "How's it going by the way? You able to affect the world yet?"

Spike: "Does that scare you. You worried that old Spike might be busting loose a your shackles?"

Eve: "What are you talking about?"

Spike: "Save the innocent act. Your here to help cheerleader routine may work on Angel, but I see right through it. There's more to you than you're letting on."

Eve: "Could say the same for you, unless you really are happy to haunt around here for eternity?"

Spike: "Well that's a problem isn't it. Figure I'm trapped here for a reason. And you're part of that reason. The amulet that did this to me, Wolfram and Hart gave it to Angel, gotta assume they meant to make him a ghost not me. So why am I here, why don't just let me go?"

Eve: "Who said the amulet was meant for Angel?" The lights go out and the elevator stops. "That's odd."

Spike: "I know what this is, You'll never take me to hell Pavayne." The back up lights come on. "Oh, well that's just something I say, when it gets dark."

Cut to Lobby. Angel opens both doors and exits his office. There is an alarm going off.

Angel: "What's happening?"

Gunn: "We lost power, communications."

Angel: "Could somebody turn off the..." Alarm goes off. "That's better."

Gunn: "Not sure it is, I think that means we lost security too."

Spike: "Uh, something's wrong with the elevator."

Angel: "Get security online. I need to know if this is a false alarm."

A man flies across the lobby and two cyborgs drop behind Angel and Gunn. Then more drop, and surround the lobby.

Gunn: "I'm thinking it's not a false alarm."

Cut to Wesley's office.

Roger: "Does this sort of thing happen very often around here?"

Wesley: "We should..." The door breaks open and a cyborg enters and swings a chain at them. "Down!" Wesley pushes his father out of the way. Wesley grabs a sword, but is knocked to the ground. Roger comes up behind the cyborg.

Wesley: "Father!" He tosses the sword to him. Wesley then comes behind him and knocks the cyborg over a chair.

Roger: "What do you think you're doing? I had attack priority."

Wesley: "We're not fencing."

Roger: "We still follow the basic rules."

Wesley grabs the sword from his father and throws it into the cyborg's chest as he gets up.

Wesley: "There could be more of them in the building, we should get moving."

Roger: "That thing went straight for the templates when he burst into the room. You can't leave them like that."

Wesley: "Grab the books."  Wesley grabs a few of the books, goes to the book shelf, pushes in a book revealing a large vault. He puts his hand on a sensor. "Elysium."

Roger: "In my day we fought werewolves, vampires, the occasional swamp man. Now we have proto-human cybernetic chain fighters."

Wesley: "Yes, well, times are more complicated."

Roger: "Yeah, I'm beginning to realize that. You handled that fellow quite readily. At least you haven't gone soft. What's our next move?"

Wesley: "You're asking what I think?"

Roger: "Now, don't look so shocked boy."

Wesley: "Well, I think we should contact the others, um, find out to what extent..."

Roger pulls a pistol from his jacket and smashes Wesley on the head with it. He then takes the key from the drawer Wesley was putting the books in and opens another drawer taking out a phallic looking staff with a gem at the top.

Roger: Holding an ear piece. "Phase one complete. Begin phase two."

Cut to lobby. Angel is fighting one cyborg, Gunn is fighting another with a chain.

Cut back to Wesley, lying on the floor, just waking up. He exits the vault, sees the cyborg he stabbed earlier still alive.

Cut to hallway. People are running everywhere. Roger is calmly walking through them.

Woman: "In that office right there."

Fred comes running and smacks into Roger.

Fred: "Mr. Wyndham-Pryce."

Roger: "Winifred."

Fred: "What are you...We need to get you to safety."

Roger: Grabs Fred's shoulders. "Now listen to me, Wesley's department has monitored some sort of spacial disturbance on the roof. He's gone to investigate. He asked me to tell Angel immediately."

Fred: "He sent you by yourself?"

Roger: "I'm quite capable of taking care of myself. I just happen to be a bit lost."

Fred: "Okay, come on."

Cut to Wesley with the cyborg. He pulls the cyborg's mask off.

Wesley: "Good, you can feel pain. Can you speak? Let me help you with that." He wiggles the sword in the cyborg's belly up and down.

Cyborg: "Sss, stop."

Wesley: "Excellent, we're making progress." He pulls the sword completely out. "Let's see if you have a sense of self preservation." He rips his stomach open, exposing the self destruct mechanism. "What is my father doing? What did he take?"

Cyborg: "No, no."

Wesley: "Tell me, or you'll be destroyed."

Cyborg: "You're bluffing. The explosion will kill you as well."

Wesley: "Yes, I suppose it will. In fact I'm guessing it will destroy this entire building, killing everyone. My father included, which would be one way to stop your plans."

Cut to lobby. Angel is fighting one person. Gunn is fighting two. One wraps a chain around his neck and holds him on the landing to the stairs. Spike sees him and starts running towards him.

Spike: "Gunn!" He stands in front of Gunn with his fist raised.

Gunn: "Spike. What are you..."

Spike: "Sorry, have to concentrate."

Gunn mumbles.

Spike: "Ssh, don't talk." He punches the guy holding Gunn and the cyborg falls back. Gunn nods at Spike. "Yeah."

Angel gets thrown to the ground. Roger smacks the cyborg attacking him to the ground, then helps Angel up.

Angel: "Thanks."

Fred: "Angel, Wesley's on the roof, he needs your help."

Angel: "Kay, Gunn go find out what's happening with security. Fred there are people down, go see who's injured. I'll go find Wes."

Roger: "I'm coming with you."

Angel: "I don't really have time for..."

Roger: "He's my son."

Spike: "Oh, Eve's stuck in the elevator."

Gunn: "So tell Maintenance."

Spike: "Well where the bloody hell is maintenance. Oh to be honest I don't even care."

Cut to the roof.

Angel: "Wesley, Wes. Where's Wesley."

Roger: "Well, that's just the thing. I'm sorry to have misled you, but this was never about Wesley." He pulls out the phallic symbol and holds it up. "Atastrata." Once he starts speaking a swirly white and black mist goes towards Angel. "It is by the way, a pleasure to meet you too."

Angel is on the ground, the mist still swirling.

Roger: "Don't fight it, it will be easier for you." The mist gets sucked into the staff. Puts his hand to the earpiece. "Ready for extraction. We're finished."

Wesley comes up to him and grabs the staff. They both instantly pull their pistols.

Wesley: "Not quite. hello father."

Roger: "Walk away from this, Wesley. You'll never understand what we're trying to do here."

Wesley: "You're using the staff of Devissin to take Angel's will, make him your slave. Your cyborgs panic a bit too easily."

Roger: "That creature is more dangerous to mankind than you realize."

Wesley: "You're wrong about him. He`s not what you think."

Roger: "He's a puppet. He always has been. To the powers that be, to Wolfram and Hart, and now he's ours."

Wesley: "You went to a lot of trouble to get this staff. You had us attacked, you smuggled in a weapon." Flash to Roger pulling a gun from beneath the self destruct module of the original cyborg in the lab. "You brought in an army so you could escape. I don't know why you're doing all this, but did you ever once consider there might be another way? Did you ever once consider taking to me about it?"

Roger: "No. You failed me enough for one lifetime."

Fred comes running onto the roof.

Fred: "Wesley." She runs to Angel's side.

Wesley: "Fred! Get out of here."

Fred: "What the hell is going on?"

Roger: "You know what that vampire is, and what he's done, and you follow him anyway."

Wesley: "Maybe I know what I'm doing, why can't you trust that?"

Roger: "You disgrace yourself with the council, you join forces with him and you have the nerve to ask me why I can't trust you?"

Wesley: "I've done everything you've ever asked, and I've done it well."

Roger: " I asked for this? I wanted to be humiliated?"

Wesley: "No I suppose I don't know what you really wanted. You had no any use for me as a child and you can't bear the thought of me as an adult. Tell me father, what is it that galls you so? That I was never as good at the job as you, or that I just might be better."

Roger: "Oh yes, this is Los Angeles, we have to talk about our feelings. Then maybe we'll hug."

Wesley: "It's doubtful."

Roger: "Hand me that staff."

Wesley: "No."

Roger: "Now, don't make me shoot you." A helicopter starts circling overhead.

Wesley: Moving to the edge of the roof and holding the staff out. "Go ahead."

Roger: "Do you know how powerful that thing is?"

Wesley: "I don't care."

Roger: "I will kill you for it. Please believe me."

Wesley: "Oh I believe you. I was raised by you after all. But I drop this, the crystal shatters and Angel is restored, so I reckon whether I live or die your plan has failed."

Roger: "I see. Well then, maybe if it's someone you care about." He grabs Fred, and the second he touches her Wesley starts firing his gun. He shoots his father in the chest nine times, walking closer with each step until the final shot is nearly point blank. He then turns away, dropping the gun, and walks to the edge of the roof and throws up before looking back to see that his father is jolting with electricity. As he watches the glamour that made the cyborg look like his father disappears.

Cut to Angel's office. Angel is slumped on a couch.

Wesley: "How you doing?"

Angel: "You know the worst part about losing your freewill?"

Wesley: "Having no control over your body?"

Angel: "Well, there's that, an...you get really nauseous."

Wesley: "The effects should wear off before too long."

Angel: "Any idea where these things came from or what they were trying to do with me?" Wesley shakes his head. "Great, like we don't have enough to worry about, now the good guys may be after us too."

Wesley: "We have to assume we crossed some powerful forces when we took over this company."

Angel: "And now they're all trying to bring us down. The perception is that we're weak."

Wesley: "No, the perception is, I'm weak. That's why they went for me."

Angel: "They're wrong. You do what you have to do to protect the people around you. You do what you know is right, regardless of the cost. You know I never really understood that. You're the guy that makes all the hard decisions, even if you have to make them alone."

Wesley: "Right now I feel like the guy that shot his own father."

Angel: "Ah, It was just a robot with a fancy glamour."

Wesley: "That thing knew everything about me."

Angel: "If they had access to the Watcher's Council's old files they'd have your background information, character assessments."

Wesley: "Psychological profiles, everything they`d need."

Angel: "Well, like I said, don't beat yourself up. You know. I killed my actual dad. It was one of the first things I did when I became a vampire."

Wesley: "I hardly see how that's the same situation."

Angel: "Yeah, I didn't really think that one through. You should get some rest."

Wesley: "So should you." He exits the office, Spike is waiting for him in the lobby.

Spike: "Heard what happened up top. Offing you're dad and all. I don't know if you know this, but I killed my mum. Actually I'd already killed her, and then she tried to shag me, so I had to uh." Makes staking motion.  

Wesley: Holding up his hands. "Thank you, I'm very comforted. Right."

Wesley goes into his office and stands at his desk. Fred enters.

Wesley: "If you're here to tell me about how you killed your parents, perhaps we could wait for another time."

Fred: "What? No, they're fine. It`s not like you killed your dad either."

Wesley: "Right."

Fred: "Part of you knew, even if you can't admit it to yourself. Part of you knew it wasn't him."

Wesley: "No, I was sure it was him. You were there. I killed my father."

Fred: "He was threatening your friends."

Wesley: "He was threatening you. He pointed a gun at you, Fred. So I shot him."

Fred: "Wesley, I..."

Knox: "Hi. Oh sorry, to interrupt, I, but. Fred. You're injured. I know we're supposed to work ourselves to death and all, but I'm guessing the firm isn't enforcing that rule as strictly as it used to. And I thought I was going to take you home."

Fred: "Oh, well, Wesley and I were just..."

Wesley: "Go, you should go."

Knox and Fred leave.

Knox: "So the arm, considered going bionic?"

Wesley sits at his desk and picks up the phone, he pauses then dials.

Wesley: "Hello, mom, it's me. No everything's fine. I was hoping to speak with father actually. Yes, alright. Hello Father how...Oh I didn't realize it was so early there, I've had a bit of a...Of course we have clocks in Los Angeles. Listen, I wanted to...Nothing's wrong, I just wanted to call, and...see how you were."

End Episode.

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