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General Spike & Angel Sites & Archives

Slashing the Angel, well okay!

The Spiked awards have moved but they're just as great a resource as ever. Go nominate someone you love, or yourself, never be afraid to beg for awards. Peasant's fabulous fiction, she wrote the book on historical fanfic, a simple archive full of goodness. Home to the RPG from hell, 800+ pages of Spike/Angel, and Spike/Wesley yumminess. My Immortal Beloved, Rune's archive, not strictly A/S, but an amazing collection of fic and artwork. Biblioteque Diabolique, Kassie & Lar's archive. I recommend the *Blood Simple* series and *Ice* as a place to start your visit.
Angelic Vamps, fiction, bios, images, lovely layout. NightBlooms, a fairly good size archive, but not much else. Cast bios, images, Angel advertisements, episode reviews, and spoilers. Episode reviews, drinking games, haiku, oh come on, who doesn't love haiku? For Spike's Sake archive, fiction by AngelsLame, a few short essays, relationship charts, and a small archive.
So what if it's been forever since an update happened, Days of Our Unlives is the bar to which all other Spike/Angel fiction is measured, go, go now and laugh till blood comes out your nose. Large archive, searchable by Author only, last updated in 2000. Soulmates til the end of Time is a great archive, has a nice Spike/Angel archive, in addition to Spike/Willow & Angel/Willow. Happy Meals with Legs, site is in Iframes. Has a multimedia section, wallpapers. As much a James adoration site as Spike. Gallery, a few stories.
FicBitch.com - your link to fiction, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. Home to Slashing the Angel, Blood Screaming, Camp Fire Tales, and so many other sites you should be worshipping. Eternal Nightcap, it's fun, it's funny, and did I mention the funniness? Fiction, art, interviews, not updated within the last year. Benaresq - lovely fic, elegant layout. Last updated in 2001, het fiction, mailing list, and a few extras. London Calling, a site focused on Spike, Giles, and Wesley, home to a fabulous essay on the redemption of Spike.
Saber ShadowKat's fiction, many pairings, all delicious. Also home to the James Marster's Spoon Worshipping Cult, yep, that's right. The Big Bad Anti-Redemption of Spike Message Board, voice your opinion if you think Spike should always be true to his evil nature. Hellmouth & Beyond is Spurglie's archive, but she accepts fic from other authors as well. Forging Ghosts is a great Spike/Angel fiction list. Pretty site, bios, links, last updated 2001.
Raging Pixie - Tinkerbell's personal archive, a to die for collection and home to the Wounds Invisible series. The Place Inbetween - Phoenix Dru's personal site, more than just BtVS fiction. The Spike zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild, essays, resources, fiction, and more. Now owned by Tania & Josey and updated regularly. Spiked and Skewered is back, at a new address, but the same yummy goodness you've come to expect. Tons of fiction and recs, both het and slash. Frequently updated. What a great find.
Very simple Angelus fiction archive. Many stories, easy navigation, no extra fluff. Mad Poetess' archive, much Spike/Xander, but also some yummy Spike/Angel, Temporarily down due to server problems (8/15/04) Bios, gallerys, multimedia, news, episode reviews, just a plethora of information! Site houses a massive media section, clips, sounds, interviews, Het archive, lots of games, polls, reviews, and more. Sunnydale Sewer System, a teeny tiny under construction site, the webmistress seems to have gone MIA.
Huge Spike/James galleries,bios, filmography, beautiful layout. So it's not updated anymore, this is still the premier series that you must read. No really, it's that good. Tons of Spike-centric fiction, clean layout, updated regularly. Also houses fic challenges, resources, essays and other extras. Hodgepodgian Fiction, Criss Moody's personal archive, dozens and dozens of great stories. Small fanfiction archive and a few links.
Educated Guesses, Pet's pesonal archive, mainly Spike/Xander, some Spike/Angel, all will make you go weak in the knees. Small archive, some art, and other extras. Laure Alexander's personal archive, fabulous fiction, plus a rec list. Effulgent Spike, slow loading images, intrusive midi files, have fun. El-Gilliath's archive. Fic, recs, Links, and more.
Love That Dares - Jenny's Spike slash archive, much Spike/Angel A pretty vast collection of Spike/Angel links. Due Uomini e una Gatta, An Italian Fanfiction site, fanart, multimedia, galleries, and more. Bridie & Mouse's archive, also home to The Underworld Tattler, a hysterical Angel/Spike gossip rag. Sister site to Spike's slaves, mailing list, fiction, a few quotes. Last updated in 2001.
A personal archive packed with fun fiction and groovy layout Josey's personal archive, small site but good fic, and isn't that what really matters? The Ref Key is an Angel/Spike fic portal, linking to A/S stories throughout the web    

Fiction Archives & Cliques
Travelogue accepts any fic that takes place on the road or during a journey.
A multi-fandom archive, posts all fic posted to the Glass Onion mailing list, also has an automated posting interface you can use.
Now under Rave's management, submissions are currently closed, but will reopen soon.
Multi-Author archive, slash only, all posting to their mailing list is archived here.
Buffy Fiction Archive, sister site to the Guild, easy interface to upload your stories in seconds.
Better Buffy Fiction - archive for the yahoo group rec list
We Want Him Dark...a clique in favor of Angelus.
Futureverse is an archive of post Not Fade Away/Chosen fic.
Blood & Beers, an archive where the only requirement to get in is to get your characters inebriated.
Crypt of Fic archives any pairing/season.
The Shadowlands - a dark-fic archive. Not updated since 2001.
A Darla, Spike, Angel, Dru fanlisting.
UCSL is a great archive thousands of stories from the mailing list of the same name, my pet peeve, you can't search by pairing or main character only title or author, but if you've got patience and time you're sure to find fic you'll love.
Small archive maintained by Hannah-Freya, mainly historical fanfiction.
Thanks for the Memories accepts any fic that adds Dawn or removes Connor from seasons 1-4 of Btvs/Ats
A Clique of Angel Slash lovers, a nice way to find slashy sites.
Homoeroticism Yay, a clique for those who just *know*
A great Spike-centric archive, many, many series are hosted here!
Call of the Dark is an adult dark fic archive

Other Resources
Things that make you go, Duh! A fun review site, fantastic silly layout, a much lighter view of the ATS/BTVS world than we usually see.
The Slayer.Net, a Huge site of news, links, forums,  a great resource to the fandom.
All Things Philosophical on BtVS - An invaluable collection of essays into the moral issues of the Jossverse, includes in depth character studies.
Searchable by story arch, season, episode, and more, better than a transcript site, it's actually fun!
Slayage.com, the only site you need for news
Brother site to the BTVS Writer's guild, a great resource all around.
More that just Fan Fiction, a great links database to help you find a place for your work, multifandom.

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