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Mailing Lists

Here are some Mailing Lists that accept Fanfiction. This is by no means a comprehensive list as there are more than 700 Buffy fanfiction lists on Yahoo! alone. I will continue to add lists I think fit the bill each week and randomly delete new groups that don't pick up any steam. Had enough of the cliches? Good, go write something!

Posting Rating is as follows:

Massive - 150+ per month average
Much - 75-149 per month average
Modest -25-74 per month average
Mini - 24 or less per month average

Spike/Angel Specific Lists:

Angel Lists:

Spike Lists:

General BTVS/ATS Slash Lists:

General BTVS/ATS Lists that accept Slash:

Multi-Fandom Mailing Lists that accept ATS/BTVS:


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