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Tattoo Gallery

Angel's Tattoo - Based on the Book of Kells
Located on Angel's right shoulder blade, it's origins are unclear, though he had the tattoo as Angelus.Click to see the entire page from the Book of Kells

Click Here for Cast Tattoos

Buffy-Related Fan Tattoos

AD's Tattoos
Really no explanation needed, the Angel Inc. logo with a Spike though it.Click for a larger image of this awesome S/A tattoo

Tania's Tattoos
My fairy, accompanied by a heart, complete with stake through it.My newest addition. The celtic knot at the center is from the same page of the Book of Kells as Angel's Gryphon. The Roman Numerals are my daughter's birthdays.

Have a tattoo you're dying to show off? Email me a picture with a description of why it's Buffy/Angel related.