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The Angel Zone of the BtVS Writer's Guild.

There's a funny phenomena in fandom called the Redemptionista. Now those familiar with the term know that 9.9 times out of 10 this term refers to 'Spike' fans who think that falling in love and doing good are the same thing as redemption (not that we don't love Spike, see Fists & Fangs for proof). Where the waters get murky is when that 0.1 percent of fandom that thinks Angel is also worthy of redemption speak up. Even though we watched Angel's quest to atone for eight years, he seems to be less on people's minds when it comes to fiction. No one can be sure if this is because he spent less time in the buff, or less time with Buffy, but the point is, for a title character he seems to have been pushed to the wayside.

That's where "Deep In" comes in. It has long been my belief that Angel is the most interesting character to ever walk through prime time television. Not only has he had more than two hundred and fifty years to wander the world, but he has done so as a shiftless youth, evil killer, tortured soul, reluctant hero, CEO of an evil law firm, and in the end...champion.

Whether it is writing his human self Liam, his demonic visage Angelus, or his ensouled counterpart Angel, that interests you, I hope this site will help your quest to write him *well*. The goal is to have shipper essays, beta readers, fiction, and links to dozens of archives that will accept your fiction.

I hope you will join "Deep In", and our sister site "Slashing the Angel", in bringing some love back to our hero.


Tania the Webgirl

People agreed Redemption is a bitch..


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