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Why Cordelia and Angel
by Evette - No-Hero.org

So youíve got this smart, sarcastic, shallow cheerleader from Sunnydale and this brooding, undead, sort-of-hero guy that occasionally goes off the deep end,and did I mention his serious dark side? She comes to L.A. seeking fame and fortune as an actress after her familyís wealth goes poof in a tax fraud-shaped cloud. He comes to L.A. looking to escape the little blonde heroine he canít have and to atone for his sins (Heís got a lot of atoning to do.). She becomes his Gal Friday and he tries to help protect her from the seedier elements of the City of Angels. They lose a dear friend, get pregnant with demon spawn (her not him), and kill lots of bad guys. Their lives often suck, with the guilt and the painful mind-crushing visions, yet theyíre always there for each other. No matter what. She never got to do much acting and, well, he ended up committing even *more* sins to feel guilty about, but they were always there together. In the end, her last act is trying to make sure he continues his mission and atones. He goes out using the information she gave him to try and take down the system from within. Not really a fairytale or even a Lifetime Movie of the Week, and yet thatís Cordelia and Angel.

The appeal of Cordelia and Angel is that they arenít a fairy tale and true love. Their relationship (romantic or platonic) is usually the least dramatic or difficult part of their lives. Every day they face this big frightening "supernatural soap opera" so neither of them really needs more problems in the way of big difficult romantic entanglements. Instead, Cordelia and Angel have an easy brother/sister and partner partner-in-arms vibe together. They tease, they fuss, and neither is afraid to call the other one on their flaws.

Oh, and what about those flaws? Well, there are a lot of them. Cordelia is shallow and confident. Through the seasons she does grow and learn more and more that the world doesnít revolve around her, but sheís still Cordelia Chase and no, she doesnít much care who you are. Angelís got that martyr complex and his control freak tendencies, not to mention that big gray area in his morals. However, Cordelia and Angel work well because they often manage to balance the otherís personal flaws. Working with Angel and taking on the visions forces Cordelia to step outside of her small Cordelia-centered universe. Working with Cordelia helps to humanize Angel and gives him an anchor in the world.

Like any relationship*,* there are complications. They are not the most important people in the world to the each other and they each value the mission over their romance. They each carefully guard their feelings, so much so that they never really bring themselves to say they love each other. Not to mention the curse. Well, okay, to mention the curse: Cordelia and Angel are both keenly aware of what can happen if Angel experiences a moment of perfect happiness. Whether or not Angel would experience this moment with Cordelia is debatable, though it would always be something in the back of their minds.

In the end, the pairing of Cordelia and Angel is full of possibilities. They can be funny and sexy friends with benefits, or just friends that bicker like brother and sister. They can be complicated heroes that find comfort in each other in an even more complicated world. They can be funny, mean, angsty, and sweet. Itís a relationship always caught in a sort of limbo between teenage melodrama and regular old complicated adulthood. Not a fairy tale and not a lifetime movie of the week. Just people that might be in love.

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