'In the Dark' has always been one of my favorite Angel episodes, and no it isn't *just* because of the fun bondage scenes. This episode shows dynamics between all of the characters that reverberate throughout the series: Doyle falling in love with Cordelia, Angel's command over Doyle is apparent, as is the ease they have together after only three episodes, Spike as the failed planner, Oz and Angel's simple friendship, Angel and Spike's long history of not quite killing each other when they meet, even Spike's interaction with Doyle, Cordelia and Marcus shows how he is different with each person, Angel's care-taking of the girl of the week is also touching, he's finally learning how to save the day.

The episode is at times painful to watch as well. The fact that David Boreanaz was in a car accident the morning they filmed the torture scenes makes the pain on his face all the more poignant, and the glee that Spike sees in his torture all the more sinister. I think the line that stays with me the most is when Rachel tells Angel that her troubles with Lenny the abusive boyfriend usually start with her calling him. Angel seems to understand, and it is through this empathy that the hero starts to emerge.


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