The Pylean Populace.
The Angel Beast, the demon in Angel comes out in it's purest form in Pylea. Wesley surmises this is because Angel cannot find the balance between his human self and demon self as easily as on earth.
Blix and a group of angry Pylean's. Blix was a boyhood friend of Lorne's, the two were as close as a Torto demon and it's parasite. He considered Lorne a traitor and betrayer by the time he returned to Pylea.
The Captain, an agent of the Covenant. He met his demise shortly after promising Silas he would personally bury his spear in Angel's rump, where the Pylean heart is located.
Charles Gunn, after losing a close friend and member of his vampire-hunting crew, Gunn acted as the voice of reason during the rebel attacks.
Constable Narwek, the leader of the peace keeping forces of Pylea. Lorne presumably knew him during his childhood, there was no love lost at their reunion.
The venerable monarch of Pylea, General of the Ravenous Legion, Eater of Our Enemy's Flesh, Prelate of the Sacrificial Blood Rites, and Sovereign Proconsul of Death. Oh yeah, some people call her Cordelia Chase.
Vakma, Cordelia's owner, and possibly part of the Gathwok Clan. She is fond of flib liquor and Viper's Milk, and has excellent hearing.
Merelda, a servant loyal to Princess Cordy for ...days. She relinquished her servant's gown so that Cordelia could visit the Mutilation Chamber and retrieve Lorne's body.
Winifred Burkle, trapped in the Pylean dimension for five years, she had forgotten many words and customs native to earth by the time the Angel Inc. team found her.
The Groosalugg, Pylea's undefeated champion. While not a human, both his heart and reproductive anatomy are more human than Pylean. Taken from his life-givers at a young age he was raised by and loyal to the Covenant. Son of Pomegranate.
Landokmar of the Deathwok clan, a cousin of Lorne's and mighty drokken hunter. As far as we know, Landok is the only member of the Deathwok clan, other than Lorne, to visit Los Angeles.
Krevelornswath of the Deathwok Clan's head. Luckily for the Pyleans they cannot be killed by decapitation alone. Their body must be mutilated as well.
Lorne's mother, matriarch of the Deathwok clan. Also known as mother of the vile excrement to those who frequent the hall of drink and chance.
Markalla, a human believed by Silas to be loyal to the Covenant. He was in fact a rebel and shared a drawing of the head exploding device with the leader of the rebels shortly before having his head blown off.
Kaldar, a human servant loyal to the Covenant. He was charged with cleaning up Markalla's remains.
The Martyr. One of two men sent to create a disturbance while the castle was attacked, he met a tragic end befitting a brave warrior.
Numfar of the Deathwok Clan, known for his Dance of Joy, Dance of Shame, and Dance of Honor. Brother of Lorne.
Barshon, a priest of the Covenant of Trombli. Holders of the sacred books in Trionic that would eventually lead the Angel Inc. team home.
The Rebels, humans who had escaped captivity and vowed to over throw the Covenant's rule. Their leader was killed in an ambush and Wesley helped lead their rebellion. The only rebel given name is Sasha, a rebel with the ability to write.
Seeku, a hellbeast much like a hunting dog. His owner, Trensiduf of the Gathwok Clan captured Cordelia when she first arrived in Pylea.
Silas, the head priest of the Covenant of Trombli. The priest carried a deep hatred of the human race up until his beheading at the hands of Cordelia.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, sometime leader of the human rebels. His battle strategy and suggestion of using guerilla warfare elevated him to leader.