The Pylean Dimension
Pylea has two suns, which thankfully have no effect on vampires.
Much of Pylea is covered in forests. The trees grow in many interesting formations.
There is often good hunting in the forests.
Some spots are more sparsely forested, even allowing fields of green.
Hilly pastures are nice to relax in.
The Pylean villages are medieval by earth standards. Thatched roofs, a lot of stone and wood. The structure shown here is used for the swinging of the krebel.
The markets are run on a bartering system, with cows, Viper's milk, and flib liquor being hot commodities.
The castle is a formidable stone building. Heavily guarded on the outside and sparsely decorated with simple tapestries and rugs.
The cave formations of Pylea are presumably soft rock, allowing roots and vines to grow throughout.
There are also softer rocks, possibly talc or something similar, that can be used as chalk.
Pylea is a large enough world that rebels can hide in large fields and still be hard to find.
The homes in Pylea can be either rural thatched roofed or...
Stone or stucco walled homes within the village.
The markets have several large gathering places.
The priest's chambers serve as a mystical library. They are dimly lit and home to the device capable of blowing off human heads.
Calling out the Groosalugg involves lighting the challenge torch and battling in the town square.