The Pylean Government

According to Lorne the Priests of Trombli had been running Pylea for several millennia. The priests, led by Silas, taught of a coming messiah, the Cursed One, who would possess the 'sight' and be a direct link to the Powers That Be and restore the monarchy. The rebels believed that the fulfillment of this prophecy would seal the Covenant's power. There is also evidence that the Covenant had links to Wolfram and Hart, as their holy books carried images of a wolf, ram, and hart on their cover.

When Cordelia had a vision in front of Vakma she was subjected to tests involving hot pokers. When she screamed it was determined she was indeed cursed and she was declared monarch. Her function as princess was simply to mate with the Groosalugg, after which she would be put to death. Instead of performing the mating ritual Cordelia's friends assisted the rebels in overthrowing the Covenant, with the princess herself beheading Silas.

After Silas's death, the Groosalugg was placed in charge of aiding the reconstruction and putting an end to slavery. After Cordelia left Pylea endless committees were formed. Committees splintered into factions, the factions into coalitions, the coalitions turned into subcommittees, until finally the more radical element, spurred by a charismatic leader, did the dance of revolution and the Groosalugg was overthrown.

The current state of the Pylean government is unknown.