Welcome to Mad Cow, an archive of fanfiction that takes place in Pylea, that wacky alternate dimension that brought us Angel favorites Winifred Burkle, Krevlornswath,  Numfar, and Landockmar of the Death-Wok Clan, the Groosalugg, Constable Narwek, Vakma, Drokkens, the human slaves Marcalla and Emerelda, The Covenant of Trembli, their leader Silas the Priest, and a host of others. So whether you like mucking out the Fleghena Stables or fighting in the Scumpits of Ur, if there  are stories to be told you will find them here. Just remember, if you are writing in Pylean you may want to by a vowel.

To submit a story, essay, or link please email tania@fangedfour.com. Mad Cow accepts fiction that takes place in Pylea or after as long as it either deals with the effects/aftermath of being in Pylea or has considerable flashbacks.

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