Tantric Lyrics
Not All Of The Above
I don't want you to go
I'd like you to stay here
We'll Drink some wine till four
But I'm no husband dear
Before we do this
I'm not into love
Just so you know this
I'm not all above
I'll be an honest man
Your honor I'll defend
So I just want you to know
That my love life won't grow

Superfly, Butterfly
You need us all to know
You're so intellectual
You're the best thing in all our lives
We all know you exist
It's hard to miss when you kiss
Everyone who's standing around
Slow down Superfly
Social Butterfly
Your voice has changed now
This floor is yours you're alive
Full rooms turn empty
You're so high you can't see
Your pretentiousness is a lie
Slow down Superfly
(alright we do see you)
Social Butterfly
(annoying side of you)

So you're so sorry you hurt me
I must say now I am happy
I like paybacks
Oh by the way your best friend
she was so nice
Try to call me up to say hi
My telephone it has advice
Answer machine
Don't waste your time
because I know you're not much
I won't be stagnant
I will move freely
I want to thank you
Since you left me
And lie today
Now lie and beg
I remember you were laughing
Arm in arm with that one donkey
Tables have turned
It's immature to revenge you, but it's fun
I won't be stagnant
I am not guilty
I want to thank you
Since you left me
And lie today
Now lie and beg

Lie Awake
Sister now sees two boys
Hard to make a choice
You lie awake now
You still lie awake somehow
One will win once more
The others just adored
Sleep with him
Think of him
Instincts lost its soul
You lie awake now
You lie awake and doubt
Time will go
Indecisive lover will lose hope
Life can be cold
Once you think you love one
There comes more
Comfort's easy though
Mysteries unknown
Stay with him
Scared within
Wish to love but don't
You lie awake now
You're still awake and doubt

They Say
He said I sound like the devil
But I just don't know
I do believe there is a heaven
But I'm not fully sold, He said
Just wait
I know why some people trust them
They trade the bad with the good
Born again seems like a cop out
Easy life took
I'm not a rapist or killer
And I have respect and love
When my fate comes knockin
Damn me cause I trust, myself
Just wait
I'm no good
I guess I just should follow
She said you better just believe me
Or you're going straight to hell
I said I didn't know the difference
But still I was raised quite well, she said
Just wait

Alone and Naked
I want you baby but I'm not alone
The competition takes its toll
I'll just go fishing down to the sea I go
I'll trouble you no more
I feel naked
I'm alone
Comfort is curtailed and smiles spent
Saddened I must admit
It's not the same thing the old times gone
Routines are vanished watch me fall
I feel naked
I'm alone
I feel naked
I'm alone
I drink now
My bourbon I sip without you around
I'm drunk now
And now I could care less if you're in my world

Don't Find Me
You were unhappy
That you had me
You were scared
So you gave me up
Then you wrote me
And told me that you loved me
Life is one big joke
Don't find me
I'll find you
When I die
I'll see you
Don't find me
I'll find you
I'm just fine
Some have said I
Have such a hard time
Letting myself trust
I don't believe it
It's psycho bullshit
You could affect me much