Version 3.0 Faces in the Crowd

It's finally happened!!! There will be a MEL show May 13th, 2006 at the Ash Street Saloon in Portland!!! You heard that right! Mel is playing a 'one time only' reunion show on Saturday. Can't wait to see you all there!!!!!!!


Mel's album 'Weasel' is still available!

"Wait! Did you say record?" The masses shouted. "Yes, yes I did, and you can buy it at several local record stores, like CDBaby & Locals Online or the next Mel show."

New to the world of Mel? Take a looksy around and see what you've been missing. A word of warning... you won't find anyone named Mel at this site, just the spirit of a generous potato farmer and an eternal rockin' homage. Enjoy!

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Updated 05/05/2006