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A pre-season five BtVS & Angel archive, focusing on the false memories created by Dawn's arrival and Connor's departure.

This site came about in a moment of asking "What if?" What if what? You might be asking. What happens when everyone suddenly has memories of Dawn being in their lives before she actually arrived in Buffy's fifth season? What would everyone's memories of Angel's third and fourth seasons without Connor be like? Sure that I am not alone in my musings I decided to start an archive of fiction that asks these questions. So here are the guidelines if you would like to submit to the archive...

1) Fic must be set in either BtVS seasons 1-4 and include the character of Dawn Summers or be set in AtS seasons 1-4 and either not include Connor, or be about Connor's new'family'. Fic can also be set after season 5 (of either show) if it either removes Dawn or adds Connor.

2) Dawn and Connor do not neccesarily have to be in the fiction, it can be about other characters reactions to them being there, or analyzing the fact that their memories are false.

Other than that the guidelines are yet to be set in stone. I look forward to seeing the events of pre-season five through the eyes of other writers. I also will be accepting essays about the effects of false memories, character traits 'inserted' into Dawn and Connor, etc.

You can email submissions to me at tania@fangedfour.com or just send me a URL where I can find an existing story or essay.

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