Theraputic Links

Archives that accept Submissions
L.A. - an archive of Angel/Lindsey fic of all ratings.
A multi-fandom archive, posts all fic posted to the Glass Onion mailing list, also has an automated posting interface you can use.
Now under Rave's management, submissions are currently closed, but will reopen soon.
Multi-Author archive, slash only, all posting to their mailing list is archived here.
Small archive maintained by Hannah-Freya, mainly historical fanfiction.
Buffy Fiction Archive, sister site to the Guild, easy interface to upload your stories in seconds.
We Want Him Dark...a clique in favor of Angelus.
Near Her Always - Accepts Willow Centric fic
The Addiction is a multi-fandom archive that will accept any Btvs/Ats pairing
Crypt of Fic - An all encompasing archive
Fire & Ice Archive, multi-author listings, submissions through the mailing list or by direct email, archived by main character.
Blood and Beers accepts drinking fic.
Homoeroticism Yay, a clique for those who just *know*
A great Spike-centric archive, many, many series are hosted here!
The Last Time I Saw You archives Angel(us)/Darla fiction
A Darla, Spike, Angel, Dru fanlisting.
Whispered Dreams is a mainly male slash & single character archive
UCSL is a great archive thousands of stories from the mailing list of the same name, my pet peeve, you can't search by pairing or main character only title or author, but if you've got patience and time you're sure to find fic you'll love.
The Plural of Apocalypse - An action archive, where plot, not ship, matters.
The Shadowlands - a dark-fic archive. Not updated since 2001.
A Willow/Spike/Angel Archive. Accepts submissions for any pairing of the three.
Moving On archives Spike/Anya fic.
Insert Dawn Here is a LiveJournal community where episodes are rewritten with Dawn in the mix.
Notorious accepts fic with Lilah at its core.
Delightfully Dead accepts any fic in which Xander dies.
Power Play - A multi-fandom archive of stories with a kinky twist, adults only.
The Shades of Grey Archive accepts any pairing/rating.
Remember Us? is an archive of fiction centered on characters of color. They will accept your Kendra, Gunn, Wood, Olivia, or Nikki the slayer fiction.
Sidekick Pride archives Doyle/Wesley slash or friendship fics.
Buffy After Dark is a Buffy/Spike archive, not currently accepting new fic
Willow's Little Secret will archive any Willow-centric fic
Kinetic archives Angel/Xander fiction of all ratings
Xander Xtreme archives Xander-centric fic of all ratings.
Ficbitch is home to several archives that accept many different kinds of fic.
The Adventures of Captain Peroxide and Deadboy archives Spike/Angel fiction of all ratings

Links to Help with Writing/Research

The BtVS Writer's Guild - A great source for getting to know the characters, getting writing ideas, links to many other resources, etc.
Memory and Reality - A False Memory Syndrome website, has much information about the effects of being a victim of False Memory implantation, as well as links to other resources.