Dawn's Arrival

Dawn Summers' arrived in the BtVS episode Buffy vs. Dracula, and while her arrival was foretold by Faith in the episode This Year's Girl, it was several episodes later that her arrival was explained. What made the arrival interesting was that all those close to her suddenly had 'memories' of Dawn being in their life since birth. Buffy, Joyce, Xander, Willow, and Giles remembered her being around for the events of earlier seasons, like Angel's turning evil, Adam's rampage, etc. Dawn came complete with years of journals and all the false memories the monks who formed her out of energy could muster.

This section of the archive is dedicated to fiction either involving the events of BtVS's first four seasons with Dawn inserted or of what Season's five and on would have been like had Dawn never been created.

Dawn's Restless by Amberina - PG-13, set during "Restless".
Earshot...Rewritten by Carebear173 - PG - set during Earshot and Bloodties.
Outside Looking In by Thomasina5 - PG-13 - How would Dawn’s presence have changed the events of This Year’s Girl and Who Are You?
Prey by Jeanny - PG-13, set during Season One BtVS "The Pack", Dawn Added.
Prophecy Girl - Remixed by Vixen - PG-13 - How does Dawn being around change Buffy's plans for the evening?
Proposals, Protests, and Petulancy by Fleur - PG- set during "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"
Puppy Love by FlyWoman - PG-13, set during BtVS Season Two, Little sister has a secret.
Relentless by Zyrya - PG-13, set during "Restless".
Search For the Truth by Lady Callista - PG-13, set during Shadow, Dawn looks back at the events of BtVS Season Two.
The Diary of Dawn Summers, November 24, 1999 by Snowpuppies - PG - Set during I Will Remember You, what if Dawn had made the trip to LA too?
The Wish - Rewritten by Carebear173 - PG-13 - set during The Wish.
Too Young by Kristi - PG-13 - This is me inserting Dawn into the episode Passion (btvs s2) written for Leni’s insertdawnhere challenge.
What's My Line by Cassie - PG-13 - Inserting Dawn into What's My Line.

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