A sexual creature: Guide to Faith and sex

Out of all the characters in both Buffy and Angel, Faith is the most sexual of all of them. From her movements, to the things she comes out with, she’s almost always flirting in one way or another. Even with the girls. Faith’s always liked having power over people. It was part of what lured her to the dark side in the first place. That power doesn’t have to be her trying to kill everyone, it can be subtle. Sexual power is something Faith understands. She’s confident around men and often flirts with them, not because she likes them, but because it makes her feel powerful. That method has become a natural behaviour to Faith and it seems as if she doesn’t even realise she’s using it sometimes. The chemistry between Buffy and Faith is quite powerful in season three, and while they’re friends, there is a touch of flirting on Faith’s side that is almost returned at some points. Later on, as Faith’s need to feel powerful increases, it gets to the point where nearly every movement is sexual and she is coming out with a variety of comments that are either flat out sexual or have a double meaning. After breaking down in Angel’s arms, we see Faith lose that power and nothing is remotely sexual for her anymore. When she returns after her time in jail, Faith from season three is seemingly back. She’s confident, but is lacking the attitude she had that caused the problems in the first place. While she is still a very sexual person, it is no longer evident in everything she does and says. She’s grown a lot, and while it’s very possible for that sexual power to fully return in the future, she’s lost quite a bit of it through the events of the previous years.

We’ve watched as Faith has bedded three characters on screen. Two of whom she barely knew. There’s not even much sign of sexual attraction before she sleeps with them, and it’s safe to say she’s not even close to loving them. You have to wonder if she even likes them. One was post-slay horniness, one was payback and the other was in the heat of an emotional moment. But we’ve never really seen Faith crushing on anybody. That might be because she’d rather have meaningless sex, or it could be because she hasn’t found the right person yet. Then, of course, she could be hiding something for someone, behind her wit and indifference. We don’t know any other side of Faith other than her sexual, dangerous or depressed side. We don’t really see the real her, and perhaps all it would take is someone she loved to do that.

Although we don’t know many specific details, it’s very possible that Faith’s quite adventurous in bed. In season seven, she mentions to Spike that she’s dated a guy who liked her to use a bullwhip. That’s reason enough to get Faith involved in kink. However, she does agree with Spike when he comments she likes to be on top. This doesn’t prevent you from giving her a submissive role, but it might mean she’d fight the concept at first or would only open up to someone she trusted to tell them she’d enjoy that kind of play.

Faith would be one of the more open characters about threesomes. While it’d be very hard to see Buffy realistically engaging in a threesome, especially pre-season five, Faith seems the type to enjoy it. While she does state she doesn’t swing ‘that’ way, it is possible that she would have a threesome with another girl. Even with that declaration in season seven, you still have a lot of possibility for Faith to be into girls. A lot of writers have her having casual sex with girls as well as guys, therefore leaving it open for her to get into a relationship, or sexual encounter, with one of the female characters. Just because she told Spike she’s straight, doesn’t mean she’s telling the truth.

So that’s Faith’s sex life in a nutshell. She’s smart, confident and casual about it all. It doesn’t take much effort to get Faith to want to sleep with someone, but you need to remember to keep hold of her character during sex, which is just as important as any other scene you might write.