Connor's Departure

Connor, AKA Steven Holtz, was the son of two vampires, Angel and Darla. His birth took place in the third season of Angel but within a few episodes he had become a teenager. Connor played pivotal roles in Angel's third and fourth seasons, but at the end of the fourth season he was "killed" and given a new life, along with a new set of memories. When this happened not only did Connor become a new person complete with happy family, those who knew and raised him no longer had memories of his existence.

This section of the archive is for fiction focusing on the characters memories of the Angel's third and fourth seasons (or the events in the second season that led his birth) without Connor, or of what Seasons five and on would have been like with Connor present.

In Plain Sight by Elizabeth - PG - Connor always sees the truth through the lies.
Reconciling by Tania - PG - Connor sees the Truth, the Lies, and the way things should have been. Spoilers AtS season 5, Origins.
Tarkna by Meltha - G - Lorne gets ready for another day of being his lovably self, or so it would seem.
Through the Pale Door by D. M. Evans - R - Connor finds his way back to his former life, set after the events to season four.

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