Dawn's Restless
Author: Amberina
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Dawn's "Restless"-like Dream

The light in the room was dim, but what was there lent the room an ambient glow. Dawn found herself sitting on the hardwood floor. There was no furniture in the room at all. No doors, either. Why was the floor so hard? And why was everything so blue?

The walls started to blur. Swirling hues of blue. Cerulean, turquoise, navy, royal.

Dawn shook her head to try to clear her vision. She tried to stand up, but she felt a pressure forcing her to sit. Suddenly in the blur one thing became clear - Willow's dry and cracked face.

Her hair was jet black, as well as her eyes. She raised her arms and cackled loudly. "Don't you have the energy?" she asked.

"Stop!" Dawn yelled, trying to get up, trying with all of her might. "Please," she whimpered.

Suddenly she felt the pressure lifted and she chanced looking up.

Buffy was fighting Willow, but suddenly her skin turned a sickening greenish-blue. The color of decay. As she fought, pieces of skin fell to the floor, leaving nothing but exposed bone.

Her sister was no more than a dancing skeleton with a sword. "Dawn!" the skeleton screamed, ready to toss her the sword. "You have to take over!"

"I can't!" Dawn exclaimed. "I'll screw it up. I screw everything up."

Suddenly the skeleton had form again, but this time as Janice. Dawn noticed Willow was gone.

Janice sneered at her, twirling the sword like a baton. "You do fuck everything up, Dawn." She lashed out repeatedly at Dawn with the sword, causing deep gashes in her arm. "Can't you see that? They'd all be better without you." Then her face morphed into Willow's. "I'd be happier. We'd all be a lot happier without having to listen to all your constant whining."

"Willow . . . stop," Dawn whimpered.

She drew her knees up to her chest, and began to cry. "I can't handle this."

She looked up to find Joyce standing there, holding a muffin tin, complete with blueberry muffins. "Honey, don't cry. I made muffins."

Dawn drew her hand up to take one, but she felt her hand being smacked. She glanced up at her mother's face, but it was no longer Joyce, but Giles.

"Bloody children," he said with disdain. "Do you choose to ruin your dinner, Dawn? Why don't you just starve?" He began to pelt her with muffins.

She stood up tentatively, trying to shield herself from the flying muffins. "What do you want from me?"

"Listen closely," he advised her. "For what I'm about to tell you is of immense importance." He brought his hand to his head, as if feeling for his own temperature. "I feel a touch faint." And then he collapsed onto the floor, and as soon as he hit, his body exploded into dust.

The muffin tin clattered to the floor.

Dawn faced this with a certain amount of acceptance.

She turned around in the room, looking for any kind of exit. Then she noticed a single white rose was growing in the center of the hardwood floor and she bent over to pick it. Then another one, a red one, sprouted up next to it. She went to pick that one, but another rose, this one black sprouted. And more after that, all the colors of the visible spectrum. Orange, green, yellow, purple. Soon the whole room was filled with roses of different hues.

Dawn looked up at the ceiling. "I've got allergies."

And she looked down to see that she was no longer standing in a lush indoor rose garden, but in a big puddle of blood.

She leaned down and began to wash in the blood. "I'm so dirty," she muttered as she smeared the blood all over her. "Filthy."

The blood started to get deeper and deeper until she could swim in it. Then she remembered she couldn't swim and began to panic. "Help!" she screamed, her lungs filling up with blood.

She felt a strong arm wrap around her, and pull her up onto a moonlit beach. She coughed, and he pat her back soothingly. "It's okay, Little Bit," he assured her.


He got up and slipped on some sunglasses. "It's so bloody bright out."

Dawn looked up at the moon and could have sworn the man in it winked at her.

"Do you love me, Bit?" he asked her. She noticed he was sipping blood out of a coconut. It had a little yellow umbrella in it.

"I love your jacket."

He ran his hand over his leather jacket. "Very debonair, huh?"


"Do you want it?"

"I could already have it if I really wanted it."

"I know." He held up a muffin in his hand. "Do you want a muffin, love?"

She shook her head. "They give me headaches."

He nodded in understanding. "You have to go."

Dawn climbed to her feet and began to trek her way across the beach, toward a little hut not too far down it. But with each step she took, the farther away from the hut she was. She looked back to see Spike and Xander playing volleyball about a hundred feet away.

Then she turned back around to see Anya building a sand castle. "The kingdom awaits," she whispered, as if sharing a dark secret. "You don't want to be late."

Dawn shook her head. "What kingdom?"

"The time is nigh." Anya shrunk down to a figure about an inch tall. Her voice got very high and small. "Examine the evidence." And then she entered the castle.

Dawn found herself the same size as Anya and she followed her in. "This kingdom?" But Anya was nowhere to be found inside the castle.

Tara rushed toward her, wearing a luxurious gown and a tall crown. "Be careful," Tara warned. "You don't want the lion to smell your fear."


"Come on," Tara said, impatiently, leading Dawn further into the sand castle.

"But where are we going?"

Tara stopped and turned around. "You have to know by now."

"Know what? I don't understand."

Tara looked worried. "I don't know if you can make it."

"I can!" Dawn exclaimed. "All with the making. I just need you to tell me where we're going."

Tara shook her head. "You're on your own, Dawn." She started to walk away, and Dawn chased after her.

"No, you can't do this to me! You can't just leave me like that!"

Tara pointed to behind Dawn. "He can tell you."

"Who?" Dawn turned around to see a rat-like bald man with glasses dangling a slice of cheese in her face.

"The cheese is on fire."

The man started to walk away, but Dawn grabbed him by the arm.

"Oh, no, you're not leaving me, too, Mr. Cheese Man. Tell me where I'm supposed to go."

He tossed the cheese into a long corridor. "Follow the cheese."

She nodded and proceeded to do what she was told.

Soon she found herself in a dark dungeon. Crouching in the darkness was an animalistic creature, but something human-like. It's hair was matted and it was wearing rags. Dawn had an instant feeling of what it was.

"I know you," she whispered. "You're going to try to kill me, right?"

The creature nodded and growled, ready to pounce.

Dawn picked a sword up from the ground, the sword Buffy had tried to hand her back in the doorless room, and swung it around, quickly beheading the creature. "You're *not* the source of me."

~The End~