Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I'm not a fan of Dawn and Connor, will I still want to read fic here?

A: Absolutely! Truth be told I'm not a big fan of either. What intrigues me is the idea that the existence of these two teenagers has forever altered the course of the Whedonverse. By inserting Dawn into the memories of those in Sunnydale the powers that be have actually altered history in ways I'm not sure even they can comprehend. By the same token when they removed all memory of Connor and his existence they had to have found ways to make the Angel Inc. team understand what had happened to them within the two years he had been with them. I think both the actions of removing Connor and adding Dawn had profound effects on all of the characters that the show simply does not have time to explore. That is where fanfiction plays an enormous part, in filling in the blanks.

Q: Will you accept fiction where there is no mention of Connor or Dawn?

A: Yes I will. There is no need in fiction to have a full page of exposition saying 'this is what happens when the characters had no memory of Connor, blah blah.' A well written re-telling of an episode or event on the show doesn't need an explanation. Just tell your story. If you feel that your readers won't be able to catch on you're underestimating them, just add an Author's Note saying something like 'Here are the ramifications of Reprise if Darla hadn't become pregnant...'  Then go for it. Remember Joss didn't feel the need to explain Dawn's presence for months, you shouldn't have to either.

Q: Did the Powers alter history or just the character's memories?

A: This hasn't been answered for us on the show yet, and may not be. I am currently working on a series that shows the last twenty years of Holtz chasing Angelus and Darla, because without Connor's birth Sahjan never would have gone to Holtz to stop Angel and Darla from procreating in the future. I believe there are far-reaching consequences to the false memories that have not been addressed, whether canon follows the same logic only time will tell. Until then, rewrite history, Joss does it all the time.

Q: Do you ever think maybe you have too many thoughts?

A: Oh yeah. That's the downside to the summer haitus, months to think about the how and the why of using False Memories as a tool to alter the course of canon.