False Memories
This section will soon house essays on how to insert Dawn or remove Connor from seasons 1-4. For now here are some ideas to get you started...
What would Dawn remember about Angel/Angelus?
How would the AI team explain Darla's return and death if Connor had never existed?
Would Cordelia still be in the coma if Connor had never existed?
Just what was in the Dawn Chronicles?
Would Angel and Darla still have met up in Reprise if the fates weren't moving them into position to bring Connor forth?
How did Xander first learn little Dawn had a crush on him?
Would Sahjan still have come after Angel about the prophecies if he didn't believe Connor was going to be responsible for his death?
What would the AI team have spent the year doing if they weren't chasing Angelus around?
Would Angel and Cordelia have gotten together in season four if Connor wasn't around? Would Angelus have been released anyway?
Would Dawn remember Faith's return in This Year's Girl? Would she have been the target instead of Joyce when Faith first showed up?
Would Lorne still have left for Vegas if there had been no Connor to drive him away?
Would Lorne still have Caritas if Holtz hadn't been brought back to blow it up?

Hope these ideas of mine will give you some plot bunnies to ponder. If you have more feel free to email me and I'll add them.

Copyright 2003 Tania
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