Title: Proposals, Protests, and Petulancy.
Author: Fleur
Summary: Takes place during Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Written for Insert Dawn Here.

'Mrs Dawn Harris', Dawn printed carefully, before sighing and scribbling it out, throwing the piece of card onto the floor. It wasn't right. She just couldn't get this perfect, and if she was going to mess up Xander's Valentine...

She’d already given him a Valentine, yeah, on the actual day, but that one was so lame. Completely childish, too. She’d so grown up since then. She’d had this stupid kiddie crush on Xander back then. And now...

She and Xander were in love. He was going to ask her to marry him, she was totally sure of that. So her Valentine for him had to be totally perfect.

'Dear Xander,' she started again. Instead of a period, she punctuated it with a small heart, and carefully coloured it red. She paused for a moment. Why was this so hard? She sighed, and crossed it out to start over. 'Dearest Xander,' she began again, and smiled, happy with that.

Then, she paused. This really was heaps harder than she’d expected. Why couldn’t he just see her thoughts? He had to know how she felt about him. And she felt so much, it wasn’t fair to expect her to write it all down. She just wanted him to know. She sighed, frustrated, trying to will the card into writing itself.

And Buffy came bursting into her room.

Without knocking. Again.

Dawn looked up indignantly at the world's-most-annoying-big-sister. Buffy took one look at the piles of screwed and ripped up card on the floor of Dawn's room and put her hands on her hips. "What do you think you're doing?"

Dawn just scowled up at her, burying her latest effort under the pillow. "Mom said you're not allowed to yell at me any more. I'm telling."

Before Dawn could protest, Buffy grabbed a piece of card, and even as Dawn started shrieking at the top of her lungs, she read it and looked up, furious. "I'm telling Mom you're writing love letters to my boyfriend, then!"

"He is not your boyfriend!" Dawn yelled, standing up, her hands on her hips as well. "Xander loves me way heaps. We're getting married, and you'll never be invited!"

Buffy scoffed, crossing her arms. "Why would he love you? You're a kid, Dawn. He doesn't even know you're alive."

"He does too! He... he brought me some candy, just last week!”

Giving her a look, Buffy said, “That was for me. You just happened to steal some of it.”

Dawn paused, then, because she almost had to admit that Buffy was right. Rather than do that, though, she walked over to her, calmly, and stomped on Buffy’s foot as hard as she could.

Ow?” Buffy scowled at her. “Could you be any more of a brat, Dawn?”

“I could if I tried,” she said, sullenly. Buffy just didn’t understand. And she was probably jealous, too, even if Xander definitely wasn’t her boyfriend. Xander was Dawn’s. She didn’t care what anyone else said, he was definitely just hers. Forever. She frowned at Buffy, waiting for her to just get out.

“He’s my boyfriend,” she just repeated, as if Dawn was just gonna believe her if she kept saying it. No way. Big sisters were so stupid sometimes. Actually, Dawn thought, her big sister was pretty much stupid all the time.

Dawn thought for a moment. “He is not. What about that boy you don’t want Mom to know about, from your diary?”

For a long moment, Buffy just stared at Dawn, completely aghast. “You read my diary? Oh my god, you freak! How dare you– I am so gonna kick your ass.”

“I’ll tell Mom you’ve been sneaking out to see him,” Dawn countered, glaring up at her.

“You so will not. Also, I haven’t. Also, we’ve broken up. God, were you adopted? There is no way I could be related to you.” Buffy shook her head. “Besides, what I felt for the college boy I so wasn’t dating and was totally lying about in my diary that you should never have read? Nothing compared to what I feel for Xander.” She paused, briefly. “And he feels for me. We love each other. Big time. Like, forever kind of love.”

“Nuh-uh.” Dawn just glared up at her. “Just ask him. He’ll tell you he loves me, and you’ll be so totally heartbroken.”

Buffy rolled her eyes - actually rolled her eyes, probably just to annoy Dawn, *and* it worked, and said, “Keep dreaming, Dawn. He would so never look twice at you, even if you weren’t just a baby. I mean, he’s already asked me out before.”

“And you turned him down! He’s so over you.” She glared up at Buffy again. “You broke his heart. You’re horrible and mean and I bet he hates you. He’d never love someone like you.”

“Right, and he’d love a kid diary-reading freak like you?”

Dawn just glared at her, because there was no way she was gonna let Buffy know that actually hurt. She flopped down on her bed, crossing her arms and staring stubbornly at the wall opposite where Buffy was still standing. “Xander loves me for who I am. He’s the only one who really understands me. You wouldn’t get it.”

“What I get is that you have a stupid crush on my boyfriend.”

“He’s not your boyfriend!” Dawn shouted, putting her hands over her ears, before saying, loudly, kicking her feet up, “La-la-la-la I can’t HEAR you!”

Giving her an annoyed, frustrated glare, Buffy stormed out of the bedroom, and Dawn turned back so she was lying on the bed properly once more, taking out her next piece of card.

‘Dearest Xander,’ she wrote, printing very carefully. ‘My sister is a gigantic freak, but I know you’ll still love me anyway. Here is my heart. It’s yours to keep but I don’t mean that in an icky way, okay? Lots of love...’ She frowned, trying to think of a way to sign it. Then she grinned. ‘The future Mrs Xander Harris.’

Now all she had left to do was steal some of Buffy’s lipstick so she could seal it with a kiss, and she was all set.