Title: Earshot...rewritten
Author: Carebear173
Summary: Putting Dawn into Earshot.
Author's note: Author's Note: I tried to work it with just the episode by itself, but it wasn't workin for me. Hence the 'Blood Ties' scenes, which are in italics. Hope that's still okay, cause that episode can't really be any more rewritten with Dawn anyways.
Written for Insert Dawn Here.

"The key is not directly described in any known literature, but all research indicates an energy matrix vibrating at a dimensional frequency beyond normal human perception. Only those outside reality can see the key's true nature." Dawn stopped reading and shook her head. "Outside reality. What's that mean?"

"Second-sight blokes, mostly. Or even just your run of the mill lunatics." Spike replied.

The first thought that sprung to mind were the crazy people she had seen in the past months, one in the hospital and one right outside the Magic Box. Both had echoed the same message; that she didn’t belong. But when she thought more about the ‘second-sight blokes’, she remembered when her sister acquired the ability to read minds. At the time, she hadn’t even known what was going on. It hadn’t been till later that she had been informed it had ever happened. Still, the memories that she tried to bury continued to disturbed her.
Dawn was running at top speed through the park. She didn’t get it, she had left only minutes after her sister, and yet she had lost track of the slayer long ago. At least now she could see the playground, where Buffy was fighting two weird looking demons.

"Hey Buffy!" she called out, and her sister turned her way. One of the demons used this moment to hit her, and she was sent stumbling backwards. "Oops." she mumbled to herself, running closer to them.

Buffy had regained her momentum, and she flipped one of the demons on to a picnic table. She raised her knife and stabbed it, before twirling around to grab the other one. She was irritated to note it had already fled.

"Nice going, you just made it run away!" Buffy walked over to Dawn.

"Nuh unh! It so wasn’t my fault. You probably would have lost that demon, even if I wasn’t here."

"No, see, I had everything under control. Just what do you think you’re doing here in the middle of the night anyways?" Buffy was fuming now, and Dawn ducked her head down.

"I just, y’know, thought maybe we could hang out, and gross, what is that on your hand!" Dawn shrieked.

The slayer rolled her eyes. "Nice try, but see, now I have to take you home."

Dawn was too busy staring at the glowing green substance on the back of Buffy’s hand to hear her. "I’m serious! There’s something wrong with your hand." She watched in horror as the color faded into her skin.

Buffy raised her hand, clenching it into a fist and staring intently at it. "God, could you be any more annoying?"

"Could you be any more stupid?" Dawn shouted back, instantly realizing how lame her comeback was.

Buffy grabbed her sleeve. "You’re going home now. And I bet mom would love to know how you snuck out of the house in the middle of the night." she grinned triumphantly.

"So did you!" she shot back, to which Buffy answered with another eye roll.

"I, didn’t sneak out, and unlike you, I am helping people by being out here! Now, we are going home, so you can be tucked away from danger and out of my way."

Dawn protested, but her sister was now using full slayer strength to drag her out of the park. All that was heard as they walked down the street was, "Oh, I get it. You want me gone so you can go make kissy faces with Angel." and then a loud, "Ow!"
It was a couple of days later, and Dawn took much pride in the fact that the demon had done something to her sister’s hand. The slayer was now bedridden, and though nobody would explain to Dawn what was going on, she was pretty sure she could have helped if people had just listened to her. Their mother had gone downstairs to find Buffy’s favorite blanket, and Dawn took the opportunity to push into her sister’s bedroom.
"So, what happened to you?" Dawn crossed over the room and took a seat at the foot of the bed. "It was that demon, wasn’t it? The one who made your hand all glowy? I told you so."
Buffy was about to become defensive, when she smiled. "Why Dawnie, you don’t happen to know what happened to my new red sandals, do you?"
Dawn wasn’t sure how her sister had caught on about the borrowing of the sandals, but she wasn’t going to let that faze her. Buffy had no proof, and no way of finding out. It was only then she noticed how intently her sister was staring at her.
Buffy let out something that resembled a moan and clamped her hands over her ears. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was shaking her head violently.
"Buffy?" Dawn whispered.
Buffy’s head jerked up. "What’s wrong with..." she was close to tears now. "There’s nothing in there, just ringing, it’s empty."
"Buffy, I don’t know how to help you." Dawn knew she was only speaking to herself; the slayer was still shaking her head.
"The frequency...there’s nothing there, oh please make it stop...just turn the lock. You don’t belong here." Buffy moaned. She leaned forward and grabbed her sister by the shoulders. "How did you do it, huh? What are you?" She was staring at her sister as though she did not even recognize her. Then, her head snapped back and there was innocence and confusion in her eyes again.
"Dawn, are you all right?" her sister asked as she studied her expression.
She looked so genuinely confused, that Dawn questioned if that had even happened. Without responding, Dawn ran out of the room, and into her own bedroom. Curling up on her bed, she wasn’t sure what had just happened. Dawn supposed she had to be really sick. She got a headache, and then just forgot what she had said to her. Dawn nodded slowly, letting her rationalization sink in. She listened closely and could now her Buffy quietly speaking with their mother.
Dawn sighed and pushed herself off of her bed. As she walked to the washroom, she snuck a peek into Buffy’s room. There she lay, looking slightly distressed, but overall, she looked fairly normal.
The cool water splashed against her face. She was deeply concentrated, but the sound of her sister’s shouts startled her.
"You had sex with Giles?"
Dawn frowned. Mr. Giles? That old librarian? That couldn’t be right. She turned off the water, and walked out into the hallway.
"You had sex with Giles?" she heard it again, and started edging closer to the room where the cries were coming from. "On the hood of a police car?" she now stood just outside of her sister’s room. "Twice?"
Dawn was greeted by her mother, who was running out of the room. Her cheeks turned a deep shade of red when she saw her youngest daughter.
"Oh, Dawn, sweetheart. It’s, uh, Buffy’s fever, it's making her say things that certainly aren't true. You should probably just stay out of there." she put her arm around her daughter, directing her downstairs.

Dawn wasn’t quite sure she believed that, but she desperately wanted to. She headed back to her room to do the only thing she could find comfort in - write in her diary.
She was fueled by anger and loneliness as she ripped out pages in her journals and flung them into the trash can. She thought back to that moment, that moment when her sister had seen the real her. That moment had never happened though; it was just another fake memory from her fake childhood. That journal entry had to be in one of these journals, but she had never written it. These words had never been written, not by her anyways. Glowing balls of energy couldn't write in diaries. Dawn was too confused to piece it together, and with a shriek, she slammed the journal into the garbage.