Therapy Department

This is where you can find help with your false memories. There will be Beta Readers to listen to your problems, Mailing lists where you can make your memories public knowledge, Archives where you can put your memories for later viewing, and resource links where you can further tweak your world view.

Beta Readers - Need help editing, someone to bounce story ideas? Start here.
Mailing Lists - Need someplace to send your fic? Try here.
Patient Files - Quick stats about those in the Jossverse.
Theraputic Links - Writing Links, False Memory Links, Archive Links. It's all (going to be) here.

Essays concerning the Mindwipes:
The Connor Mindwipe by SpacedOutLooney - A collection of  dialogue that refers to the mindwipe.

Character Essays:

Anya - Writing Anya by Tania
Faith - A Sexual Creature by Angel Jade
Graham - Writing Graham Miller by Angel Jade
Lindsey - Back to His Roots by Tania
Oz - Oz Speak by Angel Jade
Xander - Tears of a Clown by Josey

Pairing / General Essays: