Site Updates

5/9/05 - Added a very thorough collection of dialogue concerning the Connor Mindwipe.
12/3/04 - Once again removed some broken links. The site is still open, and I welcome recs of well-written fic.
9/6/04 - Fixed several broken links.
8/21/04 - Fixed several broken links, added a link to Insert Dawn Here, a new LJ community where episodes are rewritten to include Dawn. Also added 9 new Dawn-centric stories.
4/22/04 - Added Reconciling by Tania, a season 5 Connor POV piece.
2/3/04 - Added a great new story, Tarkna by Meltha.
1/24/04 - Changed my email address, moved to the new ad-free domain. I'll be actively seeking fic over the next few weeks.
12/30/03 - We've finally moved to an ad-free server and can now be found as part of Look for more updates soon.
9/22/03 - Added three more betas and two more essays, look for more fic later this week.
9/20/03 - Added ten more betas and a dozen more archives. Added more ideas/plot bunnies to the False Memories page and a Frequently Asked Questions Page.
9/17/03 - Added TONS of archives and more Beta Readers. All found in the Therapy section.
9/15/03 - Added 14 new beta readers.
9/14/03 - Added In Plain Sight by Elizabeth and more betas.
9/12/03 - Added a beta page, a list of people willing to help edit your stories.
9/10/03 - Added Dawn's Restless by Amberina.
9/6/03 - Added a big bunch of essays, mailing list links, etc. to the Therapy Dept.
9/2/03- Added Search for the Truth by Lady Callista
9/1/03 - Added Through the Pale Door by D.M. Evans.
8/31/03 - Fixed the navigation layout (I hope), added a couple of links, sent out a bunch of requests to archive fic.
8/18/03 - Added Puppy Love by FlyWoman.
8/15/03 - Added Prey, a story by Jeanny.
8/14/03 - Started the massive search for fanfiction, stay tuned this week for that section to open wide.
8/11/03 - Added one new Beta Reader
8/10/03 - Added the Therapy page, sent out the call for fiction
8/9/03 - Got the site out of my brain and onto the web