All pictures taken by Debbie Porter & Tania Lang
Updated 10/30/04
The Daily Updates

January 18th, 2005 - So the migration really never ends does it? We're thinking a move will be coming in April. We'll be sticking around Corvallis as I'm finally getting decent hours at work, and well, Jason's still got a job, but the way the economy is tanking...rant for another day. Let's just say all isn't rosy and we're very glad he is skilled and nearly indispensible. The girls are ready to live in a neighborhood and Bridgette is ready for a door on her room. Gabby is taking those first steps into puberty, so we're having fun with that adventure. We decided now wasn't the best time for basketball what with my extended hours at work, so we're looking for another creative avenue for after-school fun, choir one day a week just isn't enough. I've finally kicked the pnemonia only to be plagued my migraines again, otherwise we're healthy happy and, well healthy. Jason's diabetes is under control too, which makes us very glad. Jason heads to Kansas in a couple weeks for more tractor schooling and then back to Washington for a week or so to play babysitter to the fields, always exciting to be home alone. So that's the quicky update. Hope you're all well. In other news I've removed a lot of the pictures hidden throughout the site, cause really they've been up a year and if you haven't looked by now you're probably not gonna.
October 30th, 2004 - How time flies! Our summer was full of adventures to grandma's houses for the girls and work for me. Here it is the end of October and Jason has just finally got home from Washington for the last time this year (or so we are told, yet again, haha). I'm still at OSU part-time and running a baker's dozen of websites when I'm not there. The girls and I have been hard at work at the Kerry campaign, making phone calls, data entry, stuffing envelopes, whatever needs to be done to get rid of the criminal insanity that is our president. It's been a great way to meet like-minded people here in town. We've made some great connections, which is nice after almost a year of being here. Other news revolves mostly around the girls, Gabby has been playing volleyball three days a week and so far her team is undefeated. Their season lasts another three weeks and then both she and Bridgette will be playing basketball for a couple months. We're so excited to find a sport that they can both do. They will also be starting choir again here this week. That is something they both adore doing and it is so lovely to hear them upstairs practicing in the evenings. They're gearing up for Halloween, planning on trick-or-treating with some of Jason's friend's kids, so much safer than our stretch of highway! So that's just about all the news that's fit to print. We'll try to keep you posted, and hopefully we'll all see each other before May, of course if we do see you in May it will be for our tenth wedding anniversary. Kisses!
May 4th, 2004 - OH MY! I've neglected our little site for ages. How can I recap the last few months? We've had good, great and just plain ugly. I'll get the bad out the way first, our beloved third child, Angel, was hit by a car a couple months ago. Yes he was just a cat to some, but we were of course heartbroken and still grieve for him. The good is much better: I now have a job. Yes, get back on your chair Tania is working. I'm at OSU as a part-time secretary/web design/maintenance person. It's basically my dream job and the best part is that it was almost $600 a month cheaper to get insurance for me and the girls through my work than Jason's. This is an amazing bit of luck for us. We also got the minivan running, although Bubba will be pulling the engine plate this weekend to replace a bunch of gaskets and fix a water leak. Such fun. Jason and I also celebrated our 9th anniversary yesterday. In celebration we planted a new flower bed. It's absolutely gorgeous and he even mowed our insanely large yard for me. He's the best ever. The girls are doing choir at school on Mondays and have a program on the 13th if anyone is interested in driving to Corvallis, yeah right I know. They are having fun with it and getting some great skills. We're still working out the logistics of our summer. Jason will be heading back up north sometime next week and will most likely be gone for a minimum of two or three months. The girls will bounce between summer camp and relatives while I'm working. Never a dull moment for us. So that's the gist of our excitement, we've been gardening up a storm and fighting with the ants  and spiders that seem to love this old farmhouse, but overall we are very happy with Corvallis as a whole. Hope you'll find time to stop by and see us! Addendum: The dishwasher just decided to spew bubbles all over the kitchen floor. Argh.
January 26th, 2004 - Just a quickie update since I've left y'all in the dark for a while. I had a fairly serious case of pneumonia just after Christmas that involved a trip to the emergency room and a couple weeks of antibiotics, but I'm mostly better today and even managed to get the last of the family pictures up on the walls today. We still have about 20 boxes floating around the house mocking me. I will eventually get them unpacked. I'm considering going back to work here in a week or two to help pay for the repairs on the minivan and my trip to Vegas in July. In all fairness Jason shouldn't have to pay for that since he doesn't get to go because I'm an evil bitca. My dad is in Alaska again so Jason is lamenting that his family won't golf with him. It is a shame since there's a course less than ten minutes from the house. The kids are having an okay time. Gabby is becoming one with third grade homework, not fun apparently. Bridgette now has a website of her own ( where we are putting her stories and art work. Gabby will have one eventually, but she is more concerned with the TV than the computer, so we'll see on that. Well I guess that's all for now. I'll try to get pictures up this week, as well as update the map to the house section.
December 30th, 2003 - Oh where to begin? Where to Begin? We're in the new house, the dining room and bonus room are still full of boxes, but the rest of the house is coming along. I'll be putting up the last of the pictures today, at some point. I'm hoping to unpack the camera today, if I do I'll be sure to put up some pictures of the new place. Picture a quaint little country farmhouse decorated with Vampires and Angels and you're pretty much getting the idea. The kids have found a few friends a couple houses down, they are now out playing in the snow together. Yay! Peace at last. So I'll add more as the week progresses. Despite the rain and snow it's good to be home.
December 10th, 2003 - Updates two days in a row? Must be an alternate universe. Added a page of pictures from the last couple weeks, plus snow. Oh the snow. It's still coming down as I write this. Can't wait to drive to Oregon this weekend. Added an animated gif of Bridgette's x-mas program.
December 9th, 2003 - I've sure been keeping everyone out of the loop haven't I, haha. Here it is only 10 days before the big move and I haven't posted here in a month. Well I guess I better recap. November was a whirl, the girls and I are dieting, Jason occasionally joins us in a healthy meal but he'd never admit to it. Bridgette and I have both lost about 14 pounds (five of those I lost yesterday thanks to a fun stomach bug), Gabby's lost about 7-1/2 pounds, so we're all very excited about that. We did manage to find a new house. It's on highway 34 just outside of Corvallis (on the Philomath side), a cute farmhouse, two stories, 4 bedrooms plus a little bonus room. It's been completely renovated so it's nice and quiet inside. The downside is that's it's all white and must stay that way. Some people are so afraid of color they need a self help group. *sob* We're all pretty excited about the move if not the daunting task of packing. We'll be going to Oregon this weekend for Jason's 30th birthday party, be sure to mention to him that he looks thirty, he loves that. We'll also be attending the PGMC Christmas concert, the Nutcracker ballet, the Tuba Christmas, and the great fudge party. Such a culturally exciting weekend. All this will be capped off on Monday when we enroll the kids at their new school and I fill out my W-4 at my new job. That's right kids, I'm no longer able to call myself a kept woman. I've taken a job as a teaching aide again. I should find out sometime this week if I received the full time position I applied for, and if not I'll be working as a sub again, which is still better than nothing, but y'know work. Bleh. We've enjoyed living in Moses Lake for the most part, although the not having a car for the past month has been trying, and the front door that won't open has lost its amusement factor, but we will miss the small town feel. Of course after living in such a rural area for a while we may wish we were in the big city again, minus the roaches of course, because we don't miss them at all. hah.
November 1st, 2003 - We survived Halloween, just barely, haha. The girls didn't freeze to death, we had plenty of candy, and even managed to finish off the Oreos. I know our lives are rough. Jason and Ryan are in Oregon till Tuesday so we're having a blast on our own. The van is running now, although the tags are expired so once again I'm a prisoner of the house. Good thing I have all that candy to sustain me. Jason thinks he's found a house for us in Tangent, Oregon and will be looking at it this week before he comes home. It's a four bedroom farm house, full basement, only six miles from his shop, so it sounds promising. Well that's it for now, hope you'll look at the halloween pictures, because my kids are just so cute!
October 15th, 2003 - The Great Car Migration addendum - In a funny side-note, when Jason went to tow the car home last night it was missing, towed, in absentia. So now I'm carless. Luckily the only things of value in the car were the girls' birth certificates, which are replaceable and a plethora of junk mail, trash, unopened juice bottles and about half a bottle of laundry detergent which spilled on the seat last week and was doing no one any good anyway. So goodbye sweet Mazda, I shall miss your dented hood (dented from my wreck and when the hood flew up on the freeway), your dented side (from Jason's fist), your dented door (from a reckless summer camp teen), your maggot filled trunk, your gasoline scented interior, but mostly I will miss your 45 miles to the gallon, your missing passenger side visor, and of course my Spike Lives bumper sticker. I hate my life.
October 14th, 2003 - Okay, all of you who have been wishing ill on my car for the past three years are on my list, yeah I'm talking to you, and you, and yeah, you over there too. So I've been working on a three day migraine, which really are the best, and I decided I just didn't want to cook. So I drove the kids down to the corner market in hopes of getting some corn dogs and calling it a night, but of course they had already shut down the deli stuff, so we got some milk and bread for the road and headed into town towards McDonald's, a fine back-up plan in theory. We made it as far as Grape drive when the car decided it had had enough, it sputtered and puttered off the highway and onto Grape drive. We managed to make a u-turn and get to the stop sign, going about three miles an hour with the hammer down. So luckily I had grabbed the cell phone before our adventure began, but again of course, Jason was an hour away if he dropped everything. So me and the girls, who of course a third time, were wearing tank tops and shorts, and hello desert, who keeps a coat in the car, started walking home. It's about five miles or so from Grape Drive to our house, so carrying two loaves of bread, a gallon of milk, one red purse with a reflective Mel sticker, and a badly shaken cherry coke which was supposed to remedy my migraine, we made the trek. Every half mile or so we would switch my useless wind-breaker from child to child, pass the milk jug and plastic bag around, push a child further from the highway, sing camp fire songs, complain about rocks in our sandals and having to pee. It took us about an hour to make it home, we're old okay, but we made it. Needless to say we had turkey sandwiches and some truly deplorable hot cocoa made by Bridgette the walking kitchen blunder. I'll tell you about the exploding jello-bowl and nearly vomit-inducing gash in her leg later. Right now I'm going to go take an unhealthy dose of Advil, watch a little Nip/Tuck and pretend that I'm not such a heifer that walking five miles will have me icing myself for a week. Wish you were here almost as much as I wish my car wasn't parked on Grape drive, I mean there might be fruit shaped underwear models over there. It's a scary scary world.
October 7th, 2003 - Mmm Hmm Hmm, what news to share what news to keep? Well, I guess we'll start little and work our way big...Today is my birthday. I received an electric can opener, a very thoughtful gift to be sure, but not exactly the Fairlane of my dreams. I was also gifted with a poem from Gabby that had something to do with my husband buying me hay, I think she was inferring that I am a cow, not sure. My mum, who has been with us since Sunday left this morning, Jason's mum, sister, grandmother and step-dad all left late Sunday afternoon after invading, I mean staying the weekend. We actually had a nice time, they cleaned, mocked me, cooked, mocked me some more, cleaned, you get the picture. It was fun. We played pinochle, Glenda and I stomped Jason and Lorraine twice, it was a highlight. Gabby received a swan lake Barbie & Ken, many dvd's and cd's, including a Stevie Ray Vaughn double cassette that I want for myself, wah. We had to put the guitar off a week so that the LAST credit card payment will go through. We paid off Jason's student loan, and even received confirmation of this miraculous feat, yay us. So now here I sit, eating my last birthday cookie, listening to French radio (because I like being pretentious and so do you, I'm just woman enough to admit it). Jason took me shopping for a muscle car earlier. I very nearly drooled on a Charger, did a dance of joy near a very pretty Skylark, and scowled at a Fairlane that was not the year I wanted, and therefore not the car of my dreams. We left without a new car, but I now have a lovely bunch of images to tide me over in my dreams, dream car, get it. Never mind. And now onto the BIG NEWS. The Lang Family Migration apparently isn't over. We'll be moving back to Oregon (Albany or thereabouts to be precise) at Christmas. The Washington experience has been fun, but we are just a cog in the machine and go where they tell us. So baby, here we come. Back to income taxes and underfunded schools, mismanaged government and rain. We can't wait. No really we're on the edge of our seats in antici...say it...pation.
October 1st, 2003 - Boy are we glad September is over, what a rough month! We had a tragic death in the family when Jason's step-father passed away about two weeks ago. We spent this weekend in Oregon going to the family gathering and having a much needed visit with Jason's mom and my parents. Truly a terrible thing when someone goes before their time. There are days I wish we could take comfort in an afterlife, we'll have to make due with a belief in peace and eternal rest and release from pain.  Luckily the trip was not all full of tears, Jason and my dad went golfing, dad said Jason did very good, although there was an embarrassing moment involving a golf cart, a hill, and Jason's best impression of Fred Flintstone. The girls and I went to a horse show with my mom, where we ate frozen corndogs, and even received a complimentary frozen corn dog after returning the original frozen corndogs. People don't be afraid to cook your corn dogs, they can't feel it, we promise.  I have also fallen in love with a muscle car and have decided to seek monetary rewards for my writing so I can buy it. A beautiful green car just calling my name. My husband has been calling my beloved Mazda several names as well. This after making me drive his truck to Oregon and back while he snoozed and occasionally grabbed the suicide handle screaming "please don't kill us" which the children were more than happy to chime in on. Note to back-seat drivers: 'Yelling please don't kill us' and 'we are never going to make it there alive' do not help the driver concentrate. Note to other drivers on the road: 'Stay in your own freaking lane' and 'If you can't keep your ridiculously large horse trailers and campers in your own lane don't try to tow them', also 'if a big old diesel truck is behind you honking and the driver really wants to get home before the season premier of Alias get out of the flooping way.' Here endeth the rant about driving. We have seven and a half hours till the premier of Angel, be afraid the giddy giggling will begin any moment as the anticipation overcomes me, even though I downloaded rough copies of the episodes a week ago, I love premier night. Angel drives some beauteous cars. If you've never watched Angel go watch it tonight. That way you'll get my jokes. Well I'm off to write and convince myself that a shiny green car is worth going back to work for. I also updated the photos page and put thumbnails on for easier navigation, I'm not done with all of the pages, but the ones of our trip to Omsi, our trip to the fair and of the drive are all done. There are also new pictures of the girls on thier pages.
September 20th, 2003 - Last night the girls and I went to see Secondhand Lions and I am hereby declaring it one of my favorite movies, and only partly because there was an actor from Angel in it that we love. Both of the girls agreed that we must buy this film as soon as it comes out, very good, fun for the whole family, yada yada. The girls have also been cleaning the living room and kitchen this morning. I have been eating oreos and strawberry wafer cookies. It's a rough life we lead, but I forebear. Jason and Ryan have gone on a secret mission to Oregon which may or may not involve buying tax-free birthday presents. My mother and I have been listening to online radio from San Francisco together, apparently I get the feed a few seconds quicker, she accused me of having my gadar on high power, thus drawing the signal in faster. I'm sure I don't know what she means *sly grin*. I also went grocery shopping by myself yesterday. I think I bought more junk food that I would have with the kids there, but I did come home Cherry Garcia free, so maybe that's progress. Maybe grasshopper cookies are worse. The world may never know. So now we're gearing up for some high powered cleaning to get ready for the birthday slumber party in a couple weeks, these things take much preparation, I mean just cutting out the paper dolls. Nine year olds like paper dolls right? *Sniff* I am so old, and in two weeks I'll be even older, lucky me.
September 17th, 2003 - I seem to have slipped into a black hole of updating. We've had a fairly uneventful couple of weeks, the girls have been settling into school. They are both being tested for the NOVA program, which is a lot like TAG in Oregon, my little genius babies. Gabby had a fever yesterday and had to come home, but it broke in the middle of the night and she seemed fine this morning, so off she went. We had a fabulous dinner last night, courtesy of the boys, although my carrot cake got rave reviews, the master chefs whipped up some country fried steak and fixens to die for. We may be making the long trek back to Oregon this weekend or next for the September birthday-a-thon, other than that we've been doing the same as always...working on our OCD compulsions and helping to make Joss Whedon a millionaire. We do what we can.
September 4th, 2003 - Well after a 22 hour Angel marathon I have finally gotten off the couch, haha. We have a new houseguest, or an old houseguest for those of you who have been playing the home game. The girls are having a good time in school, we're getting ready for Camp Fire to start up again in a couple of weeks and planning our lives around the new Antonio Banderas & Russell Crowe movies. Our patheticness knows no bounds.
September 1st, 2003 - Wow! It's been three weeks since I updated you all on our adventures, bad Tania! We had a modem catastrophe and could only use the little computer to check email, so now we're all fixed and I even managed to install the new modem wihtout electrocuting myself, yay me. So where to begin, I guess where we left off, yes? The girls made out like bandits at the fair, I think the grand total ended up being somewhere around 13 blue ribbons, and that was just at our fair here. the big news was the Waterville fair where Bridgette received Best in Class for her Picasso inspired self portrait. Gabby also received three blue ribbons at Waterville. We are now in the process of finding a groovy way to display all of their acolades. The girls went back to school last Wednesday and have enjoyed their classes so far, we bought some wicked cool outfits at the vintage shop and sent them on their way. Other than that life has been much the same. We are still battling the hornets and the occasional red ant attack, although I have been the only victim of those little wankers. The man at the farm store sold me about half a case of Brakleen, which is surprisingly effective at killing anything with beady little eyes. Today we are at war with the laundry pile, the band in the living room is kicking my arse but I beat the bedroom faction into submission and even managed to vacuum the floor it had been protecting. So the battle rages on. Unfortunately our "magically vitamin enhanced" chocolate chip cookie supply has run low so our defensive forces are sorely lacking, but we'll keep fighting the good fight. So I suppose that's it. We're in the middle of a Buffy marathon, I know surprises abound. The new Angel Season Two DVD's come tomorrow so we're getting all psyched up. There are also lots of new pictures (I mean about 150 pictures or so) in the August section, enjoy.  I also added a bunch of pictures of the drive here to the The Town section.
August 11th, 2003 - Today was entry day at the fair, so the morning began with a plan to start baking, and then a trip to the store for waxed paper, and then a second trip to the store for shortening, and then a third trip to the store for vanilla. Then the actual baking began. Gabrielle made Texas brownies, Bridgette made Chocolate no-bake cookies. It was then time to round up a year's worth of arts and crafts and frame them. Then there was more art made and paperwork to fill out. We then went to the fair grounds with our art in tow and filled out more paperwork. When all was said and done Bridgette turned in eleven projects and Gabby turned in five. The judging is tonight at seven, so we'll know in the afternoon tomorrow how they did and if they earned ribbons. We are now waiting for it to cool down so we can plant all of the flowers we bought over the weekend. (Also for those who missed it I finally put a picture of myself on my page, I recommend taking off your glasses before viewing, if you don't wear glasses, I apologize.:)  
August 10th, 2003 - Yesterday was a whirlwind of shopping activity. The girls enjoyed a trip to the farmer's market, where the exotic flower guy, Bruce, now calls us out of a crowd and brings plants just for us. We also bought a huge hibiscus from the conservation district nursery, many many plums, which did not survive into evening thanks to Bridgette's voracious appetite. We bought a CD from a Latino band from the Andes, which actually sounded slightly Irish, some homemade jerky, a bunch of apples and green beans, and a placard that says 'Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, I am my mother after all'. Gabby and I also bought a necklace/earring combo to share, and a merry, injury free day was had by all. We then came home and lounged the day away, I made a couple new websites, the girls cleaned the living room and watched the new Ginger movie, and Jason spent an hour trapped in a sand pit. Funny story, I'll let him tell it later.
August 8th, 2003 - Today was shopping day! Yippee! Our tax refund finally came and so we were forced to pay off Jason's student loan and dentist bills. I then had to pay off our mini-van lawn ornament, as well as the rent and massive cell phone bills. There was of course the celebratory trip to the recycling plant and Subway, where we enjoyed very messy meatball sandwiches. We then went to Walmart and bought a digital camera, you can now see updated photos of our unpacking and gardening endeavors. Jason spent the day having his photo taken by some local farmers, I'm still a bit unclear on the reason, but did note he had no shirt on under his coveralls, I'm thinking he'll be Mr. December in Hay Farmer's Monthly.  We also spent about $300 at the food pavilion, we used our double points coupon and managed to earn 11,000 points, 989,000 more points and the big screen TV is mine, muwahahahaha. We received several odd looks from the locals as we left with our two carts full of food. Apparently desert-folk don't shop for the entire month at one time, personally I don't enjoy the heat enough to go out in it more than once a month. So now here we sit, the crafting has gone into overdrive with only four days to go before the fair begins. My 3-day migraine also seems to have gone on hiatus, with the help of some Advil gelcaps. Well, that's our day in a nutshell, heavy on the nut. Tomorrow trip number two to the farmer's market, wish my ankles a safe journey. Additional note, no bee stings since Tuesday morning when the swarm got Bridgette's cheek.
August 5th, 2003 - Addendum - The majority of the scorched earth parenting theory fell a bit flat. The house has stayed relatively clean in its wake, but the guest room is currently doubling as the trash pit from hell, so please be aware that if you were planning on being a guest and sleeping in the guest room it is currently booked through the end of this millennium. Should the giant pile of crappola miraculously be cleared away I will fall of my chair, and once I have picked myself off the floor I will be sure to tell you all about it.
August 5th, 2003 - PART I - So Daily updates are a little less than daily, time has no meaning here. Let me recap for you, gentle reader, the events of the past week. Milk spilt on couch, ant attack in the kitchen, Spider the size of a newborn's head in my last bag of manure, Bedroom door pulled off the tracks, nine baths half full of warm water and then completed with water the temperature of Hillary Clinton's arse, bored husband watching television with a suction cup attached to his head, Blackened pop tarts, Blackened French fries (It's a Cajun theme), Slamming doors, planters warts, many slivers, a thumb cut by the very sharp Cutco knife (thank you cousin Kris for that gift), several girly cat fights and groundings, and as I write this my daughters are wrestling in the hall banging against the library door every couple seconds while yelling each other's names and what sounds like muffled profanities. PART II - The night was capped off with the girls playing on the swing set and being attacked by a nest of hornets that were living inside the pipes that held the structure together. Gabby suffered two stings on one arm, Bridgette had one in the middle of her back. After a bath in baking soda paste both girls recovered fairly quickly but I have been informed that living in the desert sucks. Wish you were here.
July 28th, 2003 - Part II - Today has been a lesson in what my mother calls "scorched earth parenting", oh please, let me explain. The children were fighting, I know, get back up off the floor, and I told them they had to help me remove everything that weighed less than fifty pounds from my very large bedroom . So we moved the half dozen or so boxes, tons of clothes, a couple of broken endtables, and a massive pile of miscellaneous crappola into the living room. I then went to vacuum the room and the second time I had to remove Bridgette's embroidery thread from the beater bar I burned my index finger on the belt. Once this ever so fun task was done I moved the sprinkler from one half of the dead back yard to the other half of the dead back yard, narrowly avoiding an earwig attack. When I came back inside the children were fighting, yes again it's a day that ends in Y you know, this time they were fighting while unpacking the same box. I told the older child to find another box and was told there were no other boxes. I then emptied every box, bag, and laundry basket in the entire house onto the living room floor and agreed that there were no more boxes in the house to unpack and that the fight was now over. The children were then told that the house would be clean by sun down if I had to kill myself, them, and everyone on this block, hence the name "Scorched Earth Parenting". I better go now, their six minute reprieve is over and they have a house to make lickably clean. Thus ended today's crackpot parenting theory.
July 28th, 2003 Part I - We had an eventful weekend around here, okay not, but it had it's moments. Saturday morning the girls and I went to the Farmer's Market, which is a very happening place, or at least I think it must be since the only other person I know in Moses Lake was there, and anytime you recognize at least one person when you go out in public, it's a happening. You can quote me on that. While at the market we bought several very tall plants to block the view of the neighbors truck lawn ornament and while carrying one of said plants, a dianthumus gigantus to be exact, I found a hole in the lawn which I'm sure the gardeners had been looking for and rolled my ankle. This event in itself would not have been so bad had I not rolled the other ankle ten minutes earlier on a smaller less wanted hole. The effect being one very sprained ankle, one mildly irritated ankle, and one housebound social creature tethered to the computer desk in the library. The upside to having both of your ankles swollen and icky feeling is that when you call your husband who hasn't had a day off in three weeks and tell him his time is up and that he must come home and deal with the children who have been wet from the sprinkler for a solid 24 hours and now only speak some foreign fish-language that does not understand my trivial human commands such as 'stop kicking your sister' and 'Uno is not a bloodsport' he has to come home. We unfortunately missed the big band concert, but hope to catch the Blues guy next weekend. On a side note, I have still not put gas in my car, I think it must be the blistering heat that expands the gas making it therefore larger and long lasting. Okay, so that was my crackpot theory of the day.
July 25th, 2003 - Well, today I unpacked what I suspect to be the last box of clothes and I have yet to find a bra, times are getting desperate and I may have no choice but to go to Walmart tomorrow, yuck. Today we also went to Well Read Books and picked up a couple of Anne Rice novels I didn't have as well as a plethora of Goosebump books for Gabby and several books out of the 25 cent bin for Bridgette, she's a bargain hunter you see. We also had lunch at Dana's but the cute waiter wasn't working so we felt slightly jipped. We then went to the Dollar Tree, which is such a misnomer, because we spent $44.21 there. Lastly we went to the movies and saw Spy Kids 3-D, Note to Self: wearing 3-D glasses for an hour hurts, Antonio Banderas being in only five minutes of the movie really hurts, watching that Frodo guy die, funny as heck and surprisingly painless. We then came home and Bridgette burnt her popcorn so the whole house now smells way fun, although it is better smelling than whatever is coming out of her room. Second Note to Self: don't forget the Febreeze at the store next time. So, tomorrow we're going to the Farmer's market, and Sunday to watch a big band play an outdoor show at the Ampitheater, should be a fun weekend. Third Note to Self: The coolest part of living here, only having to fill the gas tank up once a month, and only then because I had to drive from Oregon, July4th-July 25th not one fill up, nahnahnahnah nah nah.

People would rather live with Penguins than in the desert.