All pictures taken by Debbie Porter & Tania Lang

The move has made an impact on our children. Once happy go lucky children they have now succumbed to the dark side...
I discovered that the root of this evil was their hair, and after cutting said hair to a manageable bob length this evening both children became insanely happy and giggled for an hour. After another hour of tossing their newly short hair from side to side with a chorus of "aren't we cute, just like twins" both children became very sleepy and fell and went to bed, one with a copy of Because of Winn Dixie in her arms, the other a copy of The Adventures of Captain Underpants and Diapie Baby. I will leave it to conjecture which was which.
Even Angel the cat has turned weird and now he will only sleep on the bookshelves in the library.

Tania was weird long before the move to Moses Lake, and Jason remains as normal as a corn fed farm boy can be.