All pictures taken by Debbie Porter & Tania Lang

August Pictures Part One (Click here for part two)
Meet your hostesses, Gabby & Bridgette (AKA Bobby), notice their stylish evil-hair free new looks.
No really, they're always this sweet. Um, yeah.
The Great Update begins with a photo of the guest room. See the updates page for more on the scorched earth parenting that led to this abomination in organization.
This is what happens when you're house gets heat stroke, blech.

The Library is also the computer room and has been dubbed 'The Cave' by Jason.
Go read something!
Every computer should be decorated with the stickers that come in Buffy suckers.

The Master bedroom is spacious and very airy since the children broke the door down.
The bed was not made today, stop laughing, the pink miniblinds came with the house. I do not like pink, stop saying that.
Bad movie lovers of the world unite.
Broken Door ---->This is the sitting area, also known as the staring area.

The Living Room and Kitchen are filthy, but at least decorated. Please forgive the white walls, they know they are putrid and have begged me to paint them orange but I have been broken. When I am fixed I will put an end to their whining ways.

One happy family, one dirty table.
The fresco says In Servire L'un l'altro Siamo Diventati Liberi. Aren't you glad you asked?
You try fitting $300+ worth of groceries in here and see how clean you leave it.
I'm not sure, but I think this is Bobby's impression of Aretha Franklin.

The Garden in front has many flowers, the lavender hasn't bounced back yet, but hopefully it will soon. The play structure in the back yard is currently full of the evil hornets from hell and is off limits, but part of our shopping spree at Walmart was for bee killer, so them little buggers will soon be little more than a footnote in history.
See that bad boy in the corner, he's the one that insighted the hornets to attack, we're sure of it. Shifty milkweeds.
That's coreopsis, it's fluffy. It makes us smile. It has pink flowers, yuk.
When even the yucca looks spindly it's too hot. Remember that.
That side of the house is now vacant. We can't imagine why.

Here endeth the sarcasm.