All pictures taken by Debbie Porter & Tania Lang

This is what happens when the children take the camera...

Bridgette's foot, profound.The snowman. We haven't really mastered this art yet.Angel, looking surlyAngel looking smugThe first snow, there was about 4-5 inches.more of the first snowThe entire neighborhood trampled the yard, goodbye pretty snow.Snowman remains, snow leaving.
The drive back to Oregon. They have no snow.Grandma Fran at Aunt Patsy's on Thanksgiving day.Aunt Debby, superstar!Hey look that's my mommy!The CatchpolesWhoa man, like you're really tall.Grandma HazelUncle Craig, dude, you're like taller than our dad, that doesn't happen often.Gabby finally gets her guitar.Better late than never.Aunt Darcy helps fine tuneOkay, I admit, it was an excuse for a cleavage shot.Do Smoke on the Water!Nevermind, keep practising.Uncle Jake jams outThe great snow of 12-9. Okay it was only a couple inches, but it's still coming down.