All pictures taken by Debbie Porter & Tania Lang

Corvallis, Oregon
Corvallis is about 80 miles south from Portland.

Corvallis is home to Oregon State University (where Tania now works) and is a typical college town in many ways. There are Birkenstock clad teenagers around every corner, many health clubs and frisbee parks, but also a beautiful downtown area and many many shops. The campus itself covers about 20 blocks downtown and is full of lush trees and beautiful buildings. Our home is on Highway 34 right between Corvallis and the very small town of Philomath. It's a noisy busy road but somehow when I'm sitting near the garden watching the birds it just doesn't bother me.

To get to Corvallis, Oregon from Portland, Oregon:
Take I-5 South
After about 7o miles, take Exit 228 (toward Corvallis/Lebanon) then turn Right to Corvallis-Lebanon Hwy (OR-34)
After about 10.33 miles, turn left (S) on Nw 4th St (OR-99W/OR-34/US-20/Pacific Hwy W)
After 0.76 mi, continue (SW) on US-20 (OR-34)
Continue SW on Corvallis-Newport Hwy for 2.79 mi until you reach 5915 Sw Philomath Blvd  (on right)

The former town:  
Moses Lake, Washington
As you drive down the gorge you will see fewer and fewer trees until...There are none. Welcome to tumbleweed country baby.
As you drive down the gorge you will see fewer and fewer trees until...There are none. Welcome to tumbleweed country baby.

Moses Lake is 291 miles from Canby, Oregon, 100 miles west of Spokane, Washington, and three hours from Seattle if you miss the turn to Yakima in Ellensburg, trust me.

The town centers around a very large lake, the city has even installed fountains so that when you cross the lake by bridge you can smell the fish that live in the lake, wasn't that considerate of them? There is a Walmart, more restaurants than you would think 14,000 people need. There is also a waterpark to die for and an Arctic Circle, what else does a town really need you ask? Well, there is a tattoo shop and 6 book stores. Plus an outdoor amphitheater and a third Thursday art festival. If you don't mind the weather, 96 degrees at 9:30 PM last night, and the rampant dust storms this is the place for you. Rent on a 5 bedroom 1/2 acre home, $750, includes garbage and cable, which are not completely separate entities here.

To get to Moses Lake from Portland, Oregon You...
 000.72 mi  take (I-84 (E)/US-30 (E)) to I-84 (US-30/Banfield Expy)  
 175.89 mi  After 175.17 mi, take Exit (I-82 (W), toward Hermiston/Umatilla) to I-82  
 206.64 mi  After 30.75 mi, take Exit 113 (US-395 (N)/I-182, toward Kennewick/Pasco) to US-395 (Evergreen Hwy)  
 214.07 mi  After 7.43 mi, take Exit (US-395 (E)/US-12/US-395 (N)/I-182 (E)/US-12 (E), toward Walla Walla/Spokane) to I-182 (US-395/US-12)  
 215.89 mi  After 1.82 mi, take Exit 14A/14B/14B (US-395 (N)/WA-397 (S), toward Spokane/Finley) to US-395 (WA-397)  
 239.36 mi  After 23.48 mi, take Exit (toward Moses Lake/Mesa) then turn Left to WA-17 (Pepiot Rd)  
 283.31 mi  After 43.95 mi, continue (NW) on I-90-BL (WA-17)  
 284.07 mi  After 0.76 mi, continue (NW) on WA-17  
 288.86 mi  After 4.79 mi, take Exit to Patton Blvd(N)  
 289.63 mi  After 0.77 mi, turn left (W) on Westover Blvd Ne  
 289.68 mi  After 0.05 mi, turn right (NW) on Travis Dr  
 289.79 mi  Continue N on Travis Dr for 0.11 mi until you reach 8909b Travis Dr (1) (on left)  

The drive takes about 5 hours if you wear an adult size diaper, 6 if you don't.