All pictures taken by Debbie Porter & Tania Lang

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Tania had the exciting task of driving the cat, Angel, to his new home, it made the 7 hour drive an adventure.
Your humble webmistress sitting in her 'cave'
The cat, who is now lovingly referred to as Mr. Snotty-too-good-to-crap-outside, made the trip from Canby to Moses Lake twice, he did not enjoy our lunchtime break at Shari's and was decidedly against drinking water out of a Styrofoam cup, can you say Diva?
I have been doing all of the manual labor around the house since the move. The backyard has declared war on me so I have decided the only way to fight back is by emptying several boxes of knick-knacks each day and throwing the empty boxes onto the dead grass yelling "Huzaw, take that!" It has yet to reply with words but I am quite certain that the attack of the red ants on the swimming pool and goats head thorns on the patio were orchestrated by the playground area milkweeds.
The house is actually taking on many house like qualities. We have abandoned the idea of any more painting for the time being, we have decided to do an orange readiness test on the good folks of Moses Lake first. We are fairly certain that the three cars that live on the lawn across the street will have no objections we are not so sure about the three year old on tricycle that lives on our sidewalk. We would hate to be responsible for contamination of the race outside of our bloodlines.
Tonight I made Jason Hamburger Helper, which he is officially two hours late for, you see his boss does not understand why Jason cannot live in the nice service truck, I mean it has a generator, he could live there quite comfortably for some time. I mean it's not exactly the fire-swamp, but it will do. I myself had a strawberry slim fast, which the can assures me will lead to weigh loss if I eat sensibly, Pineapple upside-down cake counts as two fruits right?
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