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Welcome to Moving On, the Spike/Anya Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild. If it's been a while since your last visit you may notice that a few things have moved around, Beta Readers, Essays, Resources Links, Archive Lists, and Episode Guides are now all in the Resources section. Wallpapers and Icons, Images, and Awards are now in the Extras section. The Fiction archive continues to grow and is now easier to navigate than ever. So have fun and enjoy your stay.

The love for Spike/Anya has waned a bit in fandom, which after Anya's death was to be expected. BUT, with the release of BtVS Season Six, featuring the penultimate episode Entropy, I'm hoping some people who maybe hadn't thought of writing Spanya the first time around will reconsider this fabulous pairing. Theirs was a relationship built on similar pasts being burned by love and making some very bad choices afterwards. They had a chemistry that was tangible and a heat that scorched not only them, but those around them as well.

I for one love to watch Spike and Anya burn, and I'm looking forward to more authors tackling this fun and interesting pairing.


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