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Updated 2/27/03  8:08 AM

Now Part of fangedfour.com

There are now some Icon/Avatars for your pleasure.

I've had to move all of the Spike & Angel pictures to this site as they were making the fiction archive too big for me to manage. So now you can find my DVD screencaptures here. You have the choice of clicking a picture or starting at the beginning and going through one by one. Most pictures are 800x600 resolution (although some have been resized to fit an 800x600 browser window) so they take a while to load, which is why I have made smaller images for you to pick from. I have also done minimal enhancements to the images so if you wish to use them in graphics, artwork, etc. you have control over how the image looks. I do ask that you give me credit if you use the images and do not repost them without a link back to me and please let me know before you take them.

The Spike/Angel(us) Pictures from Innocence and Lover's Walk are now available for your viewing pleasure. It will most likely be weeks before I do more captures since the DVD player and Computer are no longer in the same room of the house and will require quite the production before mating again.

If there is a specific shot you would like to see captured just email me and I will do my best, but please be aware that I only have BtVS seasons 1-4 and AtS season 1 on DVD, all other captures made from video are far inferior to those currently here.

Tania the Webgirl
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***Of course I don't own Spike or Angel or anyone else from the Whedonverse, If I did there would be much more torso flashing and many fewer screeching teenage girls, so there!

***All pictures on this site were captured by me, but their souls belong to Joss Whedon, Fox, UPN, Paramount, the WB, occasionaly F/X, and many others who are not me. If you would like to use these images in your own graphics please ask permission first, I never say no.

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