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Welcome to Pro Bono? The title is from the Angel episode Blood Money, not that you care, lol.

Updated 9/6/2004

This site began as a catch all for my non ship-specific goodies, anymore it's more of a wallpaper/icon/image site. There are a few other things here, but I have removed the fanfic because all of my own fiction is now housed at Also Comes in Strange (as well as my shipper sites). The new layout exemplifies the mission of this site, simple. It's not meant to be fancy, it's just meant to be *here*.

A quick note on navigation, the majority of character info is found in the Friends section. There are sounds, images, nicknames, likes/dislikes, etc. there.This site is meant to be small, simple, and non-time consuming for your beloved webmistress, I just found myself having a lot of things I wanted up but didn't fit in with the three 'ships I archive, so here it is.