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6/12/04 - Added tons of icons. I mean tons.
2/5/04 - Added screencaps from the Ryan Seacrest Show, Jummy Kimmel, Carson Daly, and the 100th episode party, All featuring the cast of Angel.
2/4/04 - Added a new wallpaper, Once Upon a Time.
2/1/04 - Added 5 new icons.
1/27/04 - Fixed a few broken links, re-uploaded the site to fix other glitches.
12/30/03 - Moved to an ad-free server fangedfour.com.
10/29/03 - Added 119 images from the Buffy 2003-2004 student planner. Also added some Live Journal Icons.
10/11/03 - Added two new wallpapers.
10/8/03 - Added a short little fic called New Year's Resolutions.
9/4/03 - Added three new wallpapers
8/10/03 - Did some general tinkering with the layout, added a couple of nicknames, etc. to Wesley, Cordelia, and Angel. Added a links page, and this update page.
7/24/03 - The site has moved to http://members.fortunecity.com/probonoangle please update your bookmarks.
6/27/03 - All the wallpapers are now here, also changed the terribly boring layout to one that's a little more fun.