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Title: Before the Chaos
Author: rayne_y_daze
Pairing: Spike/Ethan/Drusilla
Rating: NC17
Summary: What did Ethan do for fun before he met young Rupert Giles?
Spoilers: Pre-series
Warnings: M/M Slash; Het; Threesome

Spike moved through the crowd like a shark. His eyes sharp, he watched for the weak, the splashing, or just the— oh, shiny! His focus narrowed as his eyes fixed on a sinewy youth with straight, shoulder-length brown hair, piercing eyes and a predator's smile all his own. The boy was barely wearing a silky, jewel-toned shirt and obscenely tight hip huggers. Spike grinned; he'd found his prey.

Spike watched as his prey hunted. Moving as though his bones were liquid-filled, the boy danced across the floor. He made eye contact with anyone who caught his fancy, and Spike noted that he didn't discrimate. Color, size, gender – none of that seemed to concern his little barracuda. The boy just flashed a wicked smile at the next person, and they were his until he grew bored and moved on. Such was the nature of the dance club, and this boy was in native waters.

Having had enough of watching, Spike moved in. Without a second (or, for that matter, a first) glance at the person he cut off, Spike moved in front of this fascinating young man. The youth lost no time in sizing up his latest catch. By the look in the boy's eyes, he knew he was done looking. He'd made his choice.

Mischievous brown eyes sparkled as they examined the blond standing before him. Spike was shorter, but his posture was solid where the youth seemed to go, quite literally, with the flow. Though he stood straight, the boy moved like the barracuda to which Spike had likened him.

Letting the music wash over them, they stood, barely moving, staring at one another. Blue eyes boring into brown and vice versa. The two men communicated wordlessly. A scarred eyebrow raised with just a touch of lip curl translated to "Fancy a go?" A lowered head and a devilish leer through dark eyelashes meant "When and where?" The twitch of an unnaturally blond head said "Follow me."

Ten minutes later, they were two blocks from the club and had yet to touch. This wasn't Spike's normal way, but the change was… intriguing. He turned briefly, walking backwards as he regarded the young man following him. "Name's Spike. Yours?"

The boy smirked. Oh, a feisty one. "Does it matter?"

Spike smirked back. "Don't s'pose it does at that. It's my name gonna be screamed, innit?" He turned back around and continued on his way. Something bounced off of his left shoulder blade. "Oi!" Spike turned and looked into the most innocent, incapable of any mischief eyes he'd ever seen. Damned if the boy didn't look like one of those floppy puppies those kids in the paintings were always clinging to. Puppy eyes weren't fair play, but he doubted this young man shared his sense of fairness.

The boy granted Spike one purely angelic smile. Was that a soddin' glow? "Since you asked so prettily, my little blond friend, my name is Ethan."

"Right, then. We're almost there." Spike turned back and continued walking. He would NOT let this little brat see him sulk.

As they entered the flat that he and Dru had secured earlier that month, Spike turned and shoved young Ethan against the wall, pinning his hands above his head. He wanted no doubt who was in charge. Bugger! How was he— He had the boy helpless – in theory. In reality, this boy – Ethan – was slithering in Spike's grasp, using his body for what his hands were unavailable for.

Using his full body weight, Spike trapped Ethan and held him…motionless, but, judging by his smile, not fully appreciating his helplessness. However, the smile did, to Spike's satisfaction, hold a little less confidence than before. If there was anything else, Ethan did not let it show.

"I don't suppose you'll be letting me go after this, will you?"

Spike looked at him.

"You're cold, mate. Not a body temperature generally associated with mercy, is it?"

His jaw slightly agape, Spike stepped back some and studied the boy. Clearly, he knew the score, but he wasn't screaming or trying to run like the handful of others that had figured him out too soon. Curious. "You're pretty calm for someone who knows what's what."

Ethan tilted his head. "Can I outrun you?" Spike shook his head. "Can I outfight you?" Another headshake. "That leaves out-fucking you, love. That? I believe I can do. I figure I shag you till you see Go— sorry. Shag you into next week, and you might just let me live." Ethan tilted his head the other way and added an eye crawl and an impish grin. "So, do I still 'know what's what'? Or have I missed anything?" Ethan leaned cockily aganst the wall, confident that he'd won that round.

Spike grabbed Ethan's face and kissed the boy with punishing force. Leaning back once more, Spike licked his lower lip. "Think you might have it right at that." Spike, of course, had no intention of letting the boy out alive, but there was no point divulging that bit of information. Angelus may go for that scared and flailing kind of a fuck, but Spike liked a different kind of excitement.

Gentler this time, Spike pressed his body into Ethan's and kissed him again. The boy was responsive – already hard and grinding into him. Ah, youth. Spike grinned into the kiss and began removing the silky shirt that had caught his eye to begin with. He felt Ethan jump as a pale hand tangled itself in his hair. "Dru, my pet. See what Daddy's brought?"

Dru tightened her grip on the boy's hair and drew in and sniffed. "Oooooh, yes. He's a pretty one. Can I play wiv 'im?"

Without releasing Ethan, Spike leaned over and kissed Drusilla slowly, ending with a nip to her chin. "Now, don't be rude, my sweet. You should ask our guest if he wants to play." He looked back at the boy and found him staring, wide-eyed at his princess. Having Dru in the mix seemed to simultaneously excite and scare the hell out of him. Perfect. "What do you think, boy? Can Dru play with you?"

Dru moved to lean against both men, nuzzling Ethan's cheek with her nose. Ethan's eyes grew wider still – yes, he was terrified of the vampiress – but the bulge in the front of his trousers betrayed his definite interest in her. "What do you say, little one? Can Mummy play? I don't bite." With that, she growled and snapped blunt teeth a short distance from his face, causing him to flinch. Delighted with her own joke, Drusilla trailed off in a flurry of giggles that sounded vaguely like Satan had learned to play wind chimes.

Ethan drew a deep breath, forcing a veneer of calm back into place. "My dear lady, I believe you can do as you wish." He swallowed. "But I rather hope you take care not to break your toys?"

With a sound much like a purr, Drusilla slid her body between Ethan and Spike. Spike moved around to stand between the wall and Ethan. Spike ran his hands over the boy's hips, tracing the contour of hip bone and running his thumbs along the waistband of Ethan's trousers. Drusilla's fingers ran through Ethan's hair, skated down either side of his face and tangled with each other behind the young man's neck.

Ethan had been a little caught off guard, but he was nothing if not adaptable. He reached one hand behind him and grabbed Spike's hip, pulling him closer. With his other hand, he grabbed a fistful of dark curls and pulled firmly to expose a slender, white throat. Leaning in, he placed sucking kisses along her collarbone, and worked his way to behind a delicate ear, worrying the skin there with his teeth. Drusilla chuckled deeply and stretched her neck further to allow him better access.

Spike unfastened Ethan's trousers, slipping one hand into the front. He was please to find no other material in his way, but the trousers were entirely too tight to maneuver. Ripping them was out of the question. That would clearly tell the boy he wasn't going anywhere when this was done. Spike pushed off of the wall and steered all of them toward the back of the flat and the bedroom.

When they entered the room, Spike shoved Ethan to one side. "Peel off those trousers, mate." Not waiting to see if he was obeyed, Spike saw to his own clothing while Drusilla raised her gown over her head and let it drift to the floor. Finally freed of their clothing, the three of them stood for a moment, each of them with an appreciative smile for the body of the other two.

Spike stalked over to Ethan and grabbed him by the hair. He kissed him firmly then forced him to his knees. With a wicked grin, the youth set about showing the vampire what he could do. He started with a long, slow lick from base to head then sealed his lips around the very tip of Spike's cock. A small noise escaped Dru as she lay on the bed, watching and tracing feather soft circles on her stomach with the fingers of one hand. As Spike watched her, she moved her hand up toward her breasts. At that point, Ethan tilted his head slightly and dove forward, stopping only when his nose hit dark curls. Spike cried out and gripped Ethan's hair tighter, thrusting helplessly into the boy's hot mouth.

Ethan drew back slightly and chuckled. A groan came from the bed, and both men looked over. Drusilla's eyes were shiny as she focused on the men, and a small smile played across her lips. She had repositioned herself with one foot on the floor and her other flat on the bed. Her head and shoulders were propped up on thick, down-filled pillows. Both men sighed appreciatively as they watched first one, then two slender fingers disappear into her body. She arched her back slightly and ran her other hand up the front of her neck, coming to rest on her cheek. She sucked one finger into her mouth, mimicking Ethan's actions.

Ethan was dazzled, but he hadn't stopped what he was doing. The soft sounds emanating from his throat were setting up vibrations that had Spike gasping for unneeded air. Spike looked back at the boy, entranced by the sight of his cock sliding between those lips. When he saw Ethan move a hand to grab his own erection, Spike stopped him. "Not yet, boy. You don't cum till I say so."

Ethan returned the hand to his leg, indicating that he knew this game. The glare he directed at the vampire above him indicated that he didn't like it one bit. Spike simply smiled and continued to slide in and out of Ethan's mouth with steadily increasing speed. The boy was, indeed quite good at this. He'd clearly taught himself how and when to breathe in situations like this. Spike looked over at his Dru once more and found her legs pressed together around her hand, ankles crossed, and her free hand pinching one nipple. Flinging her head back, she began to keen, grinding her hips up as her orgasm raced through her. And that did it. Spike's strokes grew erratic, and he cried out his own release as Ethan frantically swallowed.

Finished, Spike pulled back and watched as the boy rose gracefully to his feet. He stood straight and tall, his need readily witnessed by anyone with eyes, and his face dark. "No need to worry, pet. I'm cruel, but I'm not THAT cruel. You'll get your end away. Just not quite yet, yeah?" He shoved Ethan toward the bed. Drusilla moved aside to leave room for the boy to join her. When he climbed onto the bed, she slid under him and hungrily devoured his lips in a kiss, her tongue seeking out every last trace of her lover. She drew back and smiled impishly at the dazed and unreasonably horny youth. "You taste lovely, my sweet – like sugar candy."

Ethan leaned in to kiss the dark vampiress again. His tongue traced her lower lip, and his teeth followed. As he bit and licked swollen lips, Spike reappeared at the bed. With strong hands, he grabbed the young man's narrow hips and lifted him onto his knees. Ethan yelped into Dru's mouth as he felt blunt teeth bite his left cheek. The bite was soothed by a cool tongue and gentle kisses. Another bite a few inches from the first was treated the same way. Spike repeated this procedure, covering nearly all of Ethan's ass in this manner. By the time he stopped, the boy was shaking with his need.

Dru broke their kiss and slid back as Spike pulled Ethan back toward the edge of the bed. Ethan opened his eyes and saw that they had positioned him so that he could do for her what he'd done for Spike. She looked in his eyes and smiled. "Come on, my sweet. Give Mummy a kiss."

At just that moment, Spike quickly inserted one lubed finger into Ethan's ass. The boy shouted, but didn't break position. As Spike turned his finger, moving it in a slight in and out motion, Ethan groaned and bit the milky-white thigh in front of him. Dru cried out and arched beneath him. As he gentled the bite with soft licks, he brought one hand in to gently stroke one finger over her opening. She shuddered, and Spike added another finger. Ethan pushed back onto the hand that worked at his ass and drove one finger into Dru. He felt her walls tremble around the intruding digit and brought his other hand in to separate her labia so that he could find his target. Spike added another finger. Ethan panted as his muscles adjusted to the intrusion. Dru shook her head back and forth as hot air flew over her clitoris.

As Ethan relaxed, he leaned forward to take one… little… lick. Dru screamed, and Spike replaced fingers with cock in one smooth, punishing, earth-shattering move. Ethan braced himself on his elbows to keep from hurting the vampiress. His lips firmly locked around Dru's clitoris, he breathed heavily through his nose. He was in some pain, but it was already fading. Spike drew back, nearly pulling out completely, and drove forward until he was fully sheathed in Ethan's opening. Ethan cried out, and the vibrations caused Dru to buck and wail. Trying to stay focused on the task before him, he turned his finger and began to gently fuck her with it as he worried at her clitoris with teeth and tongue. Dru grabbed two fistfuls of hair and slammed his face hard into her. Her walls clamped tightly around Ethan's finger, and she ground herself onto him. She screamed again as she was taken by another orgasm.

Painfully aroused by his girl's completion, Spike began to fuck Ethan in ernest. Driving in hard and fast, grazing the boy's prostate with every stroke, Spike felt his balls draw tight. Ethan was whimpering, his need had grown so great. As his strokes grew more erratic with his approaching climax, Spike gave Ethan the permission he'd been waiting for. "Cum now, my boy. Cum… noooow!"

Both men wailed and cursed as they fell over the edge. Dru turned herself to kiss Ethan's lips as the tremors of his orgasm flowed through him. "Such a sweet boy. My Spike brought us a very sweet boy."

Spike pulled out and gave himself a quick cleaning on the t-shirt he'd been wearing earlier. He climbed on the bed to join the other two. Watching as the boy panted to catch his breath, Spike leaned over and kissed his princess. "Right then. That's enough after glow." Ethan turned to look at him just as Spike's true face emerged. He scrambled backwards, finally falling on the floor at the foot of the bed. "Wait! You promised—"

Dru sprang to her knees and blocked Spike's approach with one finger raised in his face. "No! Bad, Spike. This treat isn't for eating."

Spike was floored. "And why the hell not?"

Dru climbed out of the bed and ran her hand over the top of Ethan's head. She knelt by the boy's side, pressing her face to his so that they both looked at Spike. "This one's going to give you a pretty pretty princess and an army of children. Lovely little tots with horns and teeth that gnash, gnash, gnash!"

Spike and Ethan both stared at Dru, trying to figure out what she was talking about, but Spike had long ago learned when to just let it drop. With a sigh, he brought back his human guise and climbed out of bed. He picked up the boy's clothes and tossed them at him. "Get dressed. Get out. It's your lucky night, mate." He glanced at Dru and then back at Ethan who was already standing and pulling his trousers up. "Guess I'll be seein' ya."