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Updated 4/14/05 -  9:56 am - 31 stories by 22 authors archived

Welcome to Travelogue, an archive of BtVS & Angel Fanfiction that takes place on the road. The site can now be reached through our new ad-free domain fangedfour.com.

Travelogue is  the Travel Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild.                                                                  

So if there was ever a time for 'on the road fic' this is it. Now that both Buffy and Angel have gone on to that great cult holding cell in the sky there are hundreds, if not thousands, of stories yet to be told. Where the characters go from here is up to the fanfic writers of the world. I invite you to just get in the car and drive, see where it takes you, and help us keep the 'verse alive.

So why are we here? If you've ever watched the shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Angel: The Series you've seen them; the cars that no one seems to buy, but are always in working order, and usually shiny. The cars get little attention unless they are being rammed into things and so I thought it was about time that the cars get a little drive time. Here you will find a collection of fic that revolves around the road trip, the journey, the getting there. I mean isn't that where the fun is?

Navigation is easy, there's the Archive itself, The Cars section where you will find images of the various cars seen on the shows as well as fun facts to know and tell about the cars themselves. Shotgun is where you will find documented cases of road trips on the shows, ie Xander's trip after graduation, Spike's drive from Brazil, the AI team's trip to Vegas, etc. The Caravan is where you find other sites and authors that enjoy a good Travelogue kind of fic, as well as some other resources about the cars, road trips, and possibly junk food, because what's a road trip without the junk food?

This site is completely Open Submission, that means if you write it and have it beta'd I will post it. If you have info about the cars that I don't have, please by all means send it my way. While I do love cars I am far from being an expert, so some things may escape me. There is finally a place in the fanfic world for the 'men who love cars' and 'car chick' sectors. Please remember this site is a work in progress, and is also all rating, all character, all modes of transportation. So buckle up, throw the car in gear, and watch out for zombie cops.

Tania the Webgirl

People asked if they could drive.

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