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The Caravan

Here you will find a listing of archives, cliques, links sites, etc. that either accept or propagate road trip fiction, will house your fic, or focus on the BTVS cars. Please remember that the choice of what will or will not be archived is up to each site owner's discretion and that unless the site is noted as an automated archive you must submit your work according to each site's individual guidelines. Note - Individual character sites can be found in the Passengers section. For buttons to Link Here visit the Site section.

Peaches Won't be Happy - The Spike/Wesley Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild.
A multi-fandom archive, posts all fic posted to the Glass Onion mailing list, also has an automated posting interface you can use.
Now under Rave's management, submissions are currently closed, but will reopen soon.
Multi-Author archive, slash only, all posting to their mailing list is archived here.
Buffy Fiction Archive, sister site to the Guild, easy interface to upload your stories in seconds.
We Want Him Dark...a clique in favor of Angelus.
Mad Cow - A Pylean fic archive accepts any rating/pairing that takes place in Pylea.
A Willow/Spike/Angel Archive. Accepts submissions for any pairing of the three.
Blood and Beers accepts drinking fic, not that we're promoting drinking and driving, lol.
The Shadowlands - a dark-fic archive. Not updated since 2001.
A Darla, Spike, Angel, Dru fanlisting.
Crypt of Fic archives any pairing/season.
Near Her Always - Accepts Willow Centric fic
Notorious accepts fic with Lilah at its core.
A Clique of Angel Slash lovers, a nice way to find slashy sites.
Homoeroticism Yay, a clique for those who just *know*
A great Spike-centric archive, many, many series are hosted here!
Slashing the Angel archives Angel-centric m/m slash
Hellmouth Central accepts G-R fiction, any pairing.
Hellmouth & Beyond is Spurglie's archive, but she accepts fic from other authors as well.
Xander Xtreme archives Xander-centric fic of all ratings.
UCSL is a great archive thousands of stories from the mailing list of the same name, my pet peeve, you can't search by pairing or main character only title or author, but if you've got patience and time you're sure to find fic you'll love.
Willow's Little Secret will archive any Willow-centric fic
Call of the Dark is an adult dark fic archive
The Last Time I Saw You archives Angel(us)/Darla fiction
Eternally Yours is a Spike/Xander archive that accepts all ratings.
All About Spike archives Spike of all pairings/ratings.
Beyond the End archives any fic related to the episode Chosen, or the journey that began once the show ended.
Chrislee's fanfic archive, lots of B/A, some other pairings,
Tainted Love is a Darla/Lindsey archive
Seductress is a Darla femslash archive
Delightfully Dead accepts any fic in which Xander dies.
Wacky Witch Willow - an archive of Adult (mostly Het) fic featuring Willow
Inspiration is a challenge site with a very small archive and an affiliated yahoo group.
Buffy After Dark is a Buffy/Spike archive, not currently accepting new fic
Ficbitch is home to several archives that accept many different kinds of fic.
Sidekick Pride archives Doyle/Wesley slash or friendship fics.
Whispered Dreams is a mainly male slash & single character archive
Remember Us? is an archive of fiction centered on characters of color. They will accept your Kendra, Gunn, Wood, Olivia, or Nikki the slayer fiction.
The Adventures of Captain Peroxide and Deadboy archives Spike/Angel fiction of all ratings
Moving On archives Spike/Anya fic.

Other Resources
Things that make you go, Duh! A fun review site, fantastic silly layout, a much lighter view of the ATS/BTVS world than we usually see.
The Slayer.Net, a Huge site of news, links, forums,  a great resource to the fandom.
All Things Philosophical on BtVS - An invaluable collection of essays into the moral issues of the Jossverse, includes in depth character studies.
Searchable by story arch, season, episode, and more, better than a transcript site, it's actually fun!
Slayage.com, the only site you need for news
Brother site to the BTVS Writer's guild, a great resource all around.
Grand Central Station accepts fic that crosses BtVS or AtS with other fandoms.
Shadows and Dust accepts many pairings/ratings.

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