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23 Weeks in Mexico by Doyle - Andrew/Jonathon, PG-13 - Vignettes in Mehico.
25 Days to Sri Lanka by Tania - PG - Angel tries to find some peace.
And I Run by Tania & Josey - PG, Angel, Wesley, Oz, Riley, Giles, Xander, Spike. Seven men, seven urges to run away.
Any Road by Scynneh - R - Lindsey goes on a Great Exploration of self.
Armadillos and Salsa by Syn - R - (Cordelia/Angel, Fred/Gunn, Faith/Wesley) The gang heads to Texas to heal. A series in eight parts.
Bus to Nowhere by Jenn - G, Thoughts right after Chosen.
Coastal by Minim Calibre - R - Faith/Buffy, The original Slayers finally get some time alone.
Detour by Alexa - Willow/Faith, R (for slash), The trip from LA to Sunnydale gets detoured.
Expectations by Christina Kamnikar - R - Darla finds that being a little bit pregnant is like being a little bit undead.
Heading Home by Queen of Cups - PG-13 - Lindsey heads home, again.
His Slayer, Again by ShyBob - Buffy/Spike, Dawn/Spike (Friendship), NC-17, Spike goes back in time to save Buffy, BtVS/Time Machine crossover.
Just Like Honey by Jennifer Oksana - Wesley/Lilah/Faith, R- Faith is lost halfway across the world, and she's never had a home to begin with.
Keepsakes and Eastward by Abi Z- Lindsey/Oz, R/NC-17 (for slash), Two escapes, one path.

Long Day's Journey into Night by Fab - R, Andrew/Jonathon, Andrew/Warren - Jonathan and Andrew escape to Mexico; but as they begin to settle into their new lives, Andrew is continuously haunted by Warren, who won't let him forget his old one.

Madrid, 1853 by Tania - Angelus/Darla, R -  Inspired by Luke's line in The Harvest, when the Master asks him when the last time he was bested in a fight was, Luke replies, "Madrid, 1853."
Midnight in Helsinki by Elizabeth Ann Lewis - PG-13 - Lindsey learns just how far he can't run from LA.
My Favorite Mistake by Tania - PG-13 - Post-A Hole in the World, stepping off the plane is the hardest part.
Pass You By by Snoopypez - PG, Oz, post Sunnydale, written for the Oz Ficathon.
Pinch Me b Tania - Angel/Spike, R - Post-Not Fade Away, A Shanshu tale, of sorts.
Points on the Compass by Lar - Eve/Lindsey, Riley/Lindsey, Lindsey/Other, R - Lindsey leaves bootprints.
Postcards from a Keroac Summer by nwhepcat - R - The Fabulous Ladies Nightclub? A total fabrication. Well, 99% of it. Here's the true story of Xander's post-graduation road trip across America, told in 100-word drabbles.
Prague with Precipitation by Dodyskin - Wesley/Spike/Willow, NC-17, post throat cutting, post trying to end the world, post getting the soul back.
Property by Queen of Cups - PG-13 - Angel's thoughts on his way to Wesley's, set during Epiphany.
Ronin by Cynthia Martin - R- Andrew, Spike and Dana are all that's left...
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in Mazatlan by Christina Kamnikar - PG-13 - For Andrew and Jonathan there is no happy ending.
St. Petersburg by Tania, Angelus/Spike, R/NC-17 (for slash), I thought you'd forgotten, 1881.
The Dismantling by Tania - G, Between Cordelia's rescue and Buffy's Death a lot happened, if you didn't blink.
The Wheels on the Bus by Ozfan - PG - Andrew's thoughts post Chosen.
Thing by Josey & Liz - R, Angel/Spike, an AU look at what would have happened if Angel hadn't found Spike and Dana right away. *Warning, not for the faint of heart*
Wasteland by Jennifer Oksana, R (for language), On the road. After the Death. Faith.
Zen and the Art of Running Away by Fab - PG-13, Shortly after arriving in Mexico, Andrew runs into someone he thought he'd never see again.

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