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Writing/Resource Links

Here are some other links that you may find useful for fact checking, etc.

Buffy/Angel Links for Canon/Non-Canon checking, timelines, episode guides, links and more:
Angel Fan Fiction Resources - A companion site to the guild.
The BTVS Writer's Guild - Hosts Essays on writing, links to many sites you will find indispensable and more.
Buffy.com - true it's not as useful as it used to be, but still a good resource.
Buffy Dialog Database - this site categorizes episodes by story arc, has nicknames and some great quotes.
BuffyWorld.com - Transcripts, images, spoilers, news
Official Angel site - great plot summaries for all four seasons.
Official Buffy and Angel Fanfiction University - This is a unique 'story' that lists many of the common mistakes that plague this fandom and it's laugh out loud funny, which always helps.
Slayage.com - My first stop of the day, if Buffy, Angel or anyone in the Jossverse are in the news today, they'll know.

General Language and Fanfiction Links to help you before you even start writing:
Babelfish - How did we ever survive without this handy tool? Translates English into German, Spanish, French, Italian or five other languages
Bad Fanfic, No Biscuit - A fan resource to help writers spot easily fixed mistakes.
Bartleby.com - Need to search Gray's anatomy? Strunk's Element's of Style? Looking for that perfect Shakespearean Quote? Start Here.
Dictionary.com - Webster's site, search the dictionary or thesaurus any time. There are millions of words out there, find them here.
Gabriel - The European Library Database, linking National Libraries from all of Europe in one easy place.

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