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Why The Journey
by Tania

A fellow writer sent me a piece of feedback the other day that said something to the effect of "Yes, This is why we write fanfiction". Had I written some grand masterpiece filled with angst and beautiful imagery, nope. I had merely filled in some blanks. Just how did Angel's car get out of Caritas in season three? I had answered a question that had plagued many a viewer, and thus cemented in my own mind why we write fic...to fix the mistakes, to fill in the gaps, the expound on the why of the journey.

Road Trip fiction gives writers and their readers a chance to often go where the Buffyverse just didn't have time to go. Many of the characters on BtVS and Angel are several hundred years old, that's a lot of traveling, and a show that only gets 42 minutes 22 times a year can't possibly tell all those tales. Other times the story may not be suitable for prime-time viewing, like Xander's strip club excursion, many of Angelus's convent visits, Spike and Dru's time in Paris with the branding iron, you get my point. The beauty of writing fanfiction is that we are not bound by censors, heck, we're not even bound by good taste. If there is a story to be told we can tell it.

In the Buffy/Angel fandom the writer has a millennia of history, seven continents, and countless modes of transportation at their beck and call. We are also lucky to have a fairly massive amount of characters to choose from. In fact, many of the supporting players were far better traveled than the core group of scoobies, who rarely strayed from California. To my mind it is the stories of the bit players that can be the most exciting to tell. We have more leeway as writer's because often a trip will be summed up in a sentence or two on the show, leaving a lot of detail for the writer to add.

This is not to say that a road trip even has to be a long journey. I would submit that the trip from Buffy's house to the high school in Chosen held just as much drama as Giles' long plane trip back to England. Angel's many trips from LA to Sunnydale may have held as much drama as Cordy's rebar filled trip from the factory to the hospital in Lover's Walk. A good thing to remember when writing this sort of fic is that most people have a motivation when they leave the house, be it to start an Armageddon or get a gallon of milk, there's a reason. The emotion that drives your characters is what will hold the reader's attention and make them want to finish out the journey.

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