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New Model

April 14th, 2005 - Added a fabulous post-NFA series by Cynthia Martin, Ronin.
March 27th, 2005 - Added one new fic, My Favorite Mistake, added a link to a Tara site in the Passengers section, fixed a few typos on the Shotgun section, new links in the road-trip links section.
March 23nd, 2005 - Removed a couple more broken links.
March 21st, 2005 - Added a couple new Shotgun ideas, also fixed/added character links to the Passengers section.
February 18th, 2005 - A new layout to celebrate the beauty of Angel's 5th season on DVD. Added more info on several cars from season five, and Pinch Me, an Angel/Spike post-NFA story.
February 4th, 2005 - Added a new story by Dodyskin, Prague with Precipitation.
January 14th, 2005 - Cleaned up a ton of broken links, which made me sad. I have a few new fics to add as soon as I get my newest site (Deep In) running smoothly.
December 3rd, 2004 - Added Thing by Josey and Liz, fixed many many links to sites that have disappeared, added a couple new story ideas to the Shotgun page, and thanks to Damian in NZ I've updated info on several of the cars as well.
September 6th, 2004 - Removed several broken links, added a picture of Giles' BMW.
September 2nd, 2004 - Added a new beta and updated info on Giles' BMW. I'll be adding new stories this weekend, stay tuned.
June 20th, 2004 - Added two stories by Fab, Long Day's Journey into Night and Zen and the art of Running Away.
June 2nd, 2004 - Added a couple new canon road trips to the Shotgun section, also updated the Passengers list with many deaths, and updated some beta reader information.
April 30th, 2004 - Added two new betas & fixed all of the broken links in the Caravan, research/car & Passengers sections.
March 4th, 2004 - updated the cars section & the passengers section, fixed the link to the Dru zone.
March 2nd, 2004 - Added a stunning new Lindsey fic by Lar and St. Petersburg by Tania, also updated the canon roadtrip list and added Fred's Chevy to the list of cars.
February 20th, 2004 - Added a new link to the Road Trip resources page, updated the Cars section.
February 1st, 2004 - Added Pass You By written by Snoopypez.
January 31st, 2004 - Added And I Run by Josey & me, also fixed a bunch of dead links and moved sites.
January 26th, 2004 - Did a link check and fixed a few things.
January 25th, 2004 - Added a Drusilla essay, a link to Your Mission, fixed a few other links.
January 24th, 2004 - I've changed email addresses, it is now tania@fangedfour.com.
January 16th, 2004 - Still tweaking with the site, the move to the ad-free domain has not been smooth, but I think we're entering the final stretch. I've won an award at the Funnies for The Dismantling, added a couple new links to the Caravan section, and done some layout adjustments. I'll be adding lots of new car stuff in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that and thank you for your patience.
December 28th, 2003 - I've finally moved to an ad-free domain, fangedfour.com. There will be a larger update once I have moved all of the sites over to the new domain.
December 5th, 2003 - Added a link to a Danny resource site, how much do I love that!
November 23rd, 2003 - This site is now the Travel Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild. Today I added a new link (to Peaches Won't be Happy), added new link-to-me banners & buttons, and a couple new canon Road Trips.
November 18th, 2003 - Added a new story by nwhepcat, updated some links. I'll be adding more of Angel's pretty new cars tomorrow once I do some research on red tail fins.
October 29th, 2003 - Added two new archives and Just Like Honey by Jennifer Oksana to the archive.
October 25th, 2003 - Added two new beta readers.
October 18th, 2003 - Added two new stories by Queen of Cups, also made the fic section a little easier to navigate by adding anchors, better to do it while the archive is small she says knowingly.
October 15th, 2003 - A baby-sized update. Added Larry to the Passengers section, as well as a few relatives for Oz, Willow, and Buffy, thank you season two marathon. I'll be adding more on the cars we saw in tonights episode tomorrow, my tape ran out with ten minutes to go, so I'm kind of fuming right now, it's ok, I'll live.
October 9th, 2003 - Added another of Angel's cars and a new link. I'll be adding more fic tonight and tomorrow, stay tuned.
October 7th, 2003 - Today's car of the day: the yellow GTO. Added some more links and info on said car. Also went birthday shopping for a muscle car to call my own. Husband humored me enough to let me drool on a Skylark, then the Charger of my dreams, the Fairlane had too much damage and the beautiful Mustang called my name, but since it's engine was apparently lined in gold, or at least the price suggested it was, we went away empty handed. Or, more accurately I was dragged away after I told the nice man at the dealership I was just there to have a car geek-girl wet dream. So yay me, I'm now 28 and want a car that's older than me to make me feel young.
October 5th, 2003 - I've added three more archives plus another beta.
October 1st, 2003 - I've stopped my giddy giggling as the HOUR of ANGEL approaches to add a new link to the Road Trip Links section. I now return to my giggling.
September 30th, 2003 - Added three new canon roadtrips to the Shotgun section, thanks to Mike for the suggestions!
September 29th, 2003 - Back from a road trip of my own I will be doing some more fiction seeking this week. Also did a little tweaking around. I will be adding a 'Great Road Trip Soundtrack' page over the next few days. If you have a favorite album or albums to listen to while cruising down the highway I'd love to know. On a side-note we will be going ad-free sometime in November, thanks for your patience with the pop-up ads.
September 26th, 2003 - Added screencaptures of Angel's new cars from the episodes Conviction & Just Rewards, because I just couldn't wait.
September 25th, 2003 - Added two new betas.
September 23rd, 2003 - Added The Wheels on the Bus by Ozfan, Armadillos and Salsa by Syn and another couple betas.
September 22nd, 2003 - Added two more betas and The Beta Reader's Bible.
September 21st, 2003 - Added a couple more betas, a couple more archives. Added Bus to Nowhere by Jenn.
September 20th, 2003 - Another day, another beta. It's a beautiful thing. Added Coastal by Minim Calibre.
September 19th, 2003 - Added tons more cars from the show, plus a few more archives and two more betas.
September 18th, 2003 - Added a couple more archives, plus 2 more betas. Ran the spellchecker and added a bunch more story ideas to the Shotgun section.
September 17th, 2003 - I. Added 3 new betas and 15 new archives. II.Added a couple more Betas, a bunch more archives, and Lindsey's car.
September 16th, 2003 - Added 4 new betas. I'll be adding new archives over the next few days.
September 15th, 2003 - Added 15 new betas.
September 14th, 2003 - Added five new betas. Also finished putting links buttons by all of the characters on the Passengers list.
September 13th, 2003 - Added four new betas plus links to character sites (in the passengers section)
September 12th, 2003 - Added a couple of new essays, a bunch of beta readers, many new links, more mailing lists and archives. Also added a mailing list for Travelogue.
September 10th, 2003 - Added a new story called 25 Days to Sri Lanka. Also added a couple new links, updated the Passenger list and added some more mailing lists.
September 9th, 2003 - Added a new Spike essay by cousinjean.
September 8th, 2003 - Added two new stories by Christina Kamnikar, Expectations by Elizabeth Ann Lewis, and one more by me, see how we grow, lol.
September 5th, 2003 - Added a new Xander essay by Josey and Lindsey Essay by me. All essays are found in the Tune Up section. Also added some new story ideas to the Shotgun section and a page of Mailing Lists that accept general fic and a character specific list for each character. Added more links to the resource links page.
September 4th, 2003 - Added Lilah's car and a few updates to the Passengers section. I am working on more essays as we speak and should have the first of those up today or tomorrow. Added four character essays. More to come tomorrow.
September 3rd, 2003 - Added Any Road by Scynneh. Also added 23 Days in Mexico by Doyle.
September 2nd, 2003 - Updated the Passengers list with more characters and info.
August 31st, 2003 - Added an essay on writing the road trip.
August 30th, 2003 - Back online after a modem disaster there are new cars, new fic, a new layout, and the Passengers section is now up lots of info on characters we know and love.
August 18th, 2003 - Back from my own road trip, I bring you Keepsakes and Eastward by Abi Z.
August 14th, 2003 - Added Wasteland by Jennifer Oksana and some news cars, trips in the Shotgun department, and made the fiction search a little easier to navigate.
August 11th, 2003 - Added Detour to the archive, plus Alexa as a beta and the cars section is now up, although not complete.
August 10th, 2003 - The site went online. Yay me.

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