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This is the canon section of the show, a listing of known road trips on the shows. My goal is that remembering some of these documented trips will give writers a starting off point, there are always details left to conjecture and that is where the fanfiction writer comes in. We are here to tidy up after the Whedon, it's like our *job*.

Angelus's 1860 Convent Tour... Drusilla's convent wasn't the only one Angelus visited, he has mentioned St. Bridget's in Fremont, CA and Our Lady of Lockerbie. Both towns have existed although the convents are fictional. When Angel says he has a "thing for convents" in Dear Boy he is talking about the now, which is something he doesn't always do when speaking about his acts as Angelus, so it's possible that even Angel would pay a visit to a convent.

Xander's Post-Graduation Road Trip... went something like this  "Basically, I got as far as Oxnard and the engine fell out of my car, and that was literally.  So, I ended up washing dishes at 'The Fabulous Ladies Night Club' for about a month and a half while I tried to pay for the repairs. No one really bothered me or even spoke to me until one night when one of the male strippers called in sick and no power on this earth will make me tell you the rest of that story.  Suffice to say I traded my car in for one that wasn't entirely made of rust, came trundling back home to the arms of my loving parents, where everything was exactly as it was except I sleep in the basement and I have to pay rent."

Buffy's Summer in LA...For the first few seasons of BtVS Buffy made summer trips to see her father in LA, what went on besides the shopping?

Oz's Spiritual Journey went something like this:

OZ: A woman in Tibet traded it to me for the Radiohead record. Got a lot of mileage out of the barter system.
WILLOW: So Tibet was your favorite?
OZ: Well, it's where I stayed the longest. This warlock in Romania sent me to the monks there to learn some meditation techniques. Very intense. All about keeping your inner cool.

The Happy Anniversary drive...What else did Angel and The Host discuss while trying to track down Gene the boy who would end the world?

Angel Investigations have gone on two memorable road trips as a group, one through a portal to Pylea, one to Vegas to rescue the Host.

Spike and Drusilla vacation in Brazil...after the events of Becoming Part II Spike and Dru hit the road, winding up in Brazil. Spike returned about six months later, sans Drusilla.

Willow's Trip to LA...Willow went to put Angelus back in the bottle, she returned with a rogue Slayer.

Spike, Drusilla, and a branding iron...In addition to the trip to Prague where Drusilla was nearly killed by an angry mob they spent time in Paris, could be an adventure to write.

Lindsey's return to his roots...What happens when a lawyer and his evil hand head for Oklahoma?

Cordelia's Less-Than-Stellar trip to Las Palmas, Mexico...Organized "Fun", bossy resort staff, property-owning cockroaches, and Cordelia actually pining for Xander, sounds like fun.

Wood's Trip from New York to Sunnydale...what passes through a man's mind as he heads for the Hellmouth?

Olivia's Plane Trip...bad movie, bad weather, thoughts of a weekend with Giles.

Kendra's Cargo Hold ride...She flew to Sunnydale in a cargo hold and returned in coach. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Giles's Trip to England and Back...in one month Giles decided he was ready to move on with his life and leave Sunnydale, only to be pulled back when his Slayer comes back to life. Can you say longest eight hours on a plane ever?

Angel's Boat Ride to Ellis Island...eating rats, avoiding humans, feeling the burn of the soul, seeking Darla's homeland. Sounds angsty to me.

Faith's Trip from Florida to Sunnydale...The new slayer tries to escape Coquistos and her past.

Spike and Marcus visit LA...employing a psychopath is one thing, traveling with one is a different matter entirely.

Willow's Trip to England...Trying to calm the evil inside herself she visits the coven and trains with Giles. Redemption is never easy.

Clem's Exodus from Sunnydale...a demon, a VW Beetle, escaping the apocalypse. Hope he brought a cat carrier.

The Host's Journey through the Porthole...He saw the world go bendy and before he knew it Lorne was in an abandoned warehouse where he cried out 'Mercy'. How did these events lead to the formation of Caritas? How does a Pylean learn about the technology of Karaoke?

Angel and Whistler seek out a Slayer...The drive from New York to L.A. had to involve some planning for Angel's fabulous make-over, and where did that horrid Impala come from anyway?

Spike's motorcycle trip to Africa to find his soul...The bike couldn't have taken him all the way. You can go by plane, you can go by ship, but you must get there in time to cut into the final moments of the season so you can't take a bus.

Wesley's Rogue Hunt through Phoenix...Recently sacked from the Watcher's Council Wesley became a rogue demon hunter, tracking an empath demon through Phoenix and on to L.A. Dejected Much?

Buffy's Trip to Europe...Angel says that Buffy (and presumably Dawn) were in Europe last he heard. Just what does the formerly Chosen One have to show her sister? Edit: It is now confirmed that Buffy and Dawn are settled in Rome.

The Mass Exodus from Sunnydale...Many characters we know and love, and a few we love to hate, had to leave Sunnydale before the mass implosion. Where did Amy and her dad go? Xander's Parents, did he care enough to warn them? Were Willow's parents in the loop? How about Cordelia's? Did Cassie foresee the end and warn her parents ahead of time? So many questions, so few fanfics to answer them.

Xander Goes to Africa...How does a one eyed demon hunter with no special powers cope with life in Africa training Slayers?

Willow and Kennedy take Brazil...Lesbians in love, or at least in Rio. Does temptation await in the city of Carnivale?

Angel and Spike return to England...In search of the 'Deeper Well', Spike and Angel take their first plane rides, together. Two Vampires, four hours each way, an unlimited supply of alcohol and peanuts.

Spike and Angel go to Rome...Twice. The daring duo went to Rome two times together, once when they were evil, once when they were ensouled. Both times they were confronted by The Immortal, both times the Immortal walked away with their women. Hmmm.

Spike and Drusilla go to Rome...In the 1950's a very modern looking vampire duo took Italy by storm, but just how did Spike get Dru into that beret?

Andrew and Jonathan make un escapado...They hitch hike into Mexico and drive themselves out in a new car. What huh?

Lorne leaves LA...Just where does a green demon go when he doesn't want to be found again?

Tara comes to Sunnydale...If her family *found* her, she must have been running, but from what? Was it all about her belief that she was demon, or was there more to the story?

Joyce's Thanksgiving trip to Aunt Arlene's...Buffy was away at college, Joyce leaves Sunnydale for the holiday, was she just lonely? Also, how would Dawn's coming into the picture change the trip?

Can you think of more? Email me.

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